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    5970->6970 xfire = third monitor wrong resolution

    Normally I wouldn't post so quickly, but this is driving me nuts. I have three Dell 3008WFPs I've been running in eyefinity for some time now. Today I got in some 6970s and set them up in crossfire. However, I can't get the third monitor to work at it's native resolution (2560x1600): I...
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    Mount/heat for 30 inch portrait mode

    I'm looking to try out my dell 3008wfp's in Eyefinity portrait mode but have 2 problems/questions: 1. Heat dissipation. These things get ridiculously hot and I'm wondering if there's adequate thermal design to keep them cool on their side. Thoughts? 2. Monitor Mount. There's no wall behind my...
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    Powercolor 5970 St-St-St-Stutter

    (Sorta) Fixed: Scroll Down a Bit Can someone explain this stutter phenomena to me: Aion Crysis Happens whenever I turn on Crossfire with this damn card. My 4870x2 was smooth as silk compared to this. The game doesn't really matter, I can load up MW2 and capture that as well if you...
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    Alt-tab bug on 9800GX2?

    So I picked up an EVGA 9800GX2 back in May and just recently got a 30" Gateway for it (yum!). Anyone remember that old nVidia bug on the 8800's where alt-tabbing would cause a huge increase in fps? Demonstrated Here I seem to be running into a similar issue on my 9800GX2 while running at...
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    Gateway FPD2485W Overheating Solutions?

    Hey everyone, Let me start off by saying that I'm aware of the 112 page thread on this monitor quite a few pages back on the forum. I guess you can say I'm one of the unlucky people who came across this monitor and loved it through it's return period. However, about 3 weeks after I got...