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    Asus X99 mobos and nothing but grief on POST with waterblocks.

    So, I'm looking for some general thoughts here. I've used 4 different CPUs historically and 2 different motherboards and I have the same problems across all of them. When I try to boot, the POST will hang on bF 3 times and then shut down. Or, if I use the memtest button, I can get a post but...
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    WTB: 6950x CPU

    Hi there, looking for a 6950x cpu, not really looking to spend more than $400 on one of these. I get that pricing is due to low supply, but frankly there isn't much reason to overpay when I could pay the same or less(of avg 6950x price on ebay) for 2066 10-core CPU. It's more of a convenience...
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    Any idea when we'll see Seasonic Connect come to market?

    I was excited to see this, seasonic connect, being a step in the direction of reducing cable clutter (to an extent), but unfortunately we haven't gotten any news from it since it was shown at Computex in 2019. Anyone in the loop have any word on if this product will ever become commercially...
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    FS: SuperMicro 1U Short-depth server barebones (X10SRW-F), Mini ITX Server Barebones PSP 3000, LG 34" Ultrawide

    timestamps/pics (timestamps are a bit behind, everything is put away already) Prices are shipped unless otherwise stated. Please PM with any inquiries. For sale: HGST HUS726060AL5214, Ultrastar 7K6000, 6 TB, 12 Gbps SAS, 12 available 4 available, specs in google drive link (pdf) $85/ea...
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    HGST 6TB SAS Enterprise HDDs, $85 /ea

    This is my listing, and I need to move them. Help a brother out? I upgraded capacities and they're just collecting dust. Willing to deal directly as well.
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    What type / material of sleeving is this and where can I buy it?

    To me, it looks like either paracord or some sort of nylon fabric/weave. However whenever I search for nylon I just get the plastic looking stuff and I'm not coming up with any paracord sleeving. Ex 1: I know that it's definitely out there, as someone was...
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    Can't seem to get a consistent post when I mount my AIO block.

    I've got an ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard, 5820k, and an NZXT X72 AIO. X99 has always been quirky for me since I moved to this board. I also have a random X99 Designare mobo that I was testing and using for a while just because I found it at microcenter for super cheap, and it basically...
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    Is there anyone who is willing to fabricate custom work for a Corsair 800D?

    I'm looking for some kind of nicely done, professional looking cover or shroud that can go over the bottom PSU area along the entire length or at least cover up the PSU area. The second thing I'm interested in it some kind of tempered glass panel or replacement for the acrylic in the original...
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    Can anyone with a Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 measure the side panel window?

    I have an R4 /w window, that is scratched, and getting either a panel or window replacement is basically next to impossible. The only thing I was able to find is the similarly looking Arc Mini R2 windowed side panel on puget-systems, however, I don't think the panel would fit. However, the...
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    Can you guys help me with VLANs and subnetting?

    I have a cluster of servers as such: 4 virtualization servers 4 converged storage servers 1 gigabit ethernet switch 1 QDR infiniband switch Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2 Network Diagram Each server has at least >=1...
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    2x ASUS GTX 980 Strix Thanks for looking.
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    Upgraded CPU in M6600, GPU usage randomly drops to 0% now. AC Adapter the culprit?

    I recently purchased a Precision M6600 that included the dual core i7 2620M and the FirePro M8900. When I game, I run throttlestop to make sure that the CPU is running at its nominal/turbo and not getting stuck in speedstep frequencies. When I had just the 2620M, gaming was fine for many...
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    Should I re-paste the GPU in my Dell Precision M6600?

    Hey guys, just got a M6600 with the FirePro M8900. I installed the Catalyst drivers to get it recognized as the 6970M and all is fine. Overclocked to 800/1100 no issues. Just wondering though, when playing FFXIV @ 1080p my GPU temp sits at a steady 79-82c and fluctuates around those values...
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    How do I apply paste to laptop CPUs and which compound is okay?

    I've pasted desktop CPUs multiple times and even delidded my 4770k and applied Liquid Ultra directly to the die, but, I have an i7 quad core laptop CPU coming and I want to make sure I don't have to waste time or risk issue with disassembling the laptop all over again to repaste if I don't do it...
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    HP MediaSmart Server EX495, MSI Z87M Gaming microATX mobo Possibly open to offers on the server. Price on motherboard...
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    Can anyone suggest a bunch of eATX cases?

