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    I7980X and New NVIDIA Parts

    I'm clocked at 4.1GHZ if that helps.
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    I7980X and New NVIDIA Parts

    Just a quick question for you guys. Do you think the i7980X would hold back newer NVIDIA parts such as a GTX Titan? I realize this maybe sounds sort of ridiculous, but if anyone has any insight on this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    480s In stock Right NOW!!!

    I have three coming >.>
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme @ Newegg

    Yes but theyll all be x8.
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    So many mobo choices. Which one for i7 and at least 4.ghz

    If $200 is your limit, this is your bad boy:
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    So many mobo choices. Which one for i7 and at least 4.ghz

    If you want to go all out hop on the ASUS Rampage III Extreme, otherwise you'll have to give us a price range.
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme @ Newegg

    Silverstone Raven RV-01. I considered a higher GB amt for RAM but the more sticks you have the lower your CPU OC is going to be. I'm looking to hit 4.1-4.3 on the 980X hopefully, and anything over 6GB really isn't going to make a practical difference in gaming. I can certainly afford it, but I...
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme @ Newegg

    Bought my rig today! Rampage included! Finally! If anyone is curious, specs below: ASUS Rampage III Extreme Intel I7 980X 6GB DDR3-2000mhz 3xGTX 480 TRI-SLI X-Fi Bravura 256GB C300 SATA 6 SSD (main drive) 1TB secondary drive 2TB secondary drive Win 7 Pro 64bit
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    ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 Auto-Overclocking Provides 19% Boost

    Slashgear is reporting that the ASUS ROG MATRIX 5870 will sport an automatic overclocking feature that changes frequencies on the fly depending on what you're doing. ASUS is stating that on average players can expect a roughly 19% boost in frames in first person shooters set to max detail as a...
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review!

    I am hearing roughly two weeks until it releases. Here's hoping.
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    Asus Rampage 3 Extreme pictures

    Does anyone have a clue when this is coming out? I heard March, but it's almost the end of March!
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    Crysis 2 GDC 2010 Off-Screen Demo Reel Footage Sex. That is all.
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    5870 Eyefinity 6 Specs, Videos

    HotHardware has specs for the ATI Eyefinity 6 version of the HD5870, as well as a trio of videos that show off L4D2 and HAWX on a single HD5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition. Specs: Compute Power: 2.72 TFLOPS (same as 5870 reg.) Core Clock: 850MHZ (same) Stream Processors: 1600 (same) Memory/Frame...
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    Why are you still here? Go buy one. :P
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    GTX480 (Fermi) 1536MB/600W (42A) Required Looks like power concerns were about right, it's gonna be a a greedy bastard! 1.5GB ram is pretty neat though!
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    Major NVIDIA announcement monday @ 9am PST

    Guess Kyle was right, April it is! :P
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    I need a towel.
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    Do you know if the R3E will come in a non-NF200 model?
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    For clarification I have no clue who those guys are or anything really about I was just browsing over there and thought I'd share. I was pretty shocked to see that thing in the wild.
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    Looks like a few people over at XtremeSystems already have them. O_O
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    eVGA Classified update with SATA 6/USB 3?

    I read about the dual socket monster board that debuted at CES, but is there any likelihood of a Classified 3x-SLI board updated with SATA 6/USB 3.0 in the near future? Anyone know?
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    Any idea when we can expect 5xxx Mobility line?

    Thinking about a gaming laptop and the possibility for a lot of power with a lot less juice required due to how efficient the desktop 5xxx series has been. I know some 5xxx mobility details came out, but I don't believe any sort of release timeframe was set. Anyone have any clue or...
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    12GB for Gaming?

    Would 6GB or even 12GB actually be used in gaming on a Win 7 64 bit system? Or would most of that memory go to waste? Thanks!
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    USB 3.0 Preview @ [H]

    Any possibility of seeing an eVGA Classified update with USB 3.0/SATA III in the near future?
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    Battlefield 2, a return visit.

    Good memories from BF2 are what have me jonesing for Bad Company 2. Release on PC already, damn it! Marchhhh..
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    62A Enough for 2x 5870 + I7 920?

    Would 62A be enough juice to run a rig like this? (750W PSU)
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    Is a 5870X2 in the cards this year?

    Sorry, I don't follow AMD cards as much, but I am curious if there will be a single card solution for CrossFire on the 5870 (5870X2) this year. Does anyone know or think it is likely? Thanks. :)
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    Building New PC, Windows 7 Upgrade useable?

    I have the disk. I was just hoping I wouldn't need to use it. It would definitely be nice to just enter the key at some prompt while installing 7 :/
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    Building New PC, Windows 7 Upgrade useable?

    I'm currently on a Velocity Micro PC with an OEM copy of Windows XP Pro installed. I plan on building a new pc in the near future and have the Windows 7 upgrade preordered. Will I be able to install Windows 7 on the new rig? Or am I going to have to install Windows XP on it, then install Windows...
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    Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac Electric Duster, Safe alternative to canned air?

    Hi, I've been looking on Amazon for canned air to dust out my dust-prone PC and I found this little thing. The user reviews say they've used it fine with PCs and even the item description mentions it, but I thought I would ask here first: Do you think this thing is a safe, good alternative to...
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    Any other e-IPS monitors coming out?

    I will be using it for watching video / general usage / and mostly playing games, no photoshop work. Will it still present an issue?
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    Any other e-IPS monitors coming out?

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    Any other e-IPS monitors coming out?

    Anyone have any info? I want something like the 2209WA but with HDMI, basically.
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    Aliens vs. Predator is baaaaaack!

    Updated the op with re-uploaded pictures.
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    Aliens vs. Predator is baaaaaack!

    And Marines!
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    Aliens vs. Predator is baaaaaack!

    Aliens Predator Marines AvP Product Page Game is being made by the same dudes who gave us the original AvP in '99. Update: replaced images
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    This monitor seems amazing for most uses but is it also sufficient for gaming?
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    Soul Calibur 4?

    Actually MS had a long legacy of making exceptional hardware (peripherals mainly) its really only the 360 that was a total mess. The whole Sidewinder series was awesome, the IntelliMouse, etc.
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    Gamepads for PC

    Is it possible to use my DualShock 3 with my PC? If so, does anyone know how? Thanks!
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    GTX 260/280 price cuts HAVE COME!

    Pretty sure they go by the MSRP, which hasn't changed.