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    M.2 NVME/Sata sled or adapter suggestions?

    My work has both NVME type and M.2 sata drives. Am I wrong in that they are different tech and needs different adapters? I need one or both for saving data or slicking drives for re-image. Can anyone suggest one? Thank you all!!
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    Origin missing content

    Anyone else experience this today? Yesterday I had BF1 and a few other games, today nothing. Contacted EA help, reported it. Was informed that my origin account was tied to an email account from ten years ago from Centurytel(Centurylink now). I haven't used them in over ten years. I went over...
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    FS: Fury Sapphire Nitro SOLD

    HEAT SOLD Have a Sapphire Fury Nitro, selling for a friend. He is wanting 200$ for it. He needs money to fix his AC, almost summer time, so he is getting rid of his pc, GPU is all that is left. It has not been mined on, but he has Gamed a lot. Works as it should, always used in single GPU...
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    WTB: Office 2013 or 2016 key(FOUND)

    Someone have a legit key for sale? Need one please. Thank you. My Heat.
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    FS/FT: Gigabyte Aorus 13.9" gaming laptop.(SOLD)

    Heat All prices are OBO and shipped, unless stated otherwise. will be adding a Asus Strix as soon as I get my 1080ti in. SOLD 1. Samsung EVO 850 250gb SSD, I have three of these, bnib looking for 90$ each or a deal for all three? 2. Gigabyte Aorus 13.9" Gamer. 600$ Specs: NVIDIA Geforce...
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    FS/FT: Lenovo M73 tiny desktop 175$ Shipped

    My Heat I have sold 2 of these so far, I have one left. M73 Desktop, wireless, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, Displayport and VGA(dual monitor support) Windows 10, warranty until 2018-01-29. i5-4570T Intel HD Graphics 4600 4GB DDR3 500GB 7200 Intel HD 4600 500 GB 7200 rpm 175$ Shipped Lower 48...
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    Looking to get a couple, want both games. I can give 20$ paypal!! Hit me up. Got one, just want one more!! Heat
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    Heat I had bought these planning to build another pc, changed my mind. Want to upgrade my current one instead. As for trades, really want a 1080/1080ti if possible. Hit me up with others if you have something. Also shopping for a PS4 pro. 1. BNIB sealed, i7 6700K 250$ shipped upper 48 SOLD...
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    FS/FT: Ozarks Yard Sale

    Heat Trades? Hit me up!! Have quite a few items that I need to get rid of, most is older stuff, will list below eBay prices, but if you disagree, please pm me and let me know what you think. All Prices include shipping. Upper 48 only please. All items are used. Thank you. Lenovo M700 i5...
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    FS/FT: Alienware 17 R2 800$/Trade? !!!SOLD!!!

    Have a Alienware Laptop, 17" R2 edition. It is in great shape, will post pics if desired. Upgrades! 256SSD and 16gb ram. Both brand new. 800$ shipped. Price Drop, not going any lower, will keep it, if it doesn't sell. SOLD!! Trades? Not sure right now, would like a PS4 pro, maybe an unlocked...
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    FS/FT Lenovo M73 Tiny pc SOLD!!

    Heat This is a fairly new unit, has three year warranty until 2018. Lenovo M73, description link, i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hd, has built in wireless. Would like 200$ shipped or maybe a trade offer, like a PS4? SOLD!! Thank you everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    FS/FT PS4

    Heat I have a PS4 I got in trade, I dont need it I have one already. 250$ Shipped. or trade for XBOX ONE S, towards a 1070 Gigabyte, keyboards and mice, name it might be interested. Thank you. It does include a downloaded game, Doom. Will come with Controller, HDMI cable, power cable...
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    FS: 15" Macbook Pro 2011 SOLD!!!

    HEAT This is a listing for a friend. In very nice condition, 2011 series 15" Mac book Pro 600$SOLD Battery holds a good charge, original I think. No repairs have been done on the Mac, works good as the day it was bought. Paypal preferred, not looking for trades, but send them anyways, never...
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    FS/FT: Alienware M18(newer than R1/R2) TRADED!!

