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    Win an Alienware PC

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    R580 dubbed X1900

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    Oblivion developer talks about 360 version

    Yes....I must be dense to engage in console vs pc rhetoric with a dullard like yourself who needs to resort petty insults in order to feed a superiority complex that obviously arises from an inability to cope from having an extremely small penis. Let me rephrase what I meant by baseline...
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    Oblivion developer talks about 360 version

    I find that hard to believe given that pc users conveniently have the options to "turn off" graphical features that they dont need. The X360 has no such option, and therefore, the X360 determines the base line standard of features as both versions are being developed in parrallel. Of course...
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    Oblivion developer talks about 360 version

    Yeah...thats why they had to butcher the graphics to get it to run on the X360. I wouldnt believe any of these hacks anyway, I remember reading a preview from the FEAR developers saying that FEAR would run just as smoothly as HL2 (yeah fuckin right)
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    BF2 & New PB update - screws up everything

    exact same problem, see my thread and the lame response I got back after submitting a report
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    BF2 - all of a sudden lagging/skipping

    Glad to know im not the only one......sent an email to punkbuster, get the lamest response ever: Yeah right.....system running BF2 fine for the last 7 months, all of a sudden it cant handle punkbuster, pffft give me a fuckin break
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    BF2 - all of a sudden lagging/skipping

    this is persistent stutter.....doesnt go away, its there as soon as I load a map. This is even at 800x600 with everything on low detail. :mad:
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    BF2 - all of a sudden lagging/skipping

    Have never had a problem running BF2 online, I was playing a game today and it all of a sudden began jerking/skipping continuously. Tried several different servers and changing vid settings but I cant get rid of the problem!? Runs completely fine setting up my own server or playing single...
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    well i dont see why it wont run well on any card from the 6800/X800 generation and onwards. Hell I managed to play both Doom 3 and Quake 4 at full details at 1600x1200 with 4xAA.
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    this game is gonna shit all over BF2
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    Replacing Abit IC7-G Chipset Fan

    meh, the northbridge fan on my IC7 stop working 6 months ago, havent had any problems just leaving it as a passive heat sink. :cool: I swear to god i am never buying another motherboard with active cooling on the chipset, the fans are always shit quality, even on premium boards from the...
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    Own a G15? Tell Epic! G15 support for UT2007 would rock :eek:
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    intel procs + gaming

    I wonder if he has properly installed in the intel chip set drivers
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    better 360 games? when?

    wtf are you talking about....launch titles for pc....pfft :rolleyes:
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    R580 dubbed X1900

    aaaah well
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    R580 dubbed X1900 gee, never saw that coming
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    Strange problem in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

    Maybe you should learn to read a little closer smart guy :p :p :p
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    Strange problem in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

    Heres the fix if you want to get it to play at full details:
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    Strange problem in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

    turn the model quality down to the lowest setting
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    Whoever said there are no "Hardcore" female gamers? have once again confirmed that gamers have no standards and are more likely to fuck a grape fruit than a real woman. If you think shes hot I'd hate to see what you consider ugly.
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    COD2 Community Protest It looks like the Call of Duty 2 community is very pissed off with the developer - Infinity Ward and are planning a boycott by "mass server shutdowns of all Call of Duty games at a time of our choosing" (thanks Alistair Russell) The statement should...
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    Xbox 360 in Australia = No HD TV support Pretty pathetic if you ask me, I'll stick with my pc
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    how is fable the lost chapters?

    As an avid pc rpg gamer I find that the user interface for Fable PC is completely clunky and not very intuitive. Absolutely horrible, you would think they would have changed the inventory system to take advantage of the fact that pc users have a mouse at their disposal
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    Rig: 512 SLI (3DMark05)

    some people have way too much money, and even then I would not be able to justify spending that much money for more fps in games. Being someone who is in an office 8 hours a day my view is overseas trip>sli any day of the week. :cool:
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    Computer restarts by itself

    Firstly is your CPU overclocked? If not then probably the PSU. If not the PSU then probably the memory. If it happens only when gaming then its probably the video card
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    OFFICIAL Logitech G15, mods and LCD stuff.

    How about so that the LCD displays CPU & GPU temps, FPS, CPU and RAM usage all ingame! That would fuckin rock my world! :eek: :cool:
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    Going on Holiday to Singapore - any good places to pick up cheap hardware?

    My girlfriend will be providing on-site mobile servicing :p :cool:
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    Going on Holiday to Singapore - any good places to pick up cheap hardware?

    Like the title says I am going to be in Singapore on a stop over on my way back from Thailand. Does anyone know of any good computer/electronic shops that I can check out for some bargains? I hear that no duties/taxes apply to electronics there :cool:
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    Anyone here own a Logitech G15 Keyboard?,CRID=2288,CONTENTID=10717 Want to know if its any good. Going to look into picking up one cheap if I can while on holiday in Thailand and Singapore
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    Freespace 1 and 2

    Freespace 2 fuckin rules! Easily one of the best space sim games I have ever played. If only the genre wasnt dead :( I would buy freespace 3 in a heart beat
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    What do you guys think of 1.03

    even though i did not think it was conceivable but this patch has made BF2 even laggier than it was before. Good job DICE and EA :rolleyes:
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    81.82 driver...magic bullet????

    Do these drivers help if you only have a single core cpu?
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    R520 scores 9100+ in 3DM05, and more news...

    I reckon that is bullshit, 25-30% faster in FEAR would be believable.....but 90%?! Pfft I find that really hard to believe. This looks exactly like the same PR bullshit that we saw prior to the GF5800 series being released.
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    Most likely he has a source at an AIB partner that provided him with information without authority. I fairly doubt that information leakage of this nature would endanger any multi million dollar partnership. ATI is not exactly in a position to pick and choose its partners, especially when it...
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    prerelease benchmarks r520

    Holy Moly! Have never seen anything like this in all the years that I have been following hardware. Nvidia must be loving it
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    R520 to have 512 bit mem controller? (Inquirer) havent seen posted yet, as always take with a grain of salt. Dont they have editors at the inquirer that are paid to correct Fuad's grammar and punctuation?
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    R520 to be 16 pipe, 700mHz core???

    Seems very odd that ATI would reveal the r520 in Australia, fuckall interesting ever happens here, and computer gaming is nowhere near as popular as in the US or somewhere like South Korea. Anyways its too bad I dont live in Sydney so that I could go and check it out. Whats even stranger is...
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    Overclocking my new 6800gt

    that is very hot, my GT idles at 50*C. Maybe the HSF is not seated properly