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    5700XT @2.2Ghz under water on Tom's Hardware Germany

    To sum it up almost 2080 performance in Tomb Raider beating an OC 2070 Super for 35 watts.
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    Lmao EVGA and their super labels

    Why just why would you be this damn cheap. If I got this card I would be thinking its a damn fake.
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    Radeon 7 memory cost summary

    Just read an article on the Radeon 7 and it summarizes the memory cost for the card. Here it is for a quick read that may explain their mindset on the card.
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    Pascal stock near depleted at big retailers ?

    Just looking around since I was bored and I noticed new pascal cards in the 1070+ range are super hard to find new from major retailers. It seems like magically overnight the lower two RTX cards now fit in the market as the better purchases new. Even 1070ti prices are really hard to justify new...