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    Best Buy Gift Card - $500

    $500.00 Best Buy Gift Card. This is a physical gift card . I will mail it via USPS First Class Mail to the buyer. Can text/email a picture of the gift card if preferred. Selling for $440.00 . Venmo preferred. Heatware under gzervali2006 - 180-0-0
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    WTS: Iphone 8 - 64GB Phone Originally AT&T

    Just upgraded phones. Good used condition overall. Was kept in a case. Will ship with case. Phone is paid off and can be used on other networks. Ships with usb cable. Iphone 8 -64GB Capacity $250.00 shipped. My heatware is under my username 172-0-0
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    FS: MAC MINI A1347 - (Late 2014) i7-4578U 3.00Ghz 16GB Ram 256GB PCIe Flash OSX

    Have a pair of Apple Mac Mini - A1347 - Late 2014 Model units. Great Used Condition. This has a 256GB SSD PCIe SSD. There is the ability to add a regular 2.5" Sata Laptop Hard Drive to the unit. Whoever purchases it would just need to purchase the adapter piece ($10 part) Specs are below. They...
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    Have a handful of Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Laptops that I ended up with from work. All of them the laptops are in good used condition overall. They come complete with a Genuine Lenovo A/C Adapter and a working battery. Cosmetically they are in good shape. Pretty reliable and quick machines and...
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    Selling my Sonos Play 1 Wireless Speaker. Comes complete with the original box and paperwork. Used condition overall. Sound is great on this. We just upgraded at the house. Selling for $100 plus shipping Heatware is under gzervali2006 180-0-0
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    I'm looking to buy an IPhone X for AT&T. Can be 64GB or larger. Looking for a phone in decent shape. Looking to buy as soon as tomorrow or this weekend.
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    Have a pair of tablets that were used on Verizon and are in good used condition overall. The screens are in good condition and looks nice. On the top corner edge of the tablet there is a small scuff on the edge that would be covered by. Looking to sell for $65.00 each shipped or $120 shipped...
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    Had the opportunity to buy 20 of these from work so I purchased. They are all in very good condition with no visible spots / damage on the displays. The model is Samsung S22C200B. Resolution: 1920x1080 Brightness: 250cd/m2 Screen Size: 21.5" 16:9 ratio Color Support: 16.7M $45.00 each plus...
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    This laptop has been very lighly used. I thought I would use this on the road, but I always end up taking my T570 anyway becuase I like the bigger screen. Unit has a warranty good until 10/10/2020. Here are the specs: Core i5 6300 (Offers Windows 7 Support) 4GB RAM (4GB on motherboard / can...
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    FS: IPHONE X 256GB Space Gray - AT&T with Otterbox Defender & Apple Series 2 Watch

    Have two things for sale. Have uploaded all pictures. 1. Iphone X - 256GB Space Gray on AT&T - Purchased this for my wife. She used it for a day and switched to a iphone 8 plus. Phone comes complete with Original Box and All Accessories (unused headphones and Genuine Apple Charger & USB...
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    WTB: Nintendo 64 console

    anyone have a Nintendo 64 console laying around they want to sell? Doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it works. Games and controllers are a plus
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    WTB: 80GB-160GB Laptop Hard Drives

    Anyone have some small inexpensive 2.5" sata hard drives. I need 20 or so total. Figured I would ask here. Can buy them all. GZERVALI2006 - 167-0-0
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    FS: Apple iPhone X 64GB AT&T Space Gray - New

    I am selling my brand new iPhone X 64GB in Space Gray. I only turned it on once to make sure it worked. It is ready to use with AT&T (SIM card not included). This phone can be unlocked. I planned on using it, but changed my mind and decided to go the Android route in the near future. Will...
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    FS: Apple Iphone 6S Plus White 64GB

    This is my wifes old phone. I upgraded her to an 8. This was used on Tmobile. It is the 64GB White Iphone 6S Phone. The screen on the phone is cracked from a drop. The touchscreen on the phone is still operational and working. Another note about this phone is that sometimes when taking...
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    FS: Dell Dell U2312HMT 23" LED LCD Monitor(s)

    Dell U2312HMT (02GFKN) LED LCD 23" Monitor. Complete with Stand, DVI monitor cable . USB cable, & power cord. Had the opportunity to buy a few of these from my workplace as we upgraded.. These are all in really good condition. $65.00 each plus actual shipping. They are all packed in the new...
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    Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11 w/ 32GB - Windows 10 Pro

