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  1. Col_Temp

    Why do browsers always show download speed but never upload speed ?

    Where were you looking? Might be just not in the right place
  2. Col_Temp

    Can a 10 gigabit ethernet NIC communicate properly with a 2.5 gigabit ethernet port?

    Well you could always upgrade the 2.5 to 10 and not have to worry about it! Good answer by the other here...
  3. Col_Temp

    Increasing Wi-Fi Range

    Another consideration is that most of the wireless APs now have such good antenna you really don't need the extenders the way you used to. I second the run a cable (Make it Cat6 or 7 not 5) and put an AP in the middle or fudged towards the other end.
  4. Col_Temp

    Wireless and Wired network at home not talking to one another.

    This is a typical router issue. As others have mentioned get rid of the disparate network addressing, Was there a specific reason the Wireless and and wired network needed to be on different IP ranges. In most cases there is no reason to have them on different ranges. If for some reason there...
  5. Col_Temp

    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    Thanks for the update. That is good to know and one of those little tidbits to put into the mental file for later use! Ditto B00nie, designed obsolescence. That way they can get you to buy new hardware sooner than you need to. Good thing for the most part prices have come way down.
  6. Col_Temp

    Windows 10 Pro 2004 x64 UEFI Partition Layout

    Yeah, i think they are moving to try and hide that. With the way things are set up these days you really don't need someone messing with that partition. So far almost everytime I have hard to use the recovery partition it ended up being useless. Ended up re-installing from scratch or recovering...
  7. Col_Temp

    Can't copy large files on Win 10

    Yep that was probably a temp limit in there some way some how. Glad you got it done. As part f the larger discussion. From what I have seen MS and many others have just gotten sloppy with their programming. Everything has multiple processes, sloppy memory management, and lots of junk on the...
  8. Col_Temp

    How do I get rid of Microsoft Edge and Skype on Windows 10 Pro ? They mysteriously installed themselfs

    Expect when it fails which unfortunately seems to be the case more and more. It's still my preferred browser but there are some sites and web based interfaces that it just doesn't handle well. It's biggest advantage is the fact that it still allows you more granular control over the add ins...
  9. Col_Temp

    How do I get rid of Microsoft Edge and Skype on Windows 10 Pro ? They mysteriously installed themselfs

    The New edge is nice but has its bugs and other issues. Both of these are pre-installed like Internet Exploreer used to be. Justin hits it on the head. Reapers adds a good point. Just remove from your taskbar and ignore it!
  10. Col_Temp

    Windows Languages

    Good point. Forgot to mention that and that can be a critical issue. Though these days why people continue to mess with Windows Home is beyond me. There is almost no reason to want that mess.
  11. Col_Temp

    How do you configure Windows to start/stop a service when opening/closing an application?

    Yep but the company is handling things in house. The other RMM solutions like I use work differently. You actually use the software to remote into a machine at work like using RDP except you are using remote desktop from a cloud based location instead of within the network. When he uses VPN his...
  12. Col_Temp

    How do you configure Windows to start/stop a service when opening/closing an application?

    This is fairly easily solved if your company was using one of the remote access programs. That way you use your computer from home to remote access the computer at work. Then you run your programs etc... on company hardware as if you were sitting at the desk at work and not at home. This is so...
  13. Col_Temp

    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    Mmmmm... Let us know what else you find out. I suspect as in the past MS close something that was causing security issues and in doing so slowed things down. Kind of like what happens on the interstate. Close one exit and it slows everything down. Also, though it might not be exactly your...
  14. Col_Temp

    Windows Languages

    They include the major languages for most of the installs. By having people download the rest they can keep the file size from exploding. Just think if they included all the languages how large the installer could get to be. Every piece of text needs to be translated. The notice is really a left...
  15. Col_Temp

    Remote backup for my NAS

    I k now this is a bit old but in case others are reading. I run a business who help people and businesses do backup. There are several levels of backup to consider. 1. What are you backing up and how critical is that data? By this I mean how much can you afford to lose. Is there a lot of data...
  16. Col_Temp

    Tutorial how to get Teams working with Microsoft Phone system

    Glad I could help. You had a good start. If you look at videos online you will see that many times multiple takes are necessary to get it right. Don't be afraid to retape portions. We all make mistakes just make sure you plan it out try to talk as if you are discussing something not reading...
  17. Col_Temp

    New Fiber Internet Speed from 18Mbs

    Thanks. So easy to make that mistake. my fingers got a head of the brain!
  18. Col_Temp

    Possible to recover Windows account?

    Yes, going to have to delete if you can't get into it anymore.
  19. Col_Temp

    Possible to recover Windows account?

