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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    Hi I am getting the upgrade bug with Christmas coming on. I don't do much overclocking but I would like to have my comp be able to handle pretty much anything I throw at it. I was thinking of going with a Z370 mobo...THoughts? Here is my current setup. Cosmos Ultra II Asus RIVE BE Intel...
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    True Black Ultra 120 compatible socket 2011?

    Is the True Black Ultra 120 compatible with socket 2011? I would dearly love not to have to buy another.
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    get another 570sc?

    Should I get another GTX 570 sc and run sli or upgrade to a 580 and sell the 570 orrrrrrrrr sell the i-7 920 and get a 970...or just wait for new Ivy Bridge.
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    Noob to audio w/ silly question

    OK, thanks in advance and if I dont respond right away please forgive me...I work a 12 hour shift today and go to work in 30 min. I have a question about speakers and computer music. I have a lot of music on my comp (250+gb) and have been using the onboard sound card and OK speakers. I am...
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    2 260gtx compatability sli question

    Will I have any problems running the Sparkle GTX260 216 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 216?