    Intel Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz 2GB DDR3 Ram 32GB SSD Drive 11.6" Display Webcam HDMI Windows 10 Professional factory reset OPEN TO TRADES AS WELL MY HEATWARE IS UNDER GZERVALI2006 166-0-0 $70 shipped for 1 or $130 shipped on two
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    WTS: Nintendo Switch Like New Without Box + Zelda

    Selling a Nintendo Switch. Comes with all of the Original accessories that came with it. Power Cord, Docking Station, HDMI Cable, & Controller. Sold Zelda : Breath Of The Wild W/ Original Case - sold
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    FS: LENOVO THINKPAD X220 - 12.5" Intel i5 Processor 4GB Ram

    This laptop is small light & portable. Have 5 of these all in good used condition overall. They are complete with brand new (generic) batteries. They come with a Genuine Lenovo Power Supply. Each unit has a legible Windows 7 Professional COA. Just add your own hard drive. Comes with the caddy...
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    WTS: 60GB 2.5" Sata Laptop Hard Drives

    I have 10 - 60gb 2.5" sata laptop drives I pulled from older machines before they were decommissioned. These drives are all tested with Crystal Disk and are all found to be in "GOOD HEALTH" Perfect for someone who rebuilds machines. $50.00 plus shipping heatware is under gzevali2006 165-0-0
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    FS:Fitbit Blaze Black SmartWatch w/ Original Box & Manual + Extra Leather Strap

    Fitbit - Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (Large) - Black This is the Large version of the watch. Bought this in mid February. Switched over to Apple watch. Comes with an additional leather strap. Complete with Original Box, Charger, & Manual. Has been reset to factory settings...
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    Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11 w/ 32GB - Windows 10 Pro

    Computer is in fantastic working order. Machine is factory reset with Windows 10 Professional. I have a matching pair of these to sell. I AM OPEN TO TRADES AS WELL. Complete with a good working battery. You need to provide your own power supply ($5-6 on EBay). Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11...
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Laptops - Viewsonic VOT132 HTPC

    Thinkpad r400 - SOLD Viewsonic VOT132 HTPC unit. Comes complete with power supply. I bought this off of a forum member but it never saw much usage. Specs: Intel Atom 1.60GHz Processor 2GB Ram 250GB Hard Drive DVI / HDMI Outputs Fresh installation of Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit NVidia...
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    For sale is a Lenovo Thinkpad X250 Ultrabook Laptop in great condition. The battery on the laptop holds a charge and everything is working 110%. The laptop just needs a hard drive (takes a 7mm drive) added to it and it needs a power supply. I do have 2 of these that are identical. Very thin...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad X240 Ultrabook & Lenovo X250 Ultrabook - 12.5" Display Unit -

    Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Ultrabook - Type 20AL-008XUS Intel Core i5-4200U Processor @ 1.60GHz 4GB Ram No Hard Drive - Has Caddy & Screws - Unit takes a 7mm HDD Built-In Webcam Fingerprint Reader Battery holds a charge. You need your own HDD & Power Supply to complete.. Laptops are in absolutely...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Series Laptop 8GB Ram - For $175 shipped

    Up for sale is a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 laptop. Type number 1294-AY2. The computer is in fantastic cosmetic condition. i5-2520m processor @ 2.50GHz 8GB Ram Built-In Webcam HDMI 13.3" Display This computer is in great working order. I purchased it thinking I was going to set this up and use it at...
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    WTS: Acer Aspire V5-131 Laptop - 11.6" Display Laptop

    I have 2 identical units that are both in good working condition. Batteries still hold a good charge. Hard drive just needs to be added to make the unit fully functional. Model: Acer Aspire V5-131-2680 Units have Intel Celeron 1017U (1.60GHz), 4GB Ram, Intel Graphics, 11.6" Display @...
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    VINTAGE QUME QVT-101 Computer Monitor 12 Inch Diagonal

    I have 4 of these. Anyone interested? I hate to just throw them away. They are from 1985. All of them power on and come complete with the power cord & original keyboard and are in decent condition. Qume QVT-101 Plus Home Computer System - Vintage - Made in Taiwan Both original keyboard &...
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    FS: Iphone 5S - 16GB $100 & Thinkpad T420 $100