    One of the dangers of using fake phone numbers. Surprised they won't authenticate you via email as a n alternative. You had to give them an email when you set that account up right. Can you work within Windows since you can get in and set up a new Mircosoft account and a new user? Then migrate...
  20. Col_Temp

    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

    I almost always turn the stupid defragger off. Running it once a blue moon is good enough these days. Also, defraggers make all kinds of issues with image based backups. Leaving you with way to much changes and uploads that are not really necessary. If I re-establish a base image I will defrag...
  21. Col_Temp

    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    going to have to try that! I have a couple of servers that have issues rebooting and loosing network settings. Always a pain when Microsoft goes and updates and reboots. I have it mostly turned off but occasionally one sneals through. Going to have to try this! thanks
  22. Col_Temp

    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    Yep sometimes a big part of it is the learning curve. As in the past just about all software I have used over the years has limitations. Microsoft has messed things up pretty badly a few times. But them again so has Adobe, Apple, Linux, etc... Software is only as good as the humans behind it and...
  23. Col_Temp

    Renting a powerful cloud PC

    It depends on what you are planning to do. For gaming yeah I would have issues as noted above. Lag etc. Other problem is over time do they upgrade that machine or keep it the same? for $40 it does indeed sound to good to be true. Guessing it has to be a shared system for them to afford that...
  24. Col_Temp

    Let's Talk IPV6

    Just to add my 2 cents to a rather good discussion. I have found that sometimes IPV6 is a good way to get around issues with servers and router not playing nice and loosing track of each other. But most often its IPV6 that is getting in the way causing DNS issues with clients trying to...
  25. Col_Temp

    What number do you think is a lot of wireless devices at home?

    This number is going to fluctuate a lot. A better question would be how many devices and bandwidth load can you wireless router or AP handle? Better yet how good is the signal you have throughout the home? to trick0502 Bet a bunch of those are expired or dead connections. Showing but not...
  26. Col_Temp

    Password Managers: Bitwarden vs Google Password Manager

    Second this one. Going to have to try Bitwarden and see. Have some customers using Lastpass and it works usually for them but every so often it troughs errors and is a pain to correct. Keepass really only need the DB file. Easy to use and there is USB stick option that makes it even easier to use.
  27. Col_Temp

    New Fiber Internet Speed from 18Mbs

    Fiber is great when it works. The best part I really like is the synchronous speeds. No more good download but crappy uploads! (Fixed as noted! Duh.) Thought cable is getting pretty good in that I get 100 down and 30 up. More than good enough for those who don't have fiber or live int eh...
  28. Col_Temp's Junk/Spam filter is stunningly useless

    Hence why it's a very good habit to get into to check you junk folder every couple of days. Hopefully after checking a few times as not spam it won't end up there.
  29. Col_Temp's Junk/Spam filter is stunningly useless

    Not just Outlook. I find Thunderbird's is not a whole lot better. One thing i have learned is usually there are logic mistakes in your rules. Keep them as simple as possible and look to find specific instead of trying to sort in broad terms. Also, watch that match all. That is usually my...
  30. Col_Temp

    Tutorial how to get Teams working with Microsoft Phone system

    I notice your picture blinks out from time to time. Not bad for a first start. didn't watch the whole thing but good intro. One thing I have seem from others is tape stuff and splice in if there was something you didn't like or make a mistake. One thing you should do is look at the camera...
  31. Col_Temp

    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    Like all other software Teams has its place. A lot depends on the company and what infrastructure they have. Is teams all it could be, nope. Is zoom a whole lot better. Well no, Is that abortion Google is pushing much better. Nope. And why would anyone want Google recording you team and internal...
  32. Col_Temp

    O365 people, please go vote against MS's planned browser hijack

    Have to respectfully disagree. Sure o365 can be a pain BUT there are numerous organizations that use it. There are also plenty of websites that work better on Chrome. Something about how they are programmed. If I had a choice would I choose something other than Chrome, sure. And usually do but...
  33. Col_Temp

    O365 people, please go vote against MS's planned browser hijack

    Thanks for the heads up. Bing is great for searching for places to eat not so much other tech stuff. Though i would prefer Bing over giving Google any more info. Fact is there are certain websites that just plain work better on Chrome. I try not to use it any more that I have to but face it...
  34. Col_Temp

    Acer 27" 1440P 144hz VA Freesync Monitor - $269.99 Newegg

    Really helps that the US is such a large market with so many more options than you guys seem to have. Amazing what a more free market will do to keep prices reasonable.
  35. Col_Temp

    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Too echo others. Man that is nice resolution. And it was only a few years ago when we had to put up with blocky, poorly rendered graphics. Just as with movies hard to watch some of those 20 year old movies and see how poorly done the graphics and simulations were.
  36. Col_Temp

    Looking For Suggestions For My Proposed Build Please

    " Will be using this machine for possibly 6-8 years. Hence the 'overkill' " Ok now it makes a bit more sense to spend the extra to get the latest and greatest processor. But Just for arguments sake have you considered what is the likely usage needs of the processor? A good processor sure. But...
  37. Col_Temp

    Low profile 90 degree fitting

    Good advice. Have to also keep the OP link in mind if I should need something like this. Have run into some strange cases out there in the course of the years working on other techs installed desktops.
  38. Col_Temp

    How much RAM you got?

    Voted for 16GB. Anymore 8GB is the minimum and 16GB is better. If I have a machine with a DB or or memory intensive then 16GB is the minimum but like those voting 24 or 32 is so much better! Sides it's getting harder to justify having low memory with the prices most can be had for
  39. Col_Temp

    Windows 10 May update version 2004 or 20H1

    You still use that obnoxious program. That is one of the first things I get rid of. The HP one is even worse. Both are resource hogs. Only time I allow it on is when I';ve got an actual support case for something that just isn't making sense and need actual support.
  40. Col_Temp

    Windows 10 May update version 2004 or 20H1

    Only problem is the SSD can still be somewhat unreliable. Make sure you have a good backup and don't over hammer the drive with numerous read write going on all the time. Only thing SSD's are not as good for is if you have lots of pictures, videos, and music. those files chew up a lot of space...