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  1. Mousemagician

    AMD Zen 2 Monster Gamin System

    Hi SFF enthusiasts! The most difficult mini-ITX gaming system form me so far... Based on the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X + the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING, in the RAIJINTEK OPHION EVO! I was inspired by one of the epic builds from the Optimum Tech Many iterations since summer 2019 brought me to the...
  2. Mousemagician

    Swiftech H220 inside a Cooler Master Elite 120? YES!!!

    It's been awhile since my last SSF build. It was August 2012 when I moved from a ThermalTake Armor A30 to a LianLi PC-A04 (link). The LianLi PC-A04 fixed all my issues with temps and noise due to a CrossFireX with two HD6950, it was of a beautiful and unintrusive silver brushed aluminum; it was...
  3. Mousemagician

    Another mATX gaming machine attempt

    Hi guys, The life of we Hard Gamers in the small form factor never rests!:cool::cool::cool: After moving from a mITX LianLi PC-Q08 to a mATX with the ThermalTake Armor A30 ...I decided to change again.:rolleyes: Problems: The Armor A30 wasn't quiet as wanted: the 6cm fans in the back...
  4. Mousemagician

    A real gaming system with Z68 and mATX form factor

    Hi guys, I finally made the jump!:p The story: after a (VERY) disappointing (VERY) short experience with the Zotac Z68 ITX board:mad:, I decided to switch to micro-ATX.:D Everything began a few months ago, when I upgraded my old friend gaming system (Asus P6T DeLuxe, Intel LGA1366...
  5. Mousemagician

    Mini ITX H67 Silent Gaming System

    Hello SFF maniacs, Finally, after weeks of projecting, measuring, and second thoughts, I built my new ITX gaming system. The aim was to build a Small Form Factor Silent Gaming System, with the new Sandy Bridge technology. I enjoyed a lot my former gaming system with an Intel LGA1366 i7 920...
  6. Mousemagician

    P67/Z68 ITX: what the manufacturers say

    Hi guys, Like many of you, I’m a victim of the “SFF fever”.:p I built MINI ITX systems in the past, and I got plenty of satisfaction! As an example, I had a lot of fun building a Zotac GF9300 WiFi with Intel E3200 oced at 3.6 GHz inside an Antec Mini-Skeleton...