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    Are these Bitspower and Barrow fittings the same? I had this Bitspower leftover in an old wishlist from years ago. Now that my AIO is making a death rattle I was looking at these again and I see this Barrow that looks identical except perhaps the color of the...
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    Linux Graphics Driver Gets Optimized For Ryzen CPUs
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    Linux Graphics Driver Gets Optimized For Ryzen CPUs

    [sorry wrong subforum please delete]
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    WD Red Pro 8TB $279.99 F/S WD Red Pro WD8003FFBX 8TB 7200 RPM 256MB Cache ^ Note there are two versions one with 128MB cache and this one with 256MB. The promo code is 24 hr only. This is $45 below Amazon's current pricing, which for whatever reason is $5...
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    Swiftech H220X restored to new(ish)

    I know the old acrylic plate looks filthy but that's entirely rust from the steel screws being in contact with coolant (note, more rust around the cracked corners). When I dumped out the coolant to disassemble the system it was as clear as it went in. I had previously topped off the reservoir...
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    ASRock - BIOS updates for older chipsets vs. Spectre/Meltdown

    ASRock published a huge dump of new BIOS revisions with security microcode updates yesterday and today. I see updates for the following chipsets: H97, Z97, X99, H110, B150, H170, Z170, Q170, and C232. Some of them are under the "Beta BIOS" sections so make sure you check that too if you don't...
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    ASRock X399M Taichi (MicroATX TR4) Note that the article is wrong to say there are only 2 RAM slots, there are another 2 on the left side of the socket that are hard to see from the camera angle.
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    HDMI Forum, Inc. today announced the release of Version 2.1 of the HDMI® Specification
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    Fan Speed Bug Still Exists (albeit quite rarely)

    Man I hope they eventually find and squash this forever. I'm pretty sure it's some weird interaction with HW Acceleration in Firefox and background ads in some of my other tabs. As you can see throughout the video the GPU is never loaded beyond tiny spikes here and there but the fan...
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    QNAP TVS-x73 series NAS This is the same processor as in the Smach Z handheld, but no indication if it is configured for the full 35w or is reduced. The diagram does indicate some sort of very low profile heatsink/fan assembly...
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    Win 10 Oct 27 patches hosed AMD Drivers?

    Earlier this week I did a clean install of 10.2 hotfix drivers after using DDU in Safe Mode. After installing the critical security patches last night and rebooting I experienced some minor graphical glitches (random colored garbage in horizontal bands) while browsing the web. I checked my...
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    3DMark Update adds VRMark demo

    VRMark - The VR Benchmark from Futuremark If you have 3DMark on Steam there was an update this morning adding a "preview" version of VRMark.
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    Swiftech GTX980 & Fury/FuryX waterblocks buy 1 get 1 free (Prices don't include shipping) KOMODO-NV-GTX980-ECO Price: $115.95 - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE KOMODO R9 FuryX Eco Price: $115.50 - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Today is the last day of the sale.
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    C3 Propus/Regor at Newegg Only the top bins for each line are there so far. The reviews from a few weeks back indicate...
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    Phenom 965 C3 NDA is Lifted

    Well it's the 4th now and we've all been waiting patiently enough. Review by Chew from XS. Air cooling: 2 hour Prime95 stable at 4.1GHz / benchmark stable at 4.26GHz...
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    New CPU OPNs (incl. C3 Stepping)

    Feel free to verify and correct the accuracy of this post as I'm going by limited information.:D I am only listing OPNs that weren't previously known, hence the 740 BE, 405E, etc. aren't necessary. This was compiled from all the new CPUs that popped up in the support list from Biostar after the...
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    Sargas (Sempron AM3)

    Not exactly droolworthy...but the old K8 Semprons finally have a modern successor for the ultra-cheap grandma PC. 1/2 of a Regor I suppose since it has 1mb L2 (L2 from two cores assigned to a single core).
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    CPU-Z 1.52.1 Validation - Vcore Visible

    Is it new that the vcore shows up on the online validation page? It's not mentioned in the release notes but I don't recall seeing anyone's vcore before.
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    Phen. II DDR2 vs DDR3 Direct Comparison

    I hadn't seen this posted yet. Looks like DDR3 is pretty useless if you leave the chip at stock speeds. The 955 gains more from DDR3 than the 925 does. :(Unfortunately they didn't do any overclocking to see if the gains...
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    Memtest86+ v2.11a Fixes AMD Display Errors I stumbled upon this while looking to see if there was a fix yet for the horrible memory speed/timings display errors in Memtest86+ 2.11 (like showing my memory at 1200mhz with 7-6-7 timings:eek: ). I burned a copy of the 2.11a iso he...
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    760G Chipset,,3715_15532_15533,00.html#760G
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    $15 off 920 & 940BE at Newegg

    AMD1815 is the code. Missed this myself because I ordered two days earlier. Thanks to: nanohead & bufodr_T
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    Kuma @ Newegg Combo deal with the higher end of Biostar GX boards.
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    ASUS Drivers vs. Catalyst?

