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    Tabs vs spaces

    It's tabs of course :cool:
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    Shadow Warrior 2 free on GOG
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    Very slow NVMe write speed

    Any ideas why my new Ryzen build have a very low write speed? It's a WD Black 512 M.2, with ASRock AB350M Pro4. Write speed should be around 600-800 MB/s. Thoughts?
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    Scorching Team Captain

    Soo.. this guy is offering $1200, scamming aside is this a good offer? Hat in question
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    Chrome tabs

    Anyone notice tabs in chrome does not fill up the title bar?? Oddly enough only on this pc Adding tab pushes the tabs on the left, as if there is an invisible barrier :confused:
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    M-Audio BX5a vs Wharfedale DS5A

    Hi guys, need your opinion on these active monitors: M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe and Wharfedale DS5A Active Near Field They are both have 5" & 1" driver, bi-amp, with wharfedale edging with slightly higher power output (100w vs 70w) It is mostly going to be use for listening...
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    Super Audio CD (SACD)

    Looking at buying a cd, well.. the 'super' kind. Will it play/rippable on my pc cd/dvd drive?
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    Dual digital tuner

    Just installed a second digital tv tuner and works fine with Win7 MCE. The question is, is there a way to specify the default tuner to use? The only thing I found on google was a utility for MCE2005 which refuses to work on Win7
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    Technet down?

    Has anyone had problems accessing their technet subscription page? I got this message everytime for the past several hours:
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    Excluding merge modules programmatically

    Just wondering instead of creating two different installers, would it be possible to programmatically include or exclude third party merge modules? So during installation steps, user will be asked if they want to install certain feature (which is the third party merge modules) Some...
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    XML element order

    I'm using xsd.exe in Visual Studio 2005 to create a strongly typed dataset from an XML file to an XSD file. The problem is that when writing back into XML (DataSet.WriteXml()), the elements are not in the correct order. What produced <CXML> <CXMLRq error="stop"> <AddRq>...
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    Transcode WTV

    Anyone manages to transcode windows media center's WTV (H264 & AAC) format to something else?
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    Am i screwed??

    Guys.. just got this message when my pc was booted And this Is this "backup NOW!" time?? :eek:
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    FTP hosting service

    Any of you guys can recommend a good simple ftp hosting services? My company needs to publish some files so us and our clients can access through ftp (web browser and/or ftp client). We dont want to host server ourself to save us the hassle of setting it up, security, and making sure its up...
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    RAID 1 Initializing

    Got a brand new PC at work with RAID 1 config using built in mobo controller (Intel ICH10R). The first thing I did was running windows update and then after a few minutes it shuts itself off, and whenI turned it back on, Intel Matrix Storage Console shows "Initialization is in progress". I...
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    VGA to TV out

    I just got a new (cheap ass) laptop, problem is its only have VGA out, no composite/s-video out. Is there a way I can plug this laptop to my TV (which doesn't have VGA input)? Note: I've tried the VGA to TV out cable, it doesn't work :(
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    To DX10 or not to DX 10

    Just a quick poll here, is it worth it to install Vista just so I can play Crysis in DX10? At the moment I'm very comfortable running XP altough I got Vista Ultimate sitting in my drawer. I've seen the side by side picture of both version and I'd have to say DX10 made quite a difference, but...
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    Bad block in event viewer

    Hi guys just a quick question, this server box is running Server 2003 SBS, if the event viewer shows multiple entries of error event 7 (bad block) does it mean the harddrive is starting to fail? This error event logged every coupler of days, and to my knowledge so far there has not been any...
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    Restricting VPN access

    Hi guys, need help with setting up VPN connection on the server at the office (WinServer 2003). Not connecting to the server but setting up the server so it can receive VPN connection. My main concern is that people who connects to the server are not from our company but from other companies...
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    Windows uptime

    Just a quick one, whats that command line to see windows up time (how long windows has been running since last boot up)?
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    Upgrade DVR harddrive

    OK so this is not really home theater PC question but close enough :) Anyone try to upgrade their dvr (non tivo) hard drive? specifically a Panasonic. Any pointers are appreciated :)
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    Disable keystroke in datagrid

    Anyone knows how to disable certain keystroke, in my case Shift-Spacebar, so it doesn't select the whole row in a datagrid? I've tried handling DataGridTextbox keydown event, and even overriding the PreProcessMessage function, nothing works... This is the datagrid in vb net winapp btw.
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    Samsung 205BW vs Chimei CMV 221D

