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    LG 48CX

    As revealed by the US FCC and the Korean RRA this week, LG will be releasing the 48" OLED in 2020 as a CX model. Which is interesting, because the C series comes with better picture processing than the B series. Most manufacturers sell their smallest size panels as low-end series or models, so...
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    Looking for LCD monitor or LCD TV for retro gaming

    After having my old systems in storage boxes for 15+ years, I've dusted off my SNES, Genesis, N64, and PS2 and have decided to get to work on achieving that retro goodness. First up, the systems. My focus right now is on upgrading the output signal. The Genesis, SNES, and PS2 all natively...
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    OLED monitor news

    Fresh off the press, some new information regarding medium sized (15"-32") OLED panel production using the inkjet printing process. First up, Japan OLED (JOLED): FlatpanelsHD "The company also showcased three 21.6-inch...
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    Philips Momentum 43" 4K HDR gaming display

    Philips Momentum 43" model 436M6VBPAB Now available for purchase for $999 (typical), and is aimed primarily at console and PC gamers. This is not a TV. Given its retail price, it has attractive specs. Features include: - 4K UHD 3840x2160 - 43" display (actual size 42.51") - 103.64 PPI -...
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    Where are the 30.5" 4K and 5K monitors?

    I wonder why we aren't seeing more focus on this particular size from manufacturers. Windows UI and fonts are based around 96 PPI. Case in point, Microsoft just released the Surface Studio. Why did they choose to make it 28" at a 3:2 ratio, with a 4500 x 3000 resolution? Because that amounts to...
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    Your thoughts on 4K vs. 1440p/1600p

    So we have all this excitement about 4K monitors being on the way. Manufacturing aside, the price of such monitors is going to be very high, especially at first, but even for some years after being available. Some seem to think we'll be seeing such monitors show up next year. I highly doubt...