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    GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M no usb's ?

    i just bought a new board and my usb's work when im into the bios, but once it goes into windows every usb stops working. no mouse or keybord will work. so i cant install any drivers? i need help! any ideas or do you think the board is defective. ps i have the newest bios installed f50.
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    FS: Schiit Asgard and Hifiman HE300 headphones. Very cheap.

    what revision is the 300 and also the amp
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    FS: Asus Transformer EEE Pad TF101

    where is my pm? sent you one yesterday???????????
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    FS/FT E-MU 1616m Digital Audio Interface - Low Latency + 720P Optoma HD70 Projector

    tell me more about the hd70 orginal lamp? how many hour on it.
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    FS: 2500k System, HTPC case, e8400 combo, and more

    i would like to buy the video card and cpu if you part out.
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    FS: BNIB Intel Core i5 2500

    you didnt buy the k? this is a good price should sell quickly
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    FS: 2X BNIB U2311H's Canada $250

    i was trying to help you list your monitors, how many people know what a U2311H is? i also put a link for you. spend a couple of minutes listing your monitors
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    FS: 2X BNIB U2311H's Canada $250

    how this : FS 2x Dell UltraSharp U2311H 23inch Monitor bnib
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    FS: x2 245, e8600 combo, HSF, GTX 260, more

    motherboard is sold, payment sent
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    ASUS P5Q Pro Motherboard + Windows 7 Home for System Builders

    can we buy the mobo without windows?
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    FS: OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SATA3 SSD

    didnt know the vertex 3 was out. cool good luck
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    Upgrading FS/T: Q6600, dp35dp mobo & 7900gt 256mg. MUST sell all!

    the q6600 is it a g0? is it lapped?
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    FS: Intel X25-M 80GB SSDs, Logitech DiNovo Edge, Enclosures

    X25-M 80GB g1 or g2? nvm i see you fixed it
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    WTB: Intel Q9650 or QX9650

    a q9650 will overclock better also be cooler and be cheaper too
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    Gigabyte UD4-B3 P67 F/S $120

    hes going to have 100 pm's in the morning.
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    FS: 750W Corsair PSU

    wow nice price
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    FS/FT : Intel Q9550 (E0), Dell 2407WFP-HC, Unlocked Google Nexus S

    second post and second pm i sent you ? is there something wrong?
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    FS: 4890 1gb, 8800 GT and more

    is it this one?
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    Crucial C300 64gb $100 shipped WARM

    on the back of the ssd is the firmware. mine was 006
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    Raidmax Cpu Cooler X3 unprofessional review

    so explain how the cpu running can be cooler then the house. im telling you something is wrong.
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    Best fans for H50?

    but isnt the 38mm fans very loud compaired to the 25mm?
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    socket 478 motherboard

    i dont remember its been way too long, but i was on ebay they got an asus 478 mobo for $28.00
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    Raidmax Cpu Cooler X3 unprofessional review

    no way, something is wrong, whats it idle at
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    Is it time to finally upgrade my ancient Q6600 to an i7 setup?

    are you kidding me ? you can get $100 for your q6600 and buy a q9550 for $150. thats a $50 investment. i had a q6600 at 3.4ghz there nice but a 4 ghz q9550 is a big improvement.
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    socket 478 motherboard

    i agree with you you dont have to buy a new pc. like i said before look on ebay for a used one you should find one very cheap.
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    STUDENTS: Free Two-Day Shipping at Amazon for a Year!

    fantastic, thank you!
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    Crucial C300 64gb $100 shipped WARM

    i got mine in 2 days, I'm in NY there shipped from NJ, most of my orders take 2 or less days :). btw how does everyone like there crucial c300? i had the intel 80gb g2 i cant tell the difference between the two?
  28. V Deals 2/2

    hold off on ssd the new ones are coming out in a little bit
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    socket 478 motherboard

    if you cant find anything here look at ebay, you should be able to find it cheap.
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    HTPC replace a Time Warner HD Cable box?

    you can delete cable completely and get a good antenna. thats what i did. no more cable bill. dont buy a indoor antenna there not that good. i bought an rca 751 outdoor works great, i get alot of hd channels.
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    movie library launcher what is needed?

    i like to use is boxee. ive used it for about a year now, check it out.
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    Antec TruePower New TP-750

    that sucks. ive heard if you call them they might, dont send an email. good luck
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    Raidmax Cpu Cooler X3 unprofessional review

    lets see the temps with a load on the cpu
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    Best fans for H50?

    yes i like the yate loon medium fans i think they push like 70cfm and are quiet. i got 4 in my case right now, 2 on my heat sink and 2 for the case