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    Is there still a market for Early 2006 MBP's?

    My advice would be to sell it "as is" and try your local craigslist first. Disclose all known issues, nothing shady. Cash is potentially better than having to deal with listing and paypal fees. Someone out there has a keyboard laying around to put on it and would probably be worth the $150 or...
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    Good Mac-Centric Forum(s)?

    The thing I don't like about a lot of other forums is that if you have a problem with you mac, an acceptable solution is "take it to the apple store." That annoys the shit out of me. Google searching problems on Apple hardware can sometimes be very frustrating because of that...
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    Dead Space - $2.99 at Gamefly DD

    no steam?
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    Apple 13" White unibody rubber padding peeling off... during upgrade arghh

    hehe...floppy vagina. least apple fixes it for free
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    FS: 2x Samsung 1.5TB Hard Drives - hd154ui

    ****SOLD SOLD SOLD**** Title says it all. I have 2 Samsung 1.5TB hard drives that I'd like to get rid of. They are "Eco Green", so only 5400RPM. Great for a file server (which is what I used them for). Still under warranty until August 2013. Model: hd154ui Specs: 1.5TB 5400RPM 32mb cache...
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    Will you be purchasing an iPhone 4S?

    This update is a little underwhelming considering how long it took to come out. The iphone 4 was a big leap from the 3gs though, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. My iPhone 4 should be good until the next generation iPhone... I'm more exited for iCloud and iTunes matching.
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    Broke a key on the keyboard. Need to find replacement.

    You can replace individual keys (along with the white plastic hinges that hold them on). Check ebay out. "Macbook pro key" is an effective search term.
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    Running Windows 7 on 11.6 Macbook Air

    Give this guide a shot: Hopefully, you wont need an optical drive attached to your MBA to get Windows on it. Other than this, put a fresh install of OSX lion on and use the Bootcamp assistant...
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    Intel Discloses New Itanium Processor "Poulson" Architecture Features

    You mean, Boris the Sneaky Fucking Russian.
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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    What features do you enjoy in MacBook?

    Touchpad is second to none. Battery life is among the best in consumer laptops. OSX was designed to be used with a touchpad. Highest quality construction of any laptop I have personally held. ...I think being able to design the OS and group it with your own hardware, like Apple can, has tons...
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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

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    WTB: 13" MacBook Pro

    I am looking for a 13" MacBook Pro that is in good condition. I would prefer to get one with the nvidia 320m graphics, but if it's the older 9400m, that would be ok too. I would also consider the latest model of White MacBooks that they made. Up to $700 shipped is my best offer. Let me...
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    Rogue's Upgrade sale- Come on it!!

    are you referring to the 470 in your sig?
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    macbook mini pcie ssd?

    I have noticed the same thing. where did you find that it was a full pcie? I read that it was just a re-tooled pcie slot attached to a USB controller... Are you talking about the one for the airport wifi card? You should front the cash for a pcie SSD and let us know how it goes.
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    Ghetto A/C window unit duct cooling

    ...are those priority mail stickers?
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    Succesfully reviving a dead memory slot?

    Duly noted. That'd be super shady not to tell someone about a major refurb like that.
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    Succesfully reviving a dead memory slot?

    I have the tools to do a reflow, and I'm familiar with the process. I just wanted to see if you guys thought it was feasible. I've taken countless MBP's apart and comfortable with doing it. The point is, that I want to sell it and maximize my dollar. Running 3gb of ram instead of just 2gb...
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    Succesfully reviving a dead memory slot?

    ah. I had no idea that mattered. It's a 2007, 15.4", Specs are 2.2ghz C2D w/8600m gt vid card.
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    Succesfully reviving a dead memory slot?

    Has anyone here successfully revived a dead memory slot? I have a MacBook Pro, which is out of warranty, that I have figured that the memory slot is bad. It works fine with a single stick in Slot #1, and wont boot if there is anything in the Slot #2 (I've tested with multiple known-working...
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    FS: Macbook Pro 15.4", RS360 Kit + HAF 932 Case package. Cheap stuff!

    Your macbook pro doesn't use ddr3. It's ddr2-667, PC2-5300.
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    FS: OCZ DDR3 & Evga GTX 280

    pm'd about the gtx 280
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    Mac Gamers chime in...

    +1 for razer deathadder. I haven't had any problems with apple keyboards.
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    2010 MacBook Air LCD specs

    Yeah, thats kind of how i got the idea. i remember reading about that a while ago. I just realized today that the airs had a higher res screen, so I was wondering. I cant find any of those lcd's for less than $500 though. And who knows if those vendors even have them.
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    2010 MacBook Air LCD specs

    ok, so I found it. LP133WP1-TPA1 or LP133WP1 (TJ) (A1) Anyone know what the difference would be between the two? If anyone can find a decently priced replacement, I'd like to know too.
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    2010 MacBook Air LCD specs

    Does anyone know who the manufacturer and model number of the LCD in the 13" 2010 MacBook Airs are? I have googled and found a couple people selling replacements, but cant find a model number for the LCD or anything. ...trying to figure out if that 1440x900 screen will fit in my macbook pro.
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    Connect Mac Pro to a new 50" VT25 Plasma TV?

    Some plasma and LCD TV's have a DVI input. First, check to see if yours has one. If it does, you should be able to hook your DVI cable right in to the TV. If not, then you will need a DVI to HDMI cable or small adapter (if you already have an HDMI cable) like the two links below. Either way...
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    Display Port Audio Out

    you might want to test the HDMI cable that you use also.
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    iPhone 4 Hardware Help Needed looks like he has an iphone 4 in pieces and needs a guide on how to put it all back together. don't think that one's covered by apple's warranty. yeti, I may be able to help you with your unkown screw there. i'll try to take some pics of my phone tonight and post them.
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    Restore Only newest iOS?

    my roommate downgraded his firmware on his iphone 3g from 4.x back to 3.1.3. I'll get details and see what he did to do it and update my post.
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    Firefox 4 is out... sorta

    and for those of us with macs:
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    Blu ray on Mac Pro

    True. It'll get better with time though.
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    New Deus Ex 3 gameplay vid: thoughts?

    Looks cool, but why is there random shit on fire everywhere?
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    Blu ray on Mac Pro

    Digital content distribution FTW.