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    Looking for opinions on CPU+MB+RAM upgrade

    I am currently on a Q6600 with a MB that requires frequent BIOS resets, so I am looking to upgrade. My plan is to get an i7 4790k + 8GB DDR3 CAS9 Ram + MB. The main issue is figuring out which MB to get. I really want to make sure I get a very reliable MB. This has made the ASUS Sabertooth a...
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    help selecting sub $150 SLI compatible MB for 4790k

    I am looking for a MB to keep an i7 4790k suspended in my computer case. *My main concerns are stability, SLI compatibility, and sound quality. *I am looking to spend somewhere between $100-$150, as there seems to be plenty of options in this price range. *All other things being equal, I...
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    AMD vs Nvidia multimonitor gaming?

    I am thinking about switching from red to green for my triple monitor rig. I would appreciate any input I can get from those that have used either or both for multi-monitor gaming. On my home forums, some have stated that they had problems with Nvidia Surround, but I know I often have to jump...
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    WTB 2x2GB (or more) DDR2 (preferably 1066 or better)

    Looking to drop some RAM into my system to get it through another year. I need two sticks that have at least 2GB each. I would prefer 1066 but would consider a good deal on some 800, if I can't find the former. BTW, listed on heatware as aviphysics.
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    Is 520 W enough for a Q6600 + 2x Radeon 6870?

    Is 520 W enough for a Q6600 + 2x Radeon 6870?
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    What Android ROMs are you all using.

    I am curious what Android ROMs you are all using. Currently running LiquidSmooth on a T-Mobile Galaxy SIII. It works alright, but could be more stable.
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    What to use to track SSD health?

    What is a good tool to track SSD health?
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    Buy a second 6870 or sell the first and buy a 7870 tahiti?

    The title pretty much says it all. What do you all think.
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    Trying to decide between LG W2442PA and Hp 2511x (both about $220)

    Hey, I have been lurking around trying to scrape together as much info as I can on ~24" monitors to replace my well loved Dell 2405FPW which is just limping along with a very faded back light. I mainly use my PC for gaming these days but also do some light photoshop work for the family. My...