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    Advice to overlock i7 8700K on Asus Z370-I motherboard

    Hello, Which way do you recommend to achieve this overclock? Should I use the factory Asus BIOS utility (accessed with F12 at startup) or would you rather recommend an other way, another program? Thank you in advance.
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    (First) new build, disappointing figures, OC possible?

    Hello, I have recently completed my first mini-ITX build: Fractal Design Node 202, Asus Rog Strix Gaming Z370-I, i8700K, CPU cooler Cooltek LP53 with Noctua NF-A9x14 fan, no GPU, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz 2 x 16 GB, Samsung EVO 970 500GB M.2 SSD. The CPU has been delidded by another guy, I...
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    Cooltek LP53: factory thermal paste or third party?

    Hello, I am going to install a Cooltek/Thermaltek LP53 cooler on my CPU. I have just noticed the cooler is shipped with thermal paste. Would you recommend to use this factory paste or put some third party instead? I have some Kryonaut which I bought for this purpose and if it can help lowering...
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    Slim case, oveclocked 7700K, low noise: possible?

    Hello, I intend to build a mini-ITX computer slim enough to be put inside a suitcase (meaning a thickness between 10 and 15cm, max. 17cm). I want an 7700K CPU overclocked to at least 4.6GHz while keeping noise emissions low (this setup will be dedicated to music). Transportation in the suitcase...