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    HiFiMan HE-560-V2...300 bucks
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    Time Magazines' top 50 video games of all time.

    I actually agree with most of the list. I really like that they mixed all platforms. The 50 Best Video Games of All Time Ranked
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    Selling two MAX Keyboards. Cherry Brown and Blues

    100 bucks each. Like new condition. I do NOT have the wrist rests. Send a PM. Red back lighting. h.
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    FS: Schiit Asgard and Hifiman HE300 headphones. Very cheap.

    Have zero need for my HE300's and Schiit Asgard amp. Selling BOTH for 250. Great condition for both. Rarely used the HE300's at all. Will give you the box also. You pay for shipping. Payment to legit Paypal. Send me tells.
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    FS: Schiit Asgard headphone amp.

    Snagged a WA6, so no need for this beauty. In like new condition. Maybe 100 hours on it. 170+shipping. Legit Paypal please.
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    FS: Schiit Lyr and HiFiMan HE-5LE

    Both for 700 bucks. That's one helluva deal people!! Shipping is all on you. (All via legit Paypal please) For pricing purposes... I swapped out the HE-5LE cups, for the silver...
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    Explain to me the allure of vinyl. Or better yet, stop me from spending my money.

    So I finally bit the bullet and snagged some HD800's. I have a Schiit Lyr these are running with being fed from a TiT HD. Sweet right?! I know! So I have been saying to myself...self, have you considered TRYING vinyl? Then I think of all the hassle and hustle it would take getting the...
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    Can't find a Ducky tenkeyless anywhere. Help Please?

    Looking for cherry red, with red back lighting, or possibly a purple back light. Tenkeyless of course. Anyone have any sites they know of where they are in stock? I REALLY want a year of the dragon...but I doubt that will happen. Thx if anyone responds.
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    Windows 8 question. Intergrated apps.

    Looking for a way to kill open integrated apps. Seems like if I use any of them, they stay open. I don't want to open up a picture of some naked chick, just to have my wife come right behind me, use the PC, and see that shit!
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    FS: Diamond 6970. 175.

    Wife snagged me a GTX 680 out of pure love baby! The 6970 is up for sale. Price includes shipping within the US.
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    FS: KBT Race mechanical keyboard.

    This is the green backlit 75% version. Using the cherry blue switches. 6 months old. Box and all the other stuff that comes with it. 80 bucks + shipping. Hit me up!
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    Maverick Audio A1 and D1 just sitting here. Letting go for cheap.

    Selling both for 220 shipped. Had them about a year and a few months. The A1 is missing the rear top screws. When I went to roll the tubes, the screw holes were a PITA to line fuck it. Anyway...hit me up if you're interested.
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    FS Maverick Audio A1/D1

    Selling both for 275. Had them about a year and a few months. The A1 is missing the rear top screws. When I went to roll the tubes, the screw holes were a PITA to line fuck it. Anyway...hit me up if you're interested.
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    Did a year of Genmay...don't see the forum.

    Just wondering if there is anything else I should do?
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    Denon AH-D2000 FS!

    Purchased some Hi-Fi Man HE 300's and they have almost the same sound signature, so I will let these go at a fair price. They are about 1 year old. Good/Great condition. Believe I have original box. There are small scratches on the hinges, and a couple scuffs/scratches on the cup. Nothing major...
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    Deck Keyboard and Denon 2k's for sale

    Deck keyboard is a little over a year old. I SPILLED LIQUID ON IT AND HAD IT SENT BACK TO DECK WHERE THEY REPAIRED THE KEYBOARD. This is the Tactile Ice. It works absolutely fabulous now. Prefer my BWU with cherry blues, so I never...
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    Deck Keyboard and Denon 2k's for sale

    Deck keyboard is a little over a year old. I SPILLED LIQUID ON IT AND HAD IT SENT BACK TO DECK WHERE THEY REPAIRED THE KEYBOARD. This is the Tactile Ice. It works absolutely fabulous now. Prefer my BWU with cherry blues, so I...
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    FS: Denon AHD2000.

    $180.00+ Paypal fees and shipping. I find myself never using these headphones any longer. Purchased them off Amazon back in November. Fantastic condition. Have Box. Send me a PM
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    Just received my Hi-Fi Man HE 5LE's Headphones.

    Aaaand they are amazing. Only had a few days, so I will just give initial impressions. Being amped with a Mav Audio A1/D1 setup. PC has a Titanium HD, RCA's being used. All music is FLAC and FB2K. Songs I queue up daily are: Louis Armstrong, La Vie en Rose. Erykah Badu-Live, Tyrone...
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    Spilled a soda in my Deck Ice!

    No matter what I do, I can't get the shift key to feel the same again. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Some money to burn. Looking for some closed headphones.

