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    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    Im enjoying the Hemlock, the single fire is nice when trying to hit longer shots. peace keeper is my go too, it feels well balanced right now
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    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

    Torch light 3
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    Games that should be revived...

    I completely forgot about double dragon, loved that series, double dragon with battle toads was a classic too
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    Games that should be revived...

    As others have said SWAT Fear Left 4 Dead C&C Red alert Freedom fighters A good james bond first person shooter, golden eye is a top 5 all time game for me and i just miss the series.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    My BFG 8800GTX, i think i had it for 4 or 5 years in my main rig, best value for sure
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    Which of the following CPUs did you/are you buying in the next 60 days

    2700x on a very good black friday deal, the prices up here in canada on the newest stuff is still very high. Paired with a 1070ti its been a nice little combo for me
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Going to try out alan wake, I remember wanting to play it around release but had way to many other games/hobbies on the go.
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    Corsair hx650 from 2010 still in use on my htpc, still going strong.
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    Going from a 3.5 mb dsl connection to a 500/500 fiber connection Switching from a HD to a SSD was the biggest usuable hardware change i have ever made
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    The Division 2

    Got stuck working all weekend so my game wont start until at least monday
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    The Division 2

    Any changes to the weapon attachments? I worked all weekend i didnt get a chance to try the open beta. I hope theres a pulse option, the lack of one was my biggest pet peeve with the closed beta.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    Well its a good thing that the blu-ray format isnt tied to samsungs shitty products, About 60 percent of the media in my house is streamed but of that the vast majority is kids content. When it comes to good movies theres no comparision to the quality of physical disks picture wise and audio...
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Still rocking a OG G5, been using it since 2005, love this mouse im not sure what ill do if it ever goes, prices on them are insane
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    The division 2 beta, also going to work on my retro pii setup a bit
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    The Division 2

    Tried to put some time in last night but after 5-6 disconnects i gave up and will wait for a patch
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    The Division 2

    Beta all preloaded here, thanks again frrak
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    The Division 2

    I have donuts
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    The Division 2

    hit me up too, im going to bite the bullet and preorder, anyone know any where thats got a decent discount going? its like 140cdn for gold edition :sick:
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    The Division 2

    Pumped, never received a beta invite very tempted to pre order
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    The Hong Kong Massacre Is Coming to Steam and PS4

    That looks like it could be fun and interesting, i will be keeping my eye on that one
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    The Division 2

    I was watching likebutter play a some DZ and the time to kill looks to be much better. Looking forward to playing beta ( if i ever get an invite)
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    Apple Allegedly Replaced 11 Million Batteries Following CPU Throttling Scandal

    Around here it most likely will be someone replacing a broken phone, the used market here sucks
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    Netflix Raises U.S. Prices

    It went to $17 a month here in canada, im splitting the cost with my parents and brother so its not too bad. If it wasnt for the large amount of kids shows we would have dropped it a long time ago, 90% of my media comes from other sources.
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    Apple Allegedly Replaced 11 Million Batteries Following CPU Throttling Scandal

    I had the batterys replaced in my 7 Plus and both of my parents 6S's. All 3 of us are BYOD, apple didnt lose 3 sales to they just postponed them 1 year, the service we received will almost guarantee 3 iphone sales come OCT
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    Is gig worth it at home?

    Ill look into it once iv got a drop coming to the house, Do u have the homehub? My buddy does and has had problems trying to use his AP’s
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    The Division 2

    Was hoping for a beta invite but no dice yet, does anyone know the dates on the open beta?
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    Is gig worth it at home?

    BELL just ran the fiber hardlines past my house, we have been told it will be july before installs can happen, looking forward to 2 way gig, no interest in tv or phone services tho
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    Is gig worth it at home?

    I have 1gb down 60up unlimited with rogers here in canada and now that i have used it i would have a hard time going to anything slower, its $84/month with is great value. As far as usage theres always at least 2 streams of netflix going for the kids and my GF will either be downloading...
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    The Division 2

    Looks like im doing a new build once i have some benchmarks to go off of.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Exactly what i was looking for thankyou
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    For those of us stuck at work is there anyplace to get a cliffs notes play by play?
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    Metro: Exodus

    2019 is shaping up to be a fantastic year of PC gaming.
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    Twinsies - G5 "repair"

    Got my g5 in 2005 and its still going strong, picked up a spare in 2013 just incase.
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    Help me decide! Fresh 970 or Mined 1060??

    Depends on the games, the 970 gets my vote tho
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    The Division 2

    I think so, its been a while
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    The Division 2

    Perfect timing for the beta, thats my slow time of year, have to get a group together
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    The Division 2

    I wonder how they pick who gets alpha access, i have over 400 hrs into D1 and never got an invite, gaming buddy of mine never even played the first and he got alpha
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    Netflix Cancels Marvel's Daredevil

    Im going to miss Punisher when its finally done, i suspect it will be after season 2. I wont be supporting a disney service for 1 show
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Picked this up, also looking for a good mod list
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    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    If its a new build go the conduit route, when i retro fitted my house i did conduit runs into the attic and at least one into everyroom with fish strings. I did everything myself so the cost was minimal since i only fished cat6 into what i was using right away with room to grow.