    Apple Iphone 5S - 16GB From AT&T - Model A1533 - This phone works well. It has scuffs around the edges of the phone & some scuffs on the top and bottom of the screen where there was a case on the phone and it is scuffed now. Pictures available. SOLD Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Laptop - i5-2520m...
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    WTS: Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop

    Have 2 of these in absolutely fantastic condition. All you need to do is add your own hard drive. They come complete with the caddy, good working battery, & the original Dell Power Supply. Specs : i5-2520m processor @ 2.50GHz 4GB Ram (1 free ram slot) DVDRW Optical Drive Nvidia N12P-NS2 512MB...
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    Wtb: 320gb 2.5 sata hard drives

    Looking to purchase a few tested and working 2.5 sata laptop hard drives . 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm both work. Gzervali2006 160-0-0 positive feedback on heatware
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    LENOVO T420S - 14.1" Laptop - i5-2520M Processor - Great Condition

    Lenovo Thinkpad T420s series laptop. i5-2520m Processor @ 2.50GHz, 4GB Ram, 320GB (7200 RPM) Hard Drive, DVDRW Optical Drive, Webcam, 14.1" High Resolution 1600x900 Display, Intel HD Graphics. TYPE NUMBER IS : 4174-2AU Will have a fresh reload of Windows 7 Professional (matching COA on bottom...
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    FS: 2x - Thinkpad T420s Laptops - Amazon Fire TV

    Listing #1 (2) Total - Thinkpad T420s laptop - i5 2520m processor @ 2.50GHz, 4GB Ram, 500GB Hard Drive, DVDRW Optical, 14" 1600x900 Display, Intel Graphics. Laptops are in good condition overall. Fresh installation of Windows 7 Professional (with matching COA). Good Working Battery & Genuine...
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    WTS: Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p USFF Desktop(s) - Win 7 COAs

    I have several of these that I received that were pulled out of a corporate environment. They all have either a Windows 7 Professional COA or Windows 7 Home Premium COA. All of the COAs are legible and usable. They have Intel E8400 3.00GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, 2GB Ram Sodimm Ram...
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    Looking for several pieces of 2gb ddr3 desktop ram PC8500 PC10600, etc also need several pieces of 4gb ddr3 desktop ram. please let me know what you have. These do not need to be matched just working... Looking to buy today.
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    FS: Fallout 4 - Playstation 4 - Sealed - $40 shipped

    Still sealed. Brand New & Never played. For Playstation 4. Anyone want it for $40.00 shipped? gzervali2006 154-0-0 on Heatware
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    Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Laptop(s).

    Thinkpad T410 laptops. Good used condition overall. Intel Core i5 2.40GHz Processor 4GB Ram No Hard Drive / Caddy DVDRW Optical Drive Windows 7 Professional COA Complete with Working Battery. Power Supply Not Included. Price is $90 plus shipping Heatware is under gzervali2006...
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    FS: Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop(s)

    I have several of these leftover from our Black Friday sale at the office. All specs are identical and they all come with Good Batteries and Genuine Dell Power Supplies. All units have Legible Windows 7 Professional COAs underneath the computer. If you don't have a Windows 7 installation disk...
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    FS: Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Laptop(s)

    Pair of identical Thinkpad T420 laptops. Good used condition overall. Type : 4180-65U Intel Core i5 2540m processor @ 2.60GHz 4GB Ram (1 free slot underneath the bottom of the computer) 500GB Hard Drive Installed DVDRW Optical Drive Fresh Windows 7 Professional Installation Complete with...
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    FS: HP 3105m Netbook w/ Windows 7 Pro COA

    Have 3 of these.... They all have good working batteries and legible non used Windows 7 Professional COAs. They are missing hard drive/caddy/connector. My plan was to get a micro usb drive and install an OS on to it... All units do power on and boot into the bios. A Specs are : 1.60GHz AMD...
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    Upgrading my HP 6550B Laptop from an i3 to an i5

    So I have a HP 6550B laptop and pulled the processor out of it. It's an i3 - 3730m processor. I want to upgrade to an i5 processor is there a list of processors I can use? I believe I have an extra i5 - i5 2520m laying around will this fit and work correctly. If not how can I find out...