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    Upgrading from NEC FP2141SB?

    I'm upgrading my system to a q6600 (for OCing fun) and a 4870x2 from an FX-57 and dual 7800GTX's. I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade my monitor as well? It would be nice to have something a little bigger than ~20" viewable, but I am aware of how great my current CRT is. I use my...
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    WC Rig (in progress), seeking advice

    As the title says, I'm seeking some advice (or general suggestions) about my WC setup. As embarrassing as it is, I will start with my (crap) history with water cooling. I purchased an Exos-2, TDX water block for my 939 FX-57, and NV-68 for my old 6800 Ultra. I bought all these parts when...
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    Placement of temperature probes

    I'm planning to use an AquaXtreme MP-05 SP water block on my 939. I was wondering where I should place the temperature probe, since there is no room between the processor and motherboard, due to the pins. Also, how accurate will my temperature reading be if I cannot place it directly on the core?
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    Cabling nightmare

    I am currently using a ClearComputerCase (C3) Blue UV-reactive Full Tower chassis. This is the list of hardware currently needing cables: CD/DVD-ROM combo drive Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS front panel Diskette drive (this should probably go) Cooler Master Aerogate 3 (1 power connector, 4 fan...
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    Unusually low clock rate (7800)

    I recently purchased dual BFG 7800GTX's for my system. However, the core clock speed is at 275mhz, which seems very low according to what the stock clock should be. This is from Riva Tuner. $1100000000 Title : GeForce 7800 GTX VGA BIOS $1100000002 Version :