    Ok guys now my options boils down to this two: - 20" Samsung 205BW - 22" Chimei CMV 221D They cost about the same (the smaller 20" samsung is $30 more expensive). Although they have similar spec other than their size, my impression is that samsung prolly have a slighty better quality...
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    Doesn't pick up steam

    Anyone else experiencing a very sloow Steam loading time? It can take almost 5-10 minutes before the steam main window comes up. It doesnt take any cpu resources, hardly any net activity & no hd activity. It just sits there in the process list not doing anything as if its waiting for...
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    Slow copy file accross network

    I've got 2 computers with a router between them (100 mbps). Copying file from computer A to B is fine, I got around 50-70mbps but copying the same file the other way around (B to A) is only at around 3-7mbps. What gives?? :confused:
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    PC remote control

    I'm looking for remote control for basic stuff like stop/play winamp, powerdvd, etc, and also shutting down computer. My box is running WinXP pro (not the media center edition) Any suggestions?? been looking at microsoft remote control and streamzap. ATI remote wonder maybe?, I dont have...
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    Remote control for PC

    I'm looking for remote control for basic stuff like stop/play winamp, powerdvd, etc, and also shutting down computer. My box is running WinXP pro (not the media center edition) Any suggestions?? been looking at microsoft remote control and streamzap. ATI remote wonder maybe?, I dont have...
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    Printing barcode

    I'm trying to print a product bar code using "3 of 9" barcode system. The problem is that some product contain asterisk (*) character in them. Is there anyway I can print the * char without using a different barcode system? 3 of 9 is very simple to use.
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    replacement battery

    not sure if this should go to genmay but here we go... What do you guys think about getting 'compatibles' replacement battery for cellphones? Anyone have bad experience with non-original batteries? My phone is a sharp gx30i
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    15 mins battery charger

    Is there any adverse effect to a 15 minutes battery charger (varta brand)? It seems a bit too fast, 2 hrs is fast enuf but 15 mins? How long in terms of recharge cycle will my rechargable battery last with these superfast chargers, anyone have any exeperience? Currently i'm using 15 hrs...
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    Print Preview

    Is there any way we can capture mouse events like Click in printPreviewDialog? (VB Net) It has handler to the click event, but it never got fired. The same with mousemove, mousedown, etc. I want it so when the user click anywhere in document preview, it toggles between autosize and zoom 100%...
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    Dealing with clipboard in VB NET

    Ok I've spent the whole day yesterday trying to understan why it behaves like this and it's started to get on my nerves. I'm trying to copy an object into the clipboard and paste it on the same application later on. The problem is that on getting the object back from clipboard it throws...
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    Clipboard in VB Net

    I'm want to store an object in the clipboard and retrieve it later on. This object is an instance of my own class that aren't pre-defined DataFormats. I have this code to store MyObject into clipboard Clipboard.SetDataObject(MyObject, True) And this code try to retrieve the object back...
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    To dual-channel or not to dual-channel

    Just found myself running outta RAM and keep swapping memory to harddisk when loading CS:S with HDR at 1600x1200. So the question is: Leave my system at 1Gb Dual-Channel or upgrade to 1.5Gb Single Channel ? I currently have 1Gb running dual-channel mode but could't afford to get 2 GB...
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    Undelete JPG from CompactFlash

    Anyone knows a *FREE* utility that undelete a jpg file from a compact flash? I've been googling for this and all I can find are so-called "free" programs that scanned the thing for 5 mins and when it found the deleted pictures it then ask you to pay for it :mad:
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    G Code

    Anyone knows how G Code works? You know, those numbers you punch up on your VCR and it "magically" knows when to start and the duration of the show you want to record. There has to be some algorithm that derives this (up to) 7 digit number. It may save some time if somehow I can generate...
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    Checkbox keyDown event in VB.NET

    I'm using VB.NET 2003, anyone knows how to capture KeyDown event in CheckBox for navigation keys (up, down, left, right)? it seems that this event doesn't fire up for these keys, any other keys are fine. Thanks. :)
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    DHzer0point Nvidia 0.7803

    pasted from [H]: Are they any good? link
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    Advice on buying earphone

    Not strictly computer audio but ... I'm looking for a replacement earphone for my cheapish mp3 player at around $30 to $40, anybody got any advice? what brand or type etc etc? Was looking at Sony MDR-NX1, is this any good?
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    Whats := mean in VB.NET ?

    Anyone knows what := (colon equal) operator means in VB.NET ? Is this something todo with assigning a pointer value? I know that means 'assign' in pascal/delphi but I've never come across this operator in VB. Thx! :)