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    ZFS - Mixing 4K/512 Drives...

    I just want some confirmation that this is not a big deal. I understand I'll see a performance penalty since the pool doesn't have the correct ashift, but other than that is there any big issues? I'm just hesitant since I'm going to spend close to 2K on replacing 11 drives. Ideally I'd rather...
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    Cheap LSI SAS2008-Based HBA with External Ports?

    I tried searching, but does anyone know of a cheap LSI SAS2008-based HBA? It doesn't matter if its an OEM that I have re-flash (ala IBM M1015). Of course I can use adapters, but I'd rather not take up the space in my chassis. Thanks for any help (PS I'm looking at the LSI 9200-8E right...
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    ZFS can you have multiple vdevs for a ZIL

    I don't have a zil since a have no space to put it, but there's a question that popped into my head this morning that I can't seem to find an answer on. Some Oracle blogs suggest its possible but I don't know if they are doing it on the hardware level. I would try this in a VM but I'm at work...
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    ZFS Pool Demolished, Hard Drives or Controller?

    So I have a ZFS (OpenIndiana/ESXi All-in-One) pool with two 8x2TB raidz2 vdevs connected to an LSI 1068 based controller (I think running FW 1.30) that go into two "backplanes" on a Norco 4220. This vdev is running all Hitachi Deskstar 7k2000 drives. I had two disks fault yesterday in one...
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    ESXi newb question, Guest Memory missing information?

    I'm running ESXi 4.1u1, under a VM's Resource Allocation tab, under Guest memory the only thing I'm seeing is Active. I thought it's supposed to show Ballooned, Private, Shared, etc etc. Do I need to turn something on?
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    Anyone convert their physical OpenSolaris to ESXi Guest?

    This is probably the wrong forum, but I know there's lots of folks that run OpenSolaris/Solaris here. So I have an OpenSolaris b134 box running, chugging along for over a year now (older build when I originally started of course). This is all at home, but downtime is a pita cause I'm busy and...
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    LG LE5300 as monitor, how is the text display?

    So I've been searching all the local Costco's for 32LE5300 and coming up with zero, I may have to pull the trigger on the 37LE5300... which I'm a little hesitant on since I do sit so close. I may get tired of having to switch back my primary monitor since I understand most games have issues...
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    ZFS Gurus, replacing Controller Card

    I think one of my Supermicro USAS-L8Is is causing me problems (that or WD RE4-GPs... I do kinda want to dump the RE4-GPs). I purchased an Intel SASUC8I, which is the same LSI chipset, and I'm going to install it and want to remove the vdev attached to the Supermicro controller (total of 2...
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    Does Hitachi do Advanced RMAs?

    So I'm barely holding on to the last 1TB I have left on my OpenSolaris server, need to do a 8 drive expansion. I want to run Hitachi's 2TB 7200 RPM DeskStars but I'm unclear if Hitachi allows advance RMAs? Anyone have first-hand experience? I currently run RE4-GPs, but seems like...
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    Just put together server using Norco RPC-4220.. questions..

    The front control panel, is this known to be a common defect? At first, pushing the power/reset buttons felt weird (no feedback) but I thought maybe its some new fangled button. After putting my system together, it wouldn't power on.. but I jumpered the Power Button on the mobo and it...
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    Where to buy SAS items at?

    Anyone know a good site to buy SAS items at? I'm looking for SAS ext cables and internal to external adapters. I've seen but can't seem to find any information on the company.
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    Advice on (personal) Storage Solution

    I originally planned on just building one RAID 6 array in my Desktop that would house System Backups, Media, VMWare Disks, and used for video encoding, with no backup solution as it would replace all disks except the System Disk (system disk would be backed up), but as I think about it more, the...