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    The Commodore Amiga 1000 Turns 30

    yeah man had a A500 and A1200 back then, i did everything with them, music, art, games, BBSing, you name it.. I actually won the A1200 from amiga world magazine plus Dpaint 4.. great memories and still have them both but havent been touched in years. there is also always amiga emulators out...
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    Microsoft's HoloLens Uses Unreleased Intel Atom Chip

    I really think Intel should hire you, cause those are some fun sounding and easy to remember chip names
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    What If Windows 10 Fails?

    yea exactly, i remember running XP and many new games were coming out that were DX10 that I couldn't play without W7 so that forced me to upgrade.. although i'm sure that segment buying W10 just for gaming will be small..
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    Robots Are Going TO KILL US ALL....With Karate

    And the winner for the worst and most useless audio in a short video goes to......
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    Verizon Is Offering Netflix In New Cable Bundle

    i think thats pretty smart and cool as well. i wouldn't mind having netflix streaming as part of my cable bundle
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    Apple And Amazon Have A Problem: People Don’t Want to Buy Stuff Anymore

    the whole world uses amazon, they rule the internet, AWS is masstive, i cant imagine they are having a tough time.. so they are making 145 billion this year instead of the 150 billion they promised investors :/
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    Euclideon Makes World’s Most Realistic Graphics

    thats not the point, the point is that this COULD enable a much greater leap forward TOWARDS photorealism in games.. of course you don't get an exact copy of reality from verson 1.0 of this type of thing but it still looks a shit ton better and has vastly more detail than current games..
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    So What Exactly Is A 'Killer Robot'?,36077/
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    Blizzard Announces the Release Date for Warlords of Draenor

    hard to believe people actually still play wow.. isn't it like 10 years old now? i did enjoy it when i played it many years ago but did not enjoy wasting not only money on monthly fees but also insane amounts of wasted time.. and it wasn't like you could walk away like you would in a DM/CTF type...
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    Would You Pay to Watch Vimeo?

    never in a million years would i PAY to watch any videos that were previously free.. same thing with news.. and you know what, they still shove Ads down your throat even after you paid for the content, just look at movie theaters.. so would might eventually try to sneak them in anyway
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    Parents Going To Jail for Playing WoW Instead Of Feeding Kids

    Uhhhh what the fucking fuck! 8 years behind bars isn't enough for these losers.. poor children, at least now they will get to live in a clean environment and get a good meal
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    Apple Halts Use Of Two Harmful Chemicals In iPhone Assembly

    Watch this documentary, gives you a very clear picture of what those chems do to the chinese slave workers, been a while since i watched it but i think they said it would add a $1 to the cost of the device to switch to safer chems
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    Doping Is Rampant In eSports?

    i can totally see this being a legit story, no reason why gamers wouldnt take drugs to get an advantage.. caffeine does nothing but make me jittery when gaming
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    Apple Halts Use Of Two Harmful Chemicals In iPhone Assembly

    people arent just getting 'sick', they are getting cancer and dieing a miserable painful death because of the nasty chems used to build electronics.. and the cost increase to switch to safer chems is minuscule..
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    Doom LAN Party Held High On a Mountain

    I thought it was pretty cool for them to do that
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    Firefly Cast Reuniting for Online Game

    wow that vid gave me douche chills it's so lame with the paid actors pretending to want to play the game.. i liked ff it was a good show but i doubt the game would be half as good
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    [H]appy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

    Yea.. /me regrets going into development.. they have it so much easier
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    Harley-Davidson Made An Electric Motorcycle

    noone will buy this cause half the reason bikers ride is to be obnoxiously loud as fuck..
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    SteamBoy Aims To Be The Handheld Steam Machine

    bad name IMO, they could have come up with something more original and cooler sounding
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    Kittyo Enables Remote Interaction with Your Cat

    thank god they didnt call it the iKitty.. that was probably taken anyway
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    this is really disappointing.. i know many of us want iD to be better than this, for them to develop outstanding games and they just keep failing us over and over.. there are plenty of other companies who can product high quality engines without all of the issues inherent with id tech 5.. oh well
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    Windows 9 Might Not Make an Appearance Until 2015

    Cloud OS? Wow does that sound like a bad idea.. I bet they will want to have a subscription based service now too.. bah
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    A Keyboard For Google Glass

    this means that you can use your womans back to type on while you are doing her doggy style.. you know, in case you had a sudden urge to tweet something :P
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    Watch This Laser Weapon Take Down Boats

    i was hoping for explosions and pew pew sounds.. but oh well.. maybe in a few more years
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    Pediatrician Says Video Games Don't Cause Violent Behavior

    Awesome video and makes a lot of sense.
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    Blizzard Releases Classic Games for Free

    I played the shit out of rock n roll racing i loved it, so awesome
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    Tech Time Warp of the Week: 25 Years of Game Boy

    lol yea tetris is "OUTRAGEOUS"! i remember the day i got my first gameboy i loved it..
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    GameStop To Close Another 120 Stores

    HA HA have a good death
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    37% Of Steam Games Have Never Been Loaded

    we must all be suckers.. buying games we dont play and some we will never play.. steam is the only winner here lol
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    Cheat Win XP Death: Tool to Save You from the XPocalypse

    Yea i'm in this camp.. still using XP in vmware player.. just cause it's easy and fast enough.. of course have a few 7 vms as well
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    Blizzard Announces The Outcasts Fight Stick

    I'm glad they have included a phone rj11 jack for those of us still running on 14.4k modems :P
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    Facebook Buying Drone Maker Titan Aerospace?

    cause they know one day facebook will go the way of myspace and they need some other business to fall back on
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    Robots Will Be Smarter Than Us All By 2029

    I completely agree with you on this.. although 'soul' is a meaningless religious term that has no bearing on science or reality... but our consciousness really is just the combination of all of our senses and the various functions of our brains. There is no reason to think why you couldn't...
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    Robots Will Be Smarter Than Us All By 2029

    I'm sorry but this shit just scares me.. just imagine walking down the street in a busy city along with other people as well as human-like robots that are significantly smarter, faster, and stronger than us. What happens when one species on this planet is all of those things? It dominates and...
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    WOW for $4.99!!!

    i enjoyed wow when i played it.. i would play again if it were free but i also have a very limited amount of time and some of the raids and dungeons and shit take so fukin long i would get burned out quick.. hard to do that with 2 small kids to get up at 7am on the weekends...
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    free steam games are a really clever marketing ploy to get a shitton of new people to install steam client
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    i got it and cant wait to play!
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    Tomb Raider @ Amazon $5 [Steam code]

    awesome game, well worth 5bux