    I have an ASUS 4850 TOP on its way from Newegg. Knowing full well CDs generally contain worthless dated drivers I looked around and saw ASUS has their own drivers plus more software -> GamerOSD + SmartDoctor. I was a little intrigued by the GamerOSD because it has some simple FRAPS like...
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    New SB600 RAID/AHCI Driver from Windows Update

    They were posted this week dated 10-02 and came out to be 3.1.1540.81 with a driver date of 9-30. As you can see I'm not noticing the "upgrade" at all: 2.5.1540.39 Driver (From Biostar CD): 3.1.1540.25 Driver (From May) 3.1.1540.81 Driver (Sep 30th/Oct 2nd) I have...
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    Phenom 9950 BE - OEM $159.99 FS Looks like Newegg finally dropped the OEM prices down from like $80 more than the retail boxed versions to clear out stock. Already in this thread in case you missed it:
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    OPN for 9950 125W?

    Anyone know it yet? Looks like the 140w parts are out or deactivated at Newegg/Tigerdirect. Google turns up a few random stores with 125w labeled items that still have the 140w OPN. Not sure if that's a sign...or simply the usual mislabeling by unknown e-tailers.
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    Mod Old Fan Cont. -or- Get New One?

    I'm still running the old Vantec Nexus 205 3.5" bay device. It's supposed to put out a range of 7V-12V to the four ports. It was good enough for me way back when I got it however I've found the control lacking with higher RPM fans and was planning a little work to make one or two of the ports...
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    Corsair VX450 $39.99 AR $30MIR FS Didn't see this one posted yet.
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    3 Pin Fan Y Adapters

    How does the RPM lead function when using a Y adapter of the type: ...where both male connectors have the third RPM wire. For comparison, the kind where only one fan gets to report it's RPM...
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    6000+ Brisbane

    ADV6000DOBOX The last Brisbane I've seen anywhere on the roadmap unless you count the 5600+BE and 5800+BE that never materialized. As has been for quite some time the latest...
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    9750 95w Amazon has 1! in stock for a lucky fella who likes lower wattage...
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    5400+ Black Edition I'm surprised since I've only seen mention of the new BE being either a 5600+ or 5800+.:confused: Both were listed at various motherboad manufacturer sites. No heatsink is included just like the 5000+BE.
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    89w 6000+ @ Newegg

    For those that were still looking for the lower wattage Windors: Personally I'd still rather get the 5000+BE or 5800+ Brisbane but this may be someone's preferred poison.
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    Installing SB600 RAID Drivers *after* Windows Install

    Is there some trick to getting the SB600 RAID working properly if you don't install the drivers during the Windows installation? I didn't bother doing the F6 diskette because my OS disk was not going to be on RAID but now I cannot get Windows to accept the drivers at all. Whenever manually...
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    Fan Cable Between Motherboard and Tray

    Set this up earlier today then I remembered some horror story about a board burning from a short with cables running in a position like this. I wasn't sure though if the cable sleeving on this fan would provide enough extra insulation to make it completely safe. For now I disconnected it from...
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    Where is the 5600+ Brisbane?

    I thought April 7th was the day it was supposed to come out? So far I've only found links to asian sites with it. Also saw mention of a 5800+ 3.0ghz part coming out later (but before Kuma). I was all primed and ready to buy the 5600 yesterday but I guess the rumors floating around were...
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    AM2 compatible with 1066mhz DDR2?

    I've been looking at the higher end X2s and considering a AM2+ build in a couple weeks. Alerted by a Newegg comments (yes, I know) about the processors not supporting 1066 memory I went to AMD and found this: Listed are "PC2 6400(DDR2-800), PC2 5300(DDR2-667), PC2 4200(DDR2-533), and PC2...
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    Motherboard or PSU Failing

    After months of being 100% stable my overclock has been gradually diminishing (2.5 ->2.4 ->2.2 -> back to 2.0ghz :( ) over the past few weeks until the current nothing of stock speeds/voltages and is still unstable. The symptoms being random blue screens whether stop errors attributed to...
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    Logitech Mouse Warranty

    Well my MX310 started flaking out on me about two weeks ago with the left mouse button randomly not working. Sometimes it works perfectly fine and others I can't click and drag anything no matter how hard I try. I'll click a million times and nothing happens then it finally goes through and...