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    Half height cabinet networking

    Thanks. and I have since done that. I have 2x 24port switches in the cabinet now that are layer 2/3 so i can mess with vlan's when I have time. It does make cabling easier but I need to get some proper depth servers for it so I can do real cable management.
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    HGST 6TB SAS Enterprise HDDs, $85 /ea

    WIsh I could. This would be a nice upgrade from my 2TBs I'm running now. but I have to upgrade a lot before getting to this point. GLWS.
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    Atari E.T. Video Game From the Alamogordo NM Landfill Dig

    That is awesome.. but really? shipping? that's a deal breaker.
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    GameStop Winter Sale: B2G2 free Pre-Owned Games

    I did get the ones I wanted for PS4, but if the price is worth it with shipping, maybe just order them?
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    GameStop Winter Sale: B2G2 free Pre-Owned Games

    Thanks! Was browsing this today. This is what appears on the site when you are in the pre-owned versions- Also, it says the winter sale ends tomorrow. It will auto apply the discount to an equal or lesser priced game. (yes I know there are to GTA's, I was trying to locate a store with one...
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    Wattage calculators say I'm at 450watts so would a 550 PSU be plenty then ?

    550 is likely plenty (the effeciency curve makes sense but isn't my space). To give you a real-world example.. I'm not saying you should do this :). I ran a kill-a-watt before being OK with adding the second 6pin on my CX430. I pulled 400w at peak while running Prim95 and Furmark at the same...
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    Baby Sonic is the new Baby Yoda

    Same thought Exactly.. Sonic and Garfield had a child, this would be it. I get the "follow the money" but what is the draw for this live action? I watched at least half of The Lion King and thought is was weird and "wrong". I don't know if it's similar to the soap opera effect that tvs have or...
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    Best bang for the buck gaming headset? Less than $100

    fully honesty. I didn't read the other posts. I was at BB yesterday checking out this very thing. The Logitech G935's were on sale for 99.99 and have pretty good reviews. My initial impression of them were pretty good. However, I was looking for fit/comfort, mic placement and sound. In that...
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    Only reviving this for an update. I was trying an SSD in the msa and the same thing happened. I eneded up booting linux on another machine and connecting the disk. I was then able to format and uae it again in windows. Hope this helps others and thanks for all the input.
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    I'll have to set everything up but from what I remembered, they did work before I took it all down. sorry if I missed that originally. **update. Got to mess with it for a bit. Need to figure out why the live usb didnt work but did see all the drives
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    I don't want to agree with you guys but I fear the same.. This sucks because I then have 3 bad drives.... which is what seems suspicious.
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    pfsense on old Athlon questions

    100% agree. Low power is usually not in the vocabulary around here lol. I was running 2xDL380s and an MSA for a while. Running the shuttle wasn't a big deal but now, with the help of a new job (hopefully), I'll be able to get some newer stuff like the Raspberry or at least an I3.. something...
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    Is using a USB to M.2 adapter to boot and then copy to NVMe inside the right way?

    I've done this with SSD upgrades before. YMMV with nvme but I'd expect it to be the same. Plug the new drive into the USB adapter. Use something like Macrium to clone the disk to the new drive. Once completed. Swap drives and you're good to go. Since the new drive is larger, you, may just...
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    I'll have to try while windows is booted or have to use the usb adapter on a laptop with linux. When I was trying to use them for a new xpenology build, it was hanging at POST. Trying to get into the bios would hang at "entering setup" after I pressed F6. If I pressed nothing, it would just...
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    Sorry. I got a little more info to share. A. Yes. currently plugged in through a USB-Sata adapter. B. I do have another 2TB drive that was not in the storage unit and works with the USB adapter. Other non-2TB drives that were also not in the MSA, work on the adapter. C. When the drives were in...
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    I have a few drives that were used in my MSA storage and wanting to use them standalone but am having some issues getting them to detect. Device manager is able to see them but i cant get windows tools or a few third party tools to even detect it to format for use. Any ideas?
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    Wtb: 4770(k)/4790(k) Maybe still have and willing to split up? Makeroflostsouls
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    pfsense on old Athlon questions

    Thank you for all the info. -Even at the full 1Gbs offered, it's not symmetrical. So no worries about ever pushing that out through it in the near future. I think their best is 30-50Mb out. -VPN would be mostly to mess around and learn on. I've thought about paying for the VPN services to "hide...
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    pfsense on old Athlon questions

    I do have a system with a Phenom 9500 that it looks like the shuttle (SN78SH7) supports. It's at least a quad core but it seems it's more than just core/thread count that matters here. I also have an Acer Aspire XC-630G with a...
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    pfsense on old Athlon questions

    Because it's a small form factor, i'd like to throw it in my cabinet I recently cleaned out. I'm hoping its still up to to the challenge. If it's not, I'll have to wait til the new job starts paying to get something better. SPECS: Shuttle case Athlon x2 5600+ 4GB DDR2 800 320GB HDD 4x 1GB NIC...
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    Is it worth it, 9700 or 9900k

    Intel comparison-,191792,186604 Newegg comparison-,19-117-958,19-117-957 9900k- $489 (newegg), 8 core / 16 thread. very slightly higher clock...
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    Half height cabinet networking

    Thanks for the info. I'll take a look. Sorry. I should have mentioned I already have the cabinet too. This was from when I initially set it up. I have since pulled the switch at the top and the top DL380. I have a 24port HP i'm going to install, i'd prefer a like model but also a 24port...
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    Half height cabinet networking

    This is for a home cabinet which will have a small lab and some other odds and ends in. At my old job, we had started mid rack networking for multiple reasons and it made sense. We still had top of rack networking in the older cabinets. My question is what are you guys doing for smaller/custom...
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    Can Not Get ESXI To add New IP

    can you share a screenshot? blank out any revealing details though What kind of VM? Are you having issues adding a second nic? Or reconfiguring. Maybe just me, but the wording was a little confusing.
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    Nutanix CE? What are you running?