    TRADED!! HEAT I have a Alienware M18, it is a refurbed unit from Dell, bought in April of this year, still has Warranty until April of 2017. CPU: I7-4940MX GPU: 970m SLI RAM: 16gb HD: 1tb spinner(Hitachi), but can include a couple SSD's of 256gb variety Video: 18HD, 1920x1080 Kybd/MS...
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    FS: Lenovo E520 x2 SOLD

    HEAT I have two Lenovo E520's for sale. Link for specs First one is near perfect, 9 out of 10. 125$ Sold Second one is rougher, key shine, wear and tear, but very functional. 90$ Sold Prices are shipped. Greater 48 please. Paypal preferred.
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    FS: Lenovo E520 Laptop SOLD!!

    Heat I have one used E520 Lenovo laptop in good shape, has shine on keys and touchpad, but operational, battery seems to hold a decent charge, will include one ac adapter. It is standard except the hd is a 500gb instead of 320. Link for laptop. SOLD!! didn't take long Price is 100$...
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    FS: Lenovo T440P SOLD!!

    HEAT Have one T440P, model is 20AN0069US: i5 4200m, 4gb ram, 500gb HD, Intel 4600 integrated graphics. Great work laptop, little use, keyboard and touchpad almost like new. Has windows 7 pro on it now, but you can load Windows 8 and go to 10 if need be. asking SOLD!!$ Shipped. Prefer Paypal...
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    FS: Naga BNIB

    HEAT Prefer Paypal, but can work with others if you want. Razer Naga 2013 model, bnib, not my kind of mouse. Link 40$ SOLD Titan SC EGVA Link 350$ SOLD GTX 980 SC EGVA Link 300$ SOLD EVGA Hybrid AIO cooler for 980ti Link Brand new, open box to check contents 50$ SOLD
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    SOLD FS: Galaxy Hall of Fame (HOF) GTX 980 SOLD

    Thanks everyone, sold!! Got this in a deal, have the box for it. Was purchased in late 2015 so plenty of warranty left. Looking for 550$ If you think its too high, let me know via PM please. Link Pics: Front Back Box This thing is sweet looking, but I want a 980ti. If someone wants to...
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    FS/FT Lenovo L440 14" laptop

    My Heat I have one Lenovo L440 laptop, still under warranty, this model. SOLD$ shipped. I can add a 128gb ssd and another 4gb of ram for an additional 40$. Trade options? I am looking for a newer vid card(I can throw in cash if needed) or send me a PM with what you can offer. Thank you.
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    WTB: Case, Gaming Kybd, 980 series

    Here is my Heat Need a Case for a new build, something similar to a Corsair C70 maybe. Want to get my brother a new gaming Keyboard, does some one have a Logitech 710 or older laying around they want to get rid of? I have traded off all my decent cards, need a new gamer Video card, the...
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    FS/FT M73 Tiny's

    All SOLD, thanks everyone!! I have 1 of these, computers are basically new with lots of warranty left on all three, good until 2018. The keyboard and mouse have been used already. So basically you will get a M73 tiny pc, wireless antenna, power adapter and upright adapter(plastic piece to keep...
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    FS only. HP Envy dv7t-7300 Laptop

    My cousin wants to sell his gamer/graphics machine. Its an HP Envy dv7t-7300. Very nice pc, he only wants to sell it. He is firm on his price of 600$. Did some comparisons online, seems very fair to me. Thanks everyone. Specs: 17.3" 1080p hd anti-glare led screen 2.7GHz quad core...
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    FS/FT T430 Lenovo Laptop

    Heat I have a Lenovo T430 workhorse. i5, 8gb ram, 160 intel ssd, windows 7, still has warranty until next august. This is 1600x900 resolution also. Has normal wear, light scratches on lid, palmrest and keyboard. Will post pics tonight. 300$ obo or trade for ? maybe an Xbox one? Don't need...
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    FS/FT Ozark's Yardsale

    Mrs Ozarkboy needs an Ipad(birthday coming up) Heat Prefer Paypal, but if you don't we can work something out. Lenovo T420 Type 4180-62U 220$ shipped PRICE REDUCED!!! Upgrades- 8GB ram 128gb SSD(have a larger spinner if desired) Condition-8 out of 10. Little...
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    FS Ozark's Yardsale

