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    YMMV: WD Elements 12TB $186 - Plex Pass Users

    I bought a couple 12TB WD Elements drives to replace the 8TB drives in my Plex server last week. If you have a PlexPass, there's a Perks link at the bottom of the Plex page that will give you a 20% off coupon for the WD store + WD gives you 10% off your first purchase at their store. Some...
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    FS: Phone - AT&T - Galaxy S5

    Limp Gawd Messages: 391 Joined: Jan 6, 2005 Galaxy S5 from AT&T -16GB - SMG900A - Excellent condition. New cover for the USB plug - $65 shipped OBO If there's interest, please ask for pictures and I will provide them.
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    FS: 2700x CPU SOLD

    Just pulled it out of my son's PC as I replaced the 2700x with a 3600. Works great and never overclocked. Comes with retail box and the little Ryzen 7 sticker. $140 FIRM Paypal F&F shipped Priority Mail in the 48 states. If you don't want to use F&F, you pay fees. EDIT: CPU Cooler Not...
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    Can only access BIOS via DVI

    Howdy- My son's PC is an Asrock x470 Gaming K4 with EVGA 1070 FTW and 2700x (no integrated graphics). Initially he had a single LG monitor connected via DisplayPort. He found an old Hannspree 20" monitor I had in the basement and was excited to set it up for multi-monitor so he could...
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    WTT: 2700x for 3600 or 3600x- I sold it

    Edit: Sold My son's PC is mainly used for gaming so he would not miss the extra cores the 2700x gives him and the lower TDP of the 3600 would be nice. Anyone want to trade?
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    Dead Intel DH67CL Motherboard after attempted RAM upgrade ?

    Howdy all- I bought an Intel DH67CL Socket 1155 motherboard new 7-8 years ago and put it into a system I built for my brother-in-law with a G620 CPU and 2x2=4GB of RAM. When his hard drives started to kick the bucket, I gave him my old FX8320 16GB RAM system I was using as a Plex server ...
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    WTB: Antec 300 5.25" Drive Bay Cover

    NO LONGER LOOKING - THANKS STORMSIDE Howdy all, I'm building a system out of old parts top give to a family member. The case is an Antec 300 but it has a missing 5.25" drive bay cover. Anyone have a spare in one of your boxes of old parts or know of something that'll fit & look nice...
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    FS: Razer Orb Weaver Chroma

    Howdy- I have this Orb Weaver Chroma for sale in retail box. I used it for like an hour but it is just not right for my hand. $75 OBO shipped in USA. Paypal or BTC at going rate. My heat is below. Thanks, ClockerXP
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    FS: Asus RT-AC68U Router $50 , T-Mobile Clone

    This is actually the T-Mobile version of the RT-AC68U. I have Merlin on it and it works great. I was using it as an Access Point but just no longer need it. I still have another one I am using as my router. I paid $50 for it when T-Mobile had their sale going on a while back and I am not...
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    FS: 2x Brand New iPad 6th Gen Wifi 128gb Still in Shrink Wrap

    Retail boxes, brand new in unopened shrink wrap. 128GB. WiFi. Space Gray. 2 available. $330 each Paypal Shipped in USA. Pics: Review my Heat (and show me yours) and purchase with confidence. My Heat is Under: ClockerXP
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    WTB: Logitech G502 PROTEUS Gaming Mouse

    Let me know if you have one and make me an offer. 48314 zip code.
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    X370/470 Motherboard with "cool" RGB for my son

    Howdy- I am building an 2600X system for my son. I want it to look cool to him- he's 11. :) I got a Corsair 460X case with the RGB fans and am trying to pick out a quality motherboard with RGB illumination for him. Hard to find what the different options out there look when...
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    FS: EVGA 1070 8GB Superclocked, MSI 1060 6GB OC

    eVGA 1070 8GB Black Edition Superclocked - $300 OBO Paypal F&F I recently bought this card 2nd hand to experiment with hardware transcoding in my Plex server but it turned out to be a waste of time and money. I checked with eVGA...
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    WTB: Replacement for HD 5770 1GB or Similar

    Hello- A friend's GPU - HIS HD 5770 1GB - is on the fritz. Looking to replace it with something equivalent but price is an issue. Anybody have anything they would be willing to part with for a inexpensive price? Zip code is 48314 Something a little slower would be fine too. Passively...
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    FS: 5 x eVGA 1070 FTW Local or Shipped CONUS

    I slowly built up this rig starting in November sometime. I have not registered the cards with eVGA yet and I can provide receipts if you want them. Cards have been run at 60% power and kept @ about 40C as shown. I'm sure they can clock somewhat higher but I value stability over everything...
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    WTB: Mini-ITX M/B CPU combo (DDR3 compatible)

    Hi- I currently have a Mini-ITX system with an E1-2100 CPU. This CPU is super low power (passive cooled) but is really really really slow for my use. CPUMark= 631. I would like to upgrade it. Anybody have...
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    WTB: 120-128GB SSD Cheap

    Hello- I need a cheap SSD to fix a friends PC _120-128GB range would be good) - he is down on his luck and I'd like to surprise him. If anybody has anything let me know... Thanks!!
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    I have (2) HGST Deskstar NAS HDDs for sale. I am the original owner. They are still in warranty with HGST until July 2, 2018. Manufacturer: HGST Model # HDN724040ALE640 Firmware: 5E0 Country: Thailand SATA: 6Gb/s RPM: 7,200 I am looking for $110 each (shipped in USA via Priority Mail)...
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    FS: 3TB HGST Deskstar NAS HDD $70 Shipped

    I bought this retail and it has light use in my desktop computer. In warranty with HGST until 11-11-2018. Model # HDN724030ALE640 P/N 0F22411 MADE IN THAILAND Firmware 5E0 $70 shipped in USA. Pay via PayPal or Amazon Payments
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    Lenovo Tab2 A10 10" Tablet $145 FS - 1920x1200 Screen

    Bestbuy on eBay. Nice thing about this, besides the price, is that the return policy for the Bestbuy eBay store is that you can return/exchange things at any Bestbuy location. This same tablet is on clearance in their B&M locations for $170. My son is so happy because he just killed...
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    What to do with Bitfenix Prodigy ITX ?

