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  1. Stanley Pain

    YAIV - Yet Another Intel Vulnerability

    This one looks like it's in the process of being patched in firmware. and this one with a fun name. Plundervolt.
  2. Stanley Pain

    DXVK Entering Maintenance Mode

    Oh man this kinda sucks. I really hope another developer can step in and help refactor the code or what not. Heck maybe even Valve could hire a couple of lead devs for this given the awesome work they've done with Proton...
  3. Stanley Pain

    3 Huge vulns found in OpenBSD

    Patch now so you don't have to nuke later. Kudos to the OpenBSD folks who had patches available 40hours later.
  4. Stanley Pain

    [CVE-2019-14899] Inferring and hijacking VPN-tunneled TCP connections

    Fairly nasty VPN vuln across multiple Linux distros (and Android, MacOS and other *Nix OSes). Not systemd specific either since rc.d and sysV init systems were found to be vulnerable. There are some mitigations discussed in the link. Definitely worth a...
  5. Stanley Pain

    Seeing outbound UDP 137: Should I be worried

    Recently I've started to see some outbound traffic on my firewall to UDP 137 to IPs the end up belonging to level3, or telekenex. With this increase I've seen my firewall dropping ICMP Type 3 traffic to the same IPs, as well as a bunch in China. This has me a bit worried, as TCPVIEW doesn't...
  6. Stanley Pain

    RMAed a BFG 8800GTX, Got a 9800 GT OC (1GB) in return

    So the question would be is this an equivalent replacement? More vram, less stream processors, MUCH smaller card. Hard to find any benchmarks of the 1GB OC version.
  7. Stanley Pain

    4870 + 4850 Crossfire question

    Has anyone tried (or seen benchmarks) of a 4870 + 4850 in Crossfire? I'm wondering if I should play around with another 4870, or save a few bucks and go with a 4850.
  8. Stanley Pain

    Windows XP x64 Drivers for Dell 2005FPW

    Does anyone know if Dell (or anyone else for that matter) has released any 64bit drivers for the 2005FPW display? After installing drivers for my video card, and rebooting, I can only select a maximum resolution of 1600x900.
  9. Stanley Pain

    Linux + Revolution 7.1 + Coax Out = No Sound

    As per the thread title, I can't seem to get digital out to work under Linux (Mandriva 2005 or SuSe 9.3). Drivers installed ok, all the volume sliders turned up and on, but no sound plays. No problem with sound if I use soundstorm
  10. Stanley Pain

    Sapphire X800 XT $599 CDN (Premier Computers, one of the best places in Toronto to get computer parts) has a pretty slick price for the Sapphire X800 XT. Just thought some people might want to check it out.
  11. Stanley Pain

    Doom 3 Impressions Thus Far or Yet another Doom3 Thread

    Having installed Doom 3 earlier today, I've been playing it for the better portion of the day :D. I have it set to the hardest difficulty (Vetren I think, because Nightmare wasn't available :( ). First thing I have to say is that I'm VERY impressed with how this runs on my system (see specs...
  12. Stanley Pain

    Doom 3 won't run in Win2k3 Server :(

    Well, that sucks. I had to re-ghost my system to get XP back on it so that I could play it. Won't run in compatibility mode either :mad: Just gives the error "Doom 3 requires Windows 2000 or XP" Poop on that, and thank god for ghost :D
  13. Stanley Pain

    Saving Power Point Presentation for Display on a MAC

    The wife is going to be doing a Power Point presentation on PC for school (which use MACs). What's the best way to save the power point to be used on the MAC? She has no idea what OS they are running, etc. Is their native MAC os software that will be able to open this up (other than MS...
  14. Stanley Pain

    Oh Noes! I've gone back to the darkside :(

    My Revo 7.1 crapped out :( Started to get strange wooshing sounds through speakers. Went out and got another Audigy 2 ZS (was going to get another Revo, but I felt like playing with the A2 again). Previously when I had run both cards back to back, I had noticed a few things. 1. The revo...
  15. Stanley Pain

    Help me tweak my LoadBalancing Script for Linux: AKA: I don't know what I'm doing

    Well after much debate, I decided to NOT go with a hardware based load balancing router. Instead I've taken it upon myself to use my current Linux router (running ClarkConnect 2.1 sp1) and try to load balance 2 DSL connections over it. here's the linky to my other thread for the specs of the...
  16. Stanley Pain

    FarCry Review at GameSpot

    This pretty well sums up the Single Player Experience :)
  17. Stanley Pain

    2 4Mbit DSL Lines: Can I connect them together?

    Alright here's the setup. I have two 4mbit DSL lines in the house (on 2 different physical lines). 1 DSL line is hooked up to a router that my current computer is on. the 2nd DSL line will be coming in shortly, which I will have direct access to the modem (the one upstairs I don't have...
  18. Stanley Pain

    Trying to get Realtek 8180 Wireless card working Under Linux

    I have an Aopen 701k wireless net card (Based on the Realtek 8180 IC). I am running Mandrake 10.0 with the 2.6.3 kernel. I've downloaded the drivers from realtek's webpage (for both RH 7 and 9). Followed the directions insmod -f driver insmod spits out an error saying that the module...
  19. Stanley Pain

    Problems with routing/firewall

    Okay here's the layout of my network. Comp A = router machine: Runnin ClarkConnect 2.1 It connects to another router which is connected to the internet. The "internet" router has an IP of (set to allow to act as a DMZ). This machine has an IP from that router...
  20. Stanley Pain

    Routing Issues under Windows/Linux (ICS)

    Alright, here's the setup I have. Box 1 is a Linux/Win2k3 server (Dual PIII 550, etc etc). It connects to the internet via a router. The router is on an IP of I don't have physical access to this router. I can hower configure it (it's an SMC router with firewall). Box 2 is my...
  21. Stanley Pain

    Anyone else tired of the "OMG when will HL2/Doom3 be released" threads?

    I for one am tired as heck of seeing 7 threads created daily, asking the exact same thing, over and over and over again. Not to mention the "Will Doom3/HL2 run on this hardware" threads. People, NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS! The games will be released when you can go into your local computer...
  22. Stanley Pain

    Strange Issue with Revolution 7.1

    Every so often I get strange sounds from my speakers. It starts off as light white noise and gets louder. As it gets louder the pitch and frequency change really quickly, and turns into a wooshing sound, and then goes away. I usually have to reboot at this point since no sound comes out...
  23. Stanley Pain

    Samsung 172x = 12ms Response?

    I've been looking around latley, in the mood to buy a new monitor (CRT/LCD). I was checking out the webpage of a local computer store (, and noticed that they have the Samsung 172x available as a special order. I remember there was a rather large thread about this monitor...
  24. Stanley Pain

    Another Question :) - NEC LCD1760v-bk 17" Good/Bad/Ugly?

    Linky here Pretty good price for a 16ms LCD. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this one? I was previously waiting on the Samsung 171x, but this looks like a nice display as well. Any comments on this? Cheers, Mr. Pain
  25. Stanley Pain

    NEC/Mitsubishi DP2070-BK 22" - Good/Bad/Ugly?

    Well, the deal on the Sony CPDG520P fell through =(. Even though they had said they shipped it, they didn't =P. Their supplier doesn't have any. (Tiger Direct that is). So here's a question. is this monitor good? and is it worth that money? (Remember it's CanuckBucks). Cheers, Mr. Pain
  26. Stanley Pain

    Sony CPDG520P - Is this a decent monitor It's a refurb, pretty damn good price for a refurb Sony Trinitron Based monitor. Any opinions as to why I should not get this? Cheers, Mr. Pain