    I'm not sure there is enough interest here but just got a single node installed tonight. Not the most efficient system to run it, but can at least play now. 2x Xeon 5540 32GB memory (board max and minimum recommended due to CVM) 1x 250GB EVO 850 SSD for hot tier 1x 1TB WD Green HDD for cold...
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    Nutanix CE? What are you running?

    ^^^ This At my last job, the licensing of VMware was in the millions. AHVs cost is included with the hardware purchase. I haven't gotten to dig into CE or AHV so I can't comment on pros/cons but the cost alone is what makes a company switch, not the supportability by the engineers.
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    WTS SuperMicro 2U Quad Node 2027TR-HTRF Server w/8x Intel Xeon E5-2670. 8GB ECC DDR3 sticks

    Correct. And the drive bays in the front are broken up into 6 disk "blocks" for each server 'node'. I wish I had the funds as this would be awesome to have for a lab/home servers.
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    GDM-FW900 CRT

    For pickup only and damaged, they're crazy. If it had included shipping X distance, worth it. I have one collecting dust in the basement I couldn't sell because shipping was nuts due to its weight. I was going to throw it back up in the FS/T section though to see what's what with it.
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    Nutanix CE? What are you running?

    While searching for the next "opportunity". I've been wanting to get Nutanix CE running in a lab to tinker around and keep learning. I know the min physical specs: 4 cores 16gb memory Intel NIC 2 drives minimum (1ssd, 1hdd) (max 4 drives) +200gb for hot tier satadom/8gb usb minimum for os/boot...
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    WTB: basic cheap nvidia graphics card

    Zotac GT730 1GB PCI-Express 1x video card - $25.00 + shipping Lo-Balls wanted! DIMS, SO-DIMMs, GPUs, Laptops, Mounts, Drive, Astros, Parts, Mice Listed by: anotherguy159
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    Flush mounting mesh

    I've not done it myself but have thought about doing this for my case. With a thinner mesh, would you be able to put the panel flat with the backside up, then the mesh on top. use the back of a screwdriver or something plastic to press the mesh into the opening. Or cut the corners and bend to...
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    What's your VDI solution at work?

    2000-3000 (~6000 peak) users, local and remote still on Win7, Win10 expected this year on Nutanix. We are exploring the same things. Everything from Horizon DAAS to AWS workspaces or Xi Frame. Some remote sites average 250ms latency. If we are able to push geofencing, it should improve...
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    We need the Intel [H] crew to check in...

    Sorry. my mediocre help was hit-n-miss for the last few weeks. I've started BOINC up again and hopefully, it's gtg. Maybe I can squeeze a few points if I can get around to some more OC? Maybe i'll start a thread.
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    Upgrade or replace? Need some assistance

    Couple scenarios here. Looking at prices, used or new, it doesn't seem to make much sense for me to attempt an upgrade but maybe I'm missing something. Long story short. I was given $500(USD) to get a gaming pc together that will push 60+ fps in games like Hitman 2 (must) but am going to use...
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    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    While I used to go crazy on stuff like that, years ago before life happened, mostly as many as I could as loud as I could. Never to the point you are with the mic and frequency tests. cheers to that (no beer emoji :() For the misbehaving speaker, that is for the movie talkers and kids in the...
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    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    I believe the fancy folk call it "ombionce". lol For the dreamscreen thing, that would be cool if you could get that to work with the speaker leds. Although, getting the vertical to horizontal effect might be a pita. Was thinking more from a perspective that shadows/lighting was cast to make...
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    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    Looks awesome! I love the back row pew. It must be for the kids and movie talkers? lol
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    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Haha. Thanks. I had to click your image to realize it wasn't mine from the mouse/keyboard section. I had to make a "repair" to the wiring". lol I've honestly not even considered replacing them. Feel and weight has been perfect. Looks like yours has a few more hours than mine. :) Was...
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    WTB: Low end phones for app development - Apple and Android - ~$50-100

    Looks like it does hold a charge. And screen is cracked but responsive. I did do a short vid of screen responding if needed
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    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Kids gaming on the left My gaming on the right unless the kids want to game together, then I get kicked out. BLUE PC i7-875k 16GB DDR3 ASUS Mobo GTX 660 2GB 900D Case 1.5TB 7.2K HDD Air Cooled RED PC i7-4770k @ 4.2Ghz 16GB DDR3 ASRock Mobo GTX 980 4GB Node 304 Case 250GB SSD, 600GB 10k Raptor...