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  1. firas

    Windows Media Player alternative?

    MPC-HC 1.8.8 edit: I don't know about categorizing
  2. firas

    Breakthrough Extends the Life of Aluminium-Air Batteries
  3. firas

    Help with exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop

    I don't know how to use illustrator and the project file is in Photoshop, the illustrator template is just a background that I want to use in the Photoshop project. currently the solution I found is to copy what I want in illustrator then paste it as a smart object in Photoshop then enlarge it...
  4. firas

    Help with exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop

    I downloaded a free Illustrator template but when I export it as Photoshop PSD I get an image that is smaller than what I need and increasing the ppi from export options doesn't seem to help. when I open the PSD in Photoshop the size is 10x14 inches but I want it to be something like 34x80...
  5. firas

    What Free Antivirus are we Using in 2019?

    this says its the heaviest!
  6. firas

    Overclocking the 9900K..

    if you don't need the old 8086Ks you can send them to me, thanks.
  7. firas

    Chrome 69 Automatically Signs Into Google Accounts

    never used this parasite but I started using it at work a while back, it did what the title said (using the companies main gmail account) and I never noticed, if someone from work knew about before me I wouldn't be talking to you now, this spyware records...
  8. firas

    Valve Renames Artifact Card with "Racist Connotations"

    Coordinated Assault has 3 a letters...
  9. firas

    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    but maybe it will be smart enough not to do stupid mistakes which i'm sure is bigger reason for accidents than someone not being able to deal with abnormal events
  10. firas

    Corsair 1000D

    a true [H] build
  11. firas

    Windows 7 Updates

    maybe you need to use something like never 10 to stop it from updating to 10, I'm not sure since I haven't turned on updates since maybe 4 years hehe (nothing wrong in 10 btw, i'm just too lazy to install it)
  12. firas

    Nvidia Stock Falls Following Turing Reviews

  13. firas

    GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Reviews

    so they renamed the 1080TI to 2080, renamed the 1080 to 2070 to cover it up they released a gaming version of the Titan V and called it 2080TI and to justify it they announced the RTX thing how to sell the same performance for higher price: rename it
  14. firas

    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    I'll stick to my GTX 670 and buy a used GTX 1070 in 2019 :cool:
  15. firas

    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    this only @4K right? because it only 20% increase @1080 from 1080ti to 2080ti
  16. firas

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass Contains Episodic Content and Surprises

    not sure but I think pirates took a long time to crack Origins and the DLC's are still not cracked to this day. so I guess this episodes thing will make it even harder and players who want to enjoy the whole game will have to buy it.
  17. firas

    Battlefield V

    bad artistic decisions everywhere that made the game look unfinished, unrealistic, grainy and ugly. favoring blurriness rather than clarity. it looks cartoony, players look goofy and player movement feels off, too much saturation, motion blur, forced AA, filters, snow effects, fog, aggressive...
  18. firas

    Nvidia Unveils 75W Tesla T4

    while I welcome this collaboration between Tesla and Nvidia, I think this will eventually be used for mining, a second card for ray tracing and maybe with the correct adapter and DAC it can be used to maximize audio performance.
  19. firas

    Startup Claims Solid State Battery Breakthrough

    “My top advice really for anyone who says they’ve got some breakthrough battery technology is please send us a sample cell, okay. Don’t send us PowerPoint, okay, just send us one cell that works with all appropriate caveats, that would be great. That sorts out the nonsense and the claims that...
  20. firas

    Battlefield V on PC to Include Profanity Filter

    they need to ban players with 3/17 score when they say "easy" "EZ" "izi" "ez pz" "gg easy"
  21. firas

    Microsoft Announces Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    but I just clean installed 1803 on my work pc :(
  22. firas

    Valve Is "Very Aware" of Half-Life 3 Jokes, Hints at "More Things" Coming

    TF2 is dying and they're out of ideas to revive it, so they'll come up with a new cow
  23. firas

    Battlefield V: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Rotterdam Gameplay- Guru3d

    I think the "add some sort of realistic mirror effect to water on the ground" option that was applied to BF5 through the ray tracing tech is cool and is a good start.
  24. firas

    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    I love the design
  25. firas

    Cyberpunk 2077 Game Play Demo Is Being Streamed on Twitch

    why is it so hard to give us something like this Gabe?
  26. firas

    How big is your Gaming screen?

    the 22" died, now I have 24"
  27. firas

    Have you seen Tom’s Hardware piece on RTX?

    nothing wrong in the article imo, I'm personally planing to upgrade my GTX 670 to a used RTX 2070 after 6-12 months :D
  28. firas

    Long Range Nissan Leaf E-Plus Coming in 2019, Will Have 200 HP

    the US imported leafs are spreading like fire here in Jordan, I think I read somewhere it's the fastest spreading car in the history of the country the main reason is because EV cars are free of "most" taxes (for now) and because the government recently completely killed the hybrid market after...
  29. firas

    EA on Women in Battlefield V: Accept It, or Don’t Buy the Game

    serious question? what's the most game that BFV will be competing against at it's release? COD? because I'm really thinking about buying that game edit: AC Odyssey will be released in the same month, GREAT. now I need to add a shooter game.
  30. firas

    Battlefield V

    maybe it's just this map and this mod but it looks like a mess. and I'm not sure how their attempt to force players to play like a professional team speak clan is going to end, and how fun this will make things for the noob team in an unbalanced game.
  31. firas

    Gorgeous, and finally some PSU/Case innovation

    I'm still not impressed. you can power almost any electrical device with a single cable but you need a dozen of cables to power a video card, 2 dozens to power a motherboard, half a dozen to power a cpu. and to do that you need a big heavy brick. the latest Intel NUC is more powerful than a...
  32. firas

    Battlefield V Live Reveal: May 23

    maybe this is what they wan't, players abandoning the last game quick and easy to buy the new game. maybe BC2 for them is a mistake, I still call myself a BF player because I still play BC2 though I didn't buy BF4 and BF1, if BC2 wasn't fun and didn't have populated servers right now, I would've...
  33. firas

    Windows 10 April 2018 Update Changed My Settings

    ironically the update will not touch the activation tools
  34. firas

    List of best PC games in past 5 years?

    Plants vs. Zombies (the first game) Orcs must die Assasin Creed Origins