    I'm looking for a tower case, be it mid, full, whatever. That will support an E-ATX motherboard and has a lot of internal 3.5" drive bays. Not looking to spend more than 150 on the case itself. I have a Rosewill rackmount case but just don't have any room for the damn thing anywhere. I planned...
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    2 slot external hard drive dock with 1 eSATA connection?

    Does anyone have experiencing using a dual slot external hard drive docking station with only one eSATA port on the back? Do both drives show up in the OS even though only one eSATA cable is connected? I'm curious because there's a dock I'm looking at that has 2 eSATA ports and many others...
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    Good budget/beginner rack mount router?

    I currently have an ASUS RT-N56U with custom firmware(not DD-WRT though), obviously a consumer grade model, and I'm in the process of putting together a "home lab". I'm also going to be bringing a DIY rack server up soon in a lack rack and I wanted a rack mount router to go along with it. But...
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    ASUS 780 Ti DirectCU II - $400, MSI R9 290X 4G Gaming - $285

    both items sold
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    SanDisk Extreme II 480 GB SSD - Complete, Mint, Warranty - $270 Will mail via USPS priority. Selling because I upgraded to 2 Extreme Pro SSDs. Thanks.
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    Is there something I can change to make all the difference? 4770k Overclocking

    Here's an album with some pictures of my BIOS settings: The first pic is my motherboard's additional power settings, the second pic is my CPU features settings list, and the last 3 are basically all of my overclock settings for voltage, multi, etc. Basically, I'm...
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    LG 29" Ultrawide freezing problem, is it the monitor?

    I recently purchased an LG 29EB73-P 29" ultrawide monitor, and I'm having an issue with it. But I'm not sure if it's related to the monitor, or to my PC. I almost want to say it's the monitor. Here are the symptoms: Let's say a period of 3 days passes where my desktop is powered on. I use it...
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    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7990

    For sale is my Gigabyte 7990. Used but only for gaming, never for mining. Could never justify mining ever just with one card even before the AMD craze. Maxes BF4 easily at 1440p. Installed in a Corsair 800D.
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    Beware when buying expensive open box video cards from newegg. Shady dealings!

    Preface: you should always take past ownership into consideration when buying anything open box, e.g. potential abuse, overclocking, physical altercations, etc. This is a given. What I am going to advise against is a totally different situation. I recently bought an ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC...
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    Can anyone suggest a high end air cooler that's less than 140mm wide?

    I have a motherboard where the socket placement was simply not that smart from the manufacturer(MSI Z87M Gaming)and as such it makes dealing with video cards incredibly frustrating with monster CPU air coolers. If at all possible I'd like to see if there is anything comparable in performance to...
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    PowerColor AX7990 6GBD5-2DHJ Radeon HD 7990 6GB

    Hello all, Since I cannot post this in the for sale section, here is an auction I have running for my 7990. All of the details are in the auction itself including a picture of it in my rig. I would be willing to sell it straight up for $550 shipped, otherwise you can just go ahead and bid if...
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    How much power do I need for this build? Need a short PSU for BitFenix Prodigy.

    I'm going to be cramming an i7 4770k, Asus Maximus VI Impact, Gigabyte HD7990(newer ones with the Malta cores and only 2 8-pin connectors as opposed to 3 8-pins), about 4 fans, a fan controller, 2 1TB hard drives, and 1 solid state drive in a BitFenix Prodigy mini-ITX case. The issue I have...
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    Need an idea for mounting offsets in mini ITX case after mod.

    Hello all, I have been cutting into my bitfenix prodigy to allow for a 3 slot GPU. Because of this the motherboard will have to be pushed over which I made the necessary cuts for. However, this also means that the mounting holes on a mini ITX board will not line up with the stand offs that...
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    How to lock down a SSH server and setup tunneling over WAN?

    I have WinSSHD from Bitvise running on a computer at home that I SSH into for SFTP. But I noticed that I had some activity from what I guess are bots trying to login with randomly guessed accounts like "orcale", "ftpuser", "root", and random things like that, which kind of makes me chuckle...
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    Back up solution for "offsite"(but not cloud storage).

    I keep a spare desktop at my mom's house loaded with Server 2008 R2 and I was wondering what you guys used for backing up files and images and things like that. I live in a house with some roommates and I want to back up remotely from where I live to my mom's house and I also want to back up the...
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    Hooking up SATA drives to SAS controller.

    I'm looking into buying a refurb HP ProLiant server off ebay and I notice a lot of them include HP Smart Array E200/128 Controller, which according to pics has 2 ports for SAS. I think that the mobo for the server I'm looking at has 2 SAS ports as well. But the case supports 6 LFF 3.5" drives or...