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    Games with Controller Support and Integrated Graphics?

    Are there any good games that utilizes the Xbox controller natively and can be played on mobile devices (i.e. Surface tablet, laptop, and book) with integrated graphics? Something to pass the time.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    Just to update you guys, the BIOS doesn't support booting from it according to Windows.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    I'll have to try this again over the weekend. The plan is to install Windows 10 and/or Linux from a clean slate on the 960 and see how the system responds. We'll see if it's an issue with the BIOS or the boot partition.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    Converting to GPT didn't work. Installing the Samsung NVMe Controller drivers on the 840 and then cloning it didn't do anything. I used Minitool to clone the disk. I'll try Samsung's migration tool to see if that works. EDIT: Samsung's migration tool didn't work. I'll test it on my brother's...
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    The entire disk was cloned. 840 is formatted as MBR. Maybe I should convert the 960 to GPT?
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    The 840 SSD boots up fine.
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    Cloned to NVMe - Booting Problems

    I had cloned my Samsung 840 SSD (Windows 10) to a Samsung 960 EVO. The BIOS from Asrock Z77 Extreme6 has been flashed to 2.90, which supports NVMe. In the BIOS settings, I have set the NVMe SSD as boot #1. However, the BIOS is not detecting Windows 10 on the 960 SSD. I tried doing bootrec to...
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    Can undervoltage damage electronics?

    If an electronic device receives lower-than-expected voltage due to a malfuntioning psu or dying battery, can this damage the device permanently? I ask this because the battery in my surface pro pen was on its last leg (it was 0.4v instead of the required 1.5v). I thought it was the battery. I...
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    WTB: Surface Pro 4 Pen

    My SP Pen died. WTB a pen. Must be in good condition.
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    Racing Games: Do you play 1st person or 3rd?

    If you have the entire rig, definitely first-person!
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    Anyone else think Samsung is a pathetic company

    Ah yes, Samsung. This is my original S-Pen (Note 8): This is the replacement I got in the mail (they mistakenly sent a Note 9 s-pen, which doesn't fit): Here are some others... YouTube (Note 8):
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    Power Bank for Surface Pro 3 and Up.

    I am selling Qi-Infinity Power Bank (NEW, never-opened; still in its shrink-wrap) that's compatible with Surface Pros. Selling for $100 with shipping and fees included (continental US). I bought another power bank and have no use...
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (T-Mobile) and Power Bank for Surface Pro

    I'll accept monthly payments for the Note 8 if you prefer installments, however, you must be an Illinois resident.
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    Email notifications for PMs

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    Email notifications for PMs

    How do I enable email notifications when I receive PMs?
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    Samsung Note 8

    Hi! I've now joined the club. :happy: Just got mine today. I took advantage of T-Mobile's BOGO sale. Don't really know what to do with the other since no one in my family is interested. So I'm selling it to a fellow [H] member. With that said, I have 14 days to purchase insurance for it. It's...
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (T-Mobile) and Power Bank for Surface Pro

    I took advantage of T-Mobile's BOGO sale today and have two of these phones now. So I'm selling the other. It's the 64GB (Gray Orchid) model. I'm selling it for $SOLD free shipping, taxes and PayPal fees included. I am also selling Qi-Infinity Power Bank that's compatible with Surface Pro 3, 4...
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    FS: SP4 Type Cover, Xbox One, and External Powerbank

    Only Power bank is left. It's great with SP4 if you're a college student or traveling somewhere.
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    When are we going to see more >40" 4K monitors from major brands?

    There are a plethora of options for 27"/28" monitors followed by 32" monitors. However, with screens that small, I would have to scale up to 150%-200%. I prefer to keep it at 100% because some older programs don't play nice with scaling. The only two I know of is Dell P4317Q and Philips...
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    FS: SP4 Type Cover, Xbox One, and External Powerbank

    Price drop on Xbox One bundle.
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    BF1 Hacks , game isnt out yet LULZ

    Because they like to have their e-peen stroked.
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    Where exactly are the exe files (Windows Store)?

    I found the exe files, but was "permission denied" when I tried to add it to Logitech. Not even Microsoft's own Mouse and Keyboard Center can access it under app-specific settings. Oh the irony. It's getting late. I'll figure it out some other time.
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    Where exactly are the exe files (Windows Store)?

    If you bought a game from Windows Store, where are the exe files located? Logitech's Gaming Software auto-detects what game is running based on what exe I've supplied it with. Problem is, I don't know where these exe files are. I despise Windows Store when it comes to buying games, but I had...
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    FS: SP4 Type Cover, Xbox One, and External Powerbank

    For Sale Xbox One - SOLD Bought it in Dec. 2014. I don't play it as often as I would like to so I'm putting it up for sale. Included in bundle: Xbox One console (500 GB) Xbox One Headset Two (2) Xbox One Controllers Charger Kit (1) Original HDMI Cable Xbox One Power Supply & Cable Original...
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    So you guys buying the new Xbox S?

    I cannot justify it unfortunately. The GTX 980 Ti I have in my PC is reeling me back in. It would be a waste of money if I didn't game on the $600 GPU. It's a dilemma. I haven't even touched my Xbox One in months. Not only that, PC games support both kb/m and controllers whereas console games...
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    WTB: mini displayport to 3-in-1 (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

    Thread closed. Got what I need.
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    WTB: mini displayport to 3-in-1 (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

    Title self-explanatory. Paypal only. Heatware: brncao BOUGHT
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    FS: Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Red)

    Used since Jan. 2016. Selling it for $70. Shipping included up to $4. Prefer U.S. residence, but can ship to Canada (you pay extra). Paypal only.
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    Why are we not impressed by modern graphics?

    I would like to see realistic fire w/ smoke, and explosions w/ smoke and debris. They look artificial. I will definitely be impressed if it comes close to realism.
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    Single fan with high CFM vs dual fans with low CFM

    I'm shopping for a cooling pad. The fans are 160mm. Which one is better for cooling a Surface tablet? A single fan that pushes more air (70 CFM) Dual fans (more surface area) that pushes less air (55 CFM)
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    Surface Pro 4

    This time the replacement is sent to their offices instead of to me. Same issue. Light bleed. I get the feeling no matter how many replacements I receive, they'll all have the same symptom. I'll never look at back-lit LCD the same way ever again. I'm not touching another LCD tablet from...
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    Question about replacing AC plug with USB

    This USB hub comes with a power adapter. The Surface Pro 4 does not provide adequate power to power multiple USB devices. I am looking at this power bank to extend the battery life of my SP4, and to also provide power to the USB hub. The power bank does not have an AC outlet. Would it be...