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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    NVME based cartridges!
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    Intel 10th Gen Core "Comet Lake-S" IGP-Disabled Processor Lineup Detailed

    Ah yeah you are probably right, I forgot about that bottleneck which is absolutely ridiculous.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I had the original, the star spackled one, and the air58. Didn't try the new small one but I did try the O- which was a tad too small for me, and I'm digging the wireless options right now. I think now that basically every mouse manufacturer is on the lightweight bandwagon Finalmouse is going to...
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    EK Res: Anti Vortex Protection?

    Yeah I would be surprised to see this happen on something that isn't a rez/pump combo, and if it can happen it would probably look awesome.
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    EK Res: Anti Vortex Protection?

    I am going to be refilling on Tuesday after replacing an acrylic pump top that cracked. If the Vortex returns in one of my 250s I'll post a video. Probably has something to do with some air being in the pump initially when its turned on, but I'm no expert.
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    EK Res: Anti Vortex Protection?

    On my current build I am using 2 reservoirs that are pretty big. When I initially fill I'll usually get some air trapped in the pump, and I've had a vortex. You can typically get the air out by tipping or moving the case to bleed the air, but any tech to keep air out of the pump is welcome. When...
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    I don't want to oversell you on it, but it has decent colors when its configured for that. When you have it at 240hz with strobing you are going to take a brightness hit and its going to impact the colors. It is a huge improvement over TN.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Bit the bullet on the Shidenkai Mid XL. Really impressed with the quality and just how amazing this thing feels. I can see why they have a cult following.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    I've had mine for almost a week and loving it. Bop mentioned having some strobe crosstalk issues, but I haven't noticed any with the profile I'm using. Coming from a 144hz 1440p display with ULMB, it can certainly increase your advantage in FPS.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    I think the 2746S is going to be the fastest 240hz monitor, however the MAG251RX has 25% higher peak brightness and looks great with motion blur reduction. The visual hit detection queues are far more clear, and have improved my performance. I think the MAG251RX has me skill capped with a...
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Got the MAG251RX in today and played a few rounds of PUBG and some Destiny 2. I am still tinkering but 240hz with Motion Blur w/ brightness@100% and isn't as dim as my PG279Q. My wife can't stand watching me play FPS on PC because it makes her motion sick, and she was shocked at how much a...
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    We ever find out the impact of Dyac+ on brightness? Really wish someone would review this but I don't think Benq sends out very many review samples.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    On that note I've starting looking at the Gigabyte KD25F. Take a look at this video: Editing as I may be more inclined to try this:
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    what would be good DAC

    Don't forget the Mayflower Arc MK2. It runs about 299 but has some great connectivity options, plenty of power, and its driverless. I actually have one showing up in the next few days and will share my thoughts.
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    Frys going out of Business

    Yeah that Fry's feels a million years old. The one in Irving is a little better, but I'd rather just go to Microcenter.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Damn bro how you liking that Artisan? I've considered ordering one a few times and wish they would just put a desk mat out.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Honestly Asus will likely not improve the strobing and say it isn't necessary at such a high refresh rate, and that the new RTX cards can drive more games at 300+ frames. They can't seem to include more than 1 or 2 good features in each display.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Wow thanks for posting this. Yeah the brightness while strobing is going to be a big factor for me too. I think I could live with IPS being at +1.5ms of GTG as long as the input lag is comparable, but if the BenQ can do over 300 nits with strobing its likely going to look better than the IPS.
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    360hz Asus Rog Swift

    Curious to know this as well. I might be buying one of these soon.
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Damn that does have impressive features. I wonder if the Chief Blur Busters guy has seen it yet.
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    Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

    His quote should have been: "I am starting to realize we missed our earnings because nobody gives a shit about another streaming service, another home wire tap, or a 1,000 dollar monitor stand. Think different and we'll see you after the Q1 iPhone software update!"
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    Thoughts on 240hz IPS Monitors

    Anyone of you running the Alienware AW2720HF or the Viewsonic Elite XG270? I've stayed away from 240hz since TN really isn't my thing, and curious how satisfied people have been with them?
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    What's your thought on Dygma Raise (Split Keyboard)'s Kickstarter Project?

    Ya chassis is alu. So the white actually wipes clean very easily and everything on the board is easily replaceable (even comes with the tools). As far as the wrist pads go they are the only ones I have ever liked and the comfort is amazing. I had been using a GPro TKL for a while and didn't have...
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    What's your thought on Dygma Raise (Split Keyboard)'s Kickstarter Project?

    Really enjoying this keyboard. Mine came in today.
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    Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ Pricing is Insane!

    Been eyeballing that as well.
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    Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ Pricing is Insane!

    Have you ever posted a pic of your setup with the OLED?
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    Siri listens to everything you do.

    I've always dreamed of being a reality TV star!
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Damn I take a break for a few months and Vega is pumped about Ultrawides? Whats up with the 27inch model of this line? No shit any time I'm getting the itch I usually look at what is in Vega's sig first. However I do notice he starts switching between eye candy and speed depending on what...
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    Google Airlines

    Yeah you better hope you can get some drone delivered KY in the prison yard. Probably be an auto 5 years.
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    Rise of Skywalker

    No kidding. That guy is amazing but Star Wars may be too rigid for him, then again who knows what he would do with it. I'd really like to see James Gunn do a Vader movie along the lines of the comics.
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    Pricing updates on some of the new monitors

    So I have a 27inch as my primary display with an X34 to my left, and I kind of hate how much I have to turn my head. I don't think something this wide is really going to take off. I wonder why they are sticking in the 400-600nit range on these sizes.
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    I think shes going to get gimped very early in the final battle sequence, and have to fight as a regular person.
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    BioWare Warns Hostile Replies Make Developers Less Likely to Engage

    I have a code for this game and I haven't bothered installing it. And I played the shit out of Destiny.
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    Need a firewall appliance with certain abilities

    I've worked a good bit with cloud based solutions recently. Using a cloud service like this may also cause additional latency, and your logs on stored in their cloud environment. If your employer works with a Palo Alto Networks reseller you can get one for home use significantly discounted...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million by EA to Stream 'Apex Legends'

    I am pretty sure Shroud and Dr. D got paid a handsome some as well. They had been doing testing on the game for some time before it was released. Honestly Shroud seems to be an overall decent person who doesn't rage that often. I think he was just getting burnt out a bit. Hopefully some bed rest...
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    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

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    Need a firewall appliance with certain abilities

    Whats your budget? And do you work in IT?
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    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

    Sad thing is many of them still shoot from the hip on BGP changes. Thankfully their username is stamped on the audit log.
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    PlayerUnknown Leaves PUBG Development Team

    Doing research on a game where you see how much substance induced unprotected sex you can have before you die. New title to be called STD Legends.