    Sold a few things on Craigslist I wasn't using. Have 300 dollars to play with on some headphones. I currently own some HD650's, that I love, but I am looking for some closed cans. Currently I am leaning toward the Denon AHD2000 headphones. Looking for some peoples impression on them. I am also...
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    Purchased a Maverick Audio A1 Hybrid amp. Having issues.

    Thx for any help in advance as always. Here is the setup. I snagged the better tubes with the amp. SB Titanium >1/8 to RCA >Mav A1 amp > Headphone out >HD650's. Here is my problem. I hear minute sounds inside my PC. I...
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    Selling Sennheiser RS180's

    Asking 150. They are about 6 months old. I rarely find myself using them any longer since I snagged some HD650's. They are in good/great condition. Purchased off Amazon. Work perfectly fine. I do not have the original packaging and stuff. Shoot me PM's with any questions...
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    Took the plunge. Purchased some HD650's!

    Amazon had them for 380, and just said damn groceries this week! The kids will have to salvage nuts and berries in the forest. Can't wait for them to get here! I have some questions though. Let me preface this by saying I listen to mostly 70's and 80's R&B. Some old school hip hop from...
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    Going from an Xi-Fi Xtreme gamer to an Xonar Essence STX. Will I notice a difference?

    This is 100% for gaming. I own some Sennheiser RS180's, Sennheiser PC350's and some Sony MDR XB700's that I use for gaming. Will I notice a difference in sound quality? I totally give up on Creative. BFBC2 drives me up a wall with the sound totally going bonkers on me at times with mortar...
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    Help with Windows 7 and BF games

    Not sure where to put this...But my issue started with Win 7 My job gave me a copy of Win 7 Ultimate 64. 1st I must say that this OS is pure love. I know it probably a love/hate thing with the new taskbar...and I love it. I use Rocket Dock. Though obviously the taskbar is not as pretty, it is...
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    Build your own headset...Need help.

    There was a site that allowed you to build your own gaming headset...I for the life of me can not remember what company it was. The headsets were about 350 bucks if I recall correctly. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tube amps vs Cmoy

    Any differnce other than price? Any benifits from either?
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    Dual Monitor setup with 2405 and 2005?..Having issues.

    I have a 2405 as my main monitor.And the 2005 as my secondary. For the life of me it seems that the 6800U will not display the 2005's correct resolution.Heck not even the correct res.Its pushing the picture over to the right side of the monitor. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
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    Ok..what are people doing for thier colors on thier 2405?

    I have a 6800 ultra...And obviously a 2405. Has anyone with a 6800 and 2405 found the perfect color settings?(Subjective I know) I still have this washed out look...Is the only way I can describe it. The vibrance slider just has my colors looking kinda funky. OR is there some sort of...
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    213T vs 2005FP review.

    So my Dell arrived yesterday... I'll skip all the things on how well packaged it came...How easy it was to assemble etc. So to get right to it. I, like most people here, am a gamer. Games I'm ALWAYS on are World of Warcraft,Battle for Middle Earth,CCZH,HL2. I tested those I listed...
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    2005FPW owners...Where are you getting your wallpapers?

    Widescreen wallpapers are rare it seems.Can't find any good sites.Anyone have suggestions?
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    Wasn't someone coming out with....

    A CRT monitor that was totally flat and only like 8 inches deep? Anyone remember the name of that company?And are they out yet?
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    Need help.ASUS A8V..Cant get SATA drive installed.

    I dont see a floppy that should come with the board for the drivers. The CD contains quite a few...which ones am I looking for? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Ok...Buying an X800 pro.Will my system bottleneck this card severly?

    I have a P4 2.5 MSI 845E Max MB.533 FSB. 1 Gig of 2100 Generic Mem. 60 Gig 7200 whateverthename is HD. 9800 pro. Will I see any signifigant increase in FPS in lets say D3 or World of Warcraft? I should also say..I'm playing at 1600x1200 because I own a 213T Also.Separate...
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    Silly question.Audigy2.Headphones and 5.1 speakers at the same time?

    I cant seem to get this to work correctly.Headphones sound like crap.Or dont work at all! I have some z 5300s and they have a headphone jack in the controller.But again.The headphones don't sound good at all. Anyone have a similar setup and can use both equally well? Thx in advance.
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    If your video card just dies...Are you SOL?

    I have an old 9700 pro in my other rig that just went.Its about 2 years old?Will ATI accept this back if I have the original packaging etc?Never OC'd it or anything like that. Thx
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    Audigy 2 ZS keeps going to default settings?

    Everytime I restart my PC or play certain games...My EQ is turned off and the speaker settings go from 5.1 to 2.1 I have the lastest drivers for the card...any ideas? Thx in advance.
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    I have 2.5 pentium and a 9800 pro

    I've been reading all the X800 and 6800 threads here...and Im still a little confused. Will I get a signifigant benefit from getting either card?Or will I be bottle necked with my current processor?