    I have a Prodigy that is in perfect shape that I have been having a hard time even GIVING away. I have a couple PSUs and an old OCZ SSD I could use in it. I'm pondering just getting some cheap hardware to throw in it . But what could I use it for? I already have a Plex server that also...
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    WTB: Cooler for FX 8350

    Got a new CPU and the stock cooler is loud and crappy! Looking for a replacement. Crazy performance is not that important, just want something nice a quiet that is a little more effective than stock.
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    CnQ and Overclocking FX8320 to FX8350

    Hello- I'm going to be building a new system as a Plex server. It will have an FX8320 and I am planning on overclocking it to FX8350 speed. Will I lose any of the power management features of the CPU by doing this? The system will have a lot of idle time and I don't want it to be to...
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    BAMT or similar for Folding @ Home ?

    Hello - Back when I was into mining, I loved using BAMT. Setup was so simple, fast, easy, and FREE. Is there anything similar to BAMT that I could just run off of a USB stick for Folding, with a single GTX 970 GPU (no plan to use the weak CPU I have to Fold)? Thanks, CxP
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    HD 103SJ 1TB x2 Thermaltake PSU HP Touchpad & Touchstone

    My auctions are here: Make me an offer. I would like to do a deal outside of eBay to save on fees but if you want to go through eBay that's OK too. My Heat and eBay feedback rating speak for themselves. Heat...
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    Qty=2 Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB

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    WARM? : Fire Phone $189 + Free Year of Prime (Then Resell Phone for Profit)

    Hello- Amazon has the Fire Phone Unlocked GSM 32GB for $189. Is this worth just buying the phone for $189, getting the free year of Prime and then selling the phone?
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    Build Suggestions

    7 year old system just died so time to refresh it. It will be used mostly for web browsing and playing flash games in the brower but with some mild gaming thrown in once in a while. Nothing heavy on the gaming. If he wants some serious gaming he will get a graphics card later but no time for...
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    Fractal Design Define R4 $79 Shipped Free

    The Fractal Design Define R4 can be had for $79 shipped free after promo code EMCPCWE56. Great deal IMO!
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    New P8Z77-I, Bunch of RAM, Router I'd like to do a deal outside eBay if I can to save on the fees!
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    FS: 24GB of DDR3 RAM = 2x4GB Low Profile + 4x4GB

    Samsung Green DDR3L-1600 8GB kit (2x4GB)Low Profile, Low Voltage -- aka 'Wonder RAM' M379B5273DH0-YK0, 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, DIMM, 2 x, CL11, 1.35 V NON-ECC $85 OBO Shipped in USA Samsung M378B5273CH0-CH9 DDR3...
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    FS: FX-8320 CPU / MB Combo , 8GB Samsung Wonder Ram, Noctua HSF

    I have the following items: 8GB Samsung Wonder RAM (2x4GB). Worked great in my mITX system with P8Z77-I Deluxe Motherboard. Low profile, low voltage. Purchased new by me. $110 OBO shipped in USA. Retail Boxed FX-8320 currently installed in a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P ATX Motherboard...
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    FS: 2.9 Mh/s Open Air Mining Rig 6x R9 270

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    FS: ASUS R9270X-DC2T-2GD5 R9 270X (QTY = 2)

    All Sold MY HEAT ASUS R9270X-DC2T-2GD5 I have two of these cards. Both are flashed with the latest BIOS from Asus. One will include the retail box, one will not. They're both in perfect condition. Was using them in a crossfire setup for about a month (actually 1 month for one...
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    WTB: 5 120mm 4-Pin Case Fans

    Title says it all. Hit me up here! Not looking for anything special like super high airflow or anything, just slow to medium speed basic fans with 4-pins (Molex). I would prefer they are all the same kind, whatever they are, however.
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    Is this Samsung Ram not compatible with my 990FX

    Hi- I bought this RAM on eBay. SAMSUNG DDR3 4GB M393B5270CH0-YH9 My motherboard, Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 will not boot with this memory installed. All that will happen is my case fans turn on when I turn the computer on. I have other memory that the computer works just fine with...
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    WTB: Win8 Pro x64 key

    Send me some offers. Looking for inexpensive so I can get 5-6 cards into my mining rig instead of just 4 (R9 270).. And no.... I do not want to use Linux instead. :) I like my Teamviewer to manage my miners while away from home. ALL SET THANKS
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    FREE ShopRunner with Amex - Newegg

    Hi- Last night I ordered a video card from Newegg. Since I have an eligible AMEX Blue card, I decided to sign up for the FREE Shoprunner account to get free 2-day shipping. What are your experiences with ShopRunner? Thanks, CxP
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    WTB: Windows 7 64-Bit Any Version