    Time for some spring cleaning. These prices are OBO, willing to take trades for the right items. If the prices are too high, send me a PM. My Heat All Prices including shipping, US 48 please. i7-920 and Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R 200$ 3x2 Corsair DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 Link 60$ SOLD...
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    FS 4770K Sabertooth Z87

    I bought these and then realized I have other plans, so they are for sale, BNIB never opened. Looks like I will be back in Dallas in early April, so I will return these then, if anyone wants them speak up other wise, you have till then. Closing post due to lack of interest. Will return to...
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    WTB Office Licenses x 2

    My Daughter and her friend are attending college, they are in need of office license for two laptops. Does anyone have extra license they do not need? She prefers 2010 or newer please. Thank you and Merry Christmas. My Heat
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    Galaxy S4 LCD question

    I need to replace a LCD on a S4, it is verizon, does it matter the carrier or will any lcd for S4 work? Does anyone have one to sell? Thanks. ~Ozark
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    WTB Motherboard for T430 and or T410

    Have two laptops, T430 has spill damage, the "spill proof keyboard" was not enough to contain the BIG glass of tea, oops. The T410's USB ports died, would like to get it working again. Thank you. Ozarkboy~ My Heat Havent traded here in a while, but have a good reputation.
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    Ozark's Yardsale FS

    Hey Y'all, My Heat is ozarkboy Cooling Coolit Vantage A.L.C. BNIB - 50$ shipped SOLD BOSE QC15 noise cancelling head phones, Barely used, just is not my thing. 180$ Shipped 1. Linksys WAP610N slightly used, maybe 20 hours. 40$ Shipped SOLD 2. Authentic Lenovo 57Y4142 USB to DVI adapters...
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    SSD's, 775 CPU's

    OCZ 120gb SSD oczssd2-1sum120g 100$ SOLD Crucial 128gb SSD ctfddac128mag-1g1 150$ SOLD E7200 40$ 1XSOLD All Gone E7400 50$ SOLD E4500 30$ SOLD Heat is Ozarkboy
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    FS/FT Ozarks Yard sale

    Will take trades. Possible trade interests, Red or While Phantom, any nice case with red/black combination, vid card, Tracers ddr3 3x2 set if possible, Corsair h50, Just offer up something, you never know. 1. Intel E7300, OEM, never overclocked. 50 Shipped. 2. Adaptec 2170500-R...
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    Root kit removal recommendation

    Does anyone know of a decent removal tool, possibly free? I have been using Hitman Pro, but either it is me or it is requiring me to buy it.
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    fs/ft HP C7972a 400gb tapes

    Kind of testing the waters here, got some back up tapes, a few new ones, but mostly used, dont know where to start in pricing but here goes. New: 15$ used: 5$ Or trade for whatever. Will give this a couple of hours to see if there is any interest, if not will pull post. The tapes...
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    Triple monitor question(XFX HD 6850)

    I work for an Air ambulance company and we use three monitors using separate desktops for all the different software apps they use. We are looking for a single card solution that is cheaper than 200$. We think that this card is what we need. Now I have acquired one to test, I guess I am to...
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    fs/ft Lenovo T400 w/docking station

    Heatware TRADED Lenovo T400 model 6474 P1U in great shape, no modifications, have docking station comes with 2 ac adapters, looking for 500$ shipped. O.B.O T9400 cpu, 3(upgrading to 4, will show CPUID)gigs ram, 160gig hd, dvdrw, GSM ready(you will need to buy wwan card), bluetooth...
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    WTB: MSI MS-7309 VER. 1.0

    Looking for a replacement MB for one that has blown caps. It is in a Point of Sale system, so would like to put in the same board, make it a simple repair. Cant seem to find one online, There is one on EBAY for WAY to much from Canada(would take like 2 weeks to get here). The model is...
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    Woot Sellout Mamba 69.99 +5$ shipping

    Sounds like a great deal to me, here is the link "Refurbished"
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    Triple monitor question(single card)

    Need to investigate a single card solution for setting up triple monitors. From what I have discovered reading online is that the bottom of the line card would be a 5750. Can any others do this? We are a Air ambulance company and we use a triple monitor setup with 2 vid cards now, we want to...