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    FS/FT: IP Camera System, Panaflo Fans, Bunch of Freebies

    Would you provide label-side pics, or model # and specs for 2 sets of 4x4GB DDR3-1600? Thanks in advance.
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    Sold Todays Sale :> Slim Sata DVD adapters

    If there are any excess, I'd be interested.
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    [FS]290x 1080Ti CloudPro(white) SBz Fans HS Tablo UHD-BR NetGear ShieldTV H110iGT

    That Z97 could be considered pending here, as well. And a bump for you.
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    100GB DDR2 Desktop RAM (70 Modules)

    From Atlanta? For some reason when I look at your listing it shows you ship from Jacksonville. And congrats to your team on their win.
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    100GB DDR2 Desktop RAM (70 Modules)

    Shipped from Jax, huh? Just moved away from the Julington Creek area earlier this year after having lived in Jax most of my adult life. And to acknowledge the significance of this coming weekend to the city... GO GATORS! Beat Dawgs!
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    100GB DDR2 Desktop RAM (70 Modules)

    Rizen Thanks for the reply. I only read the Listing's title and what ever text was visible when I opened the listing with my phone. When I see a "for recycle/parts only", especially in the title, I take the Seller at his word and don't usually put too much effort in trying to figure out why it...
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    100GB DDR2 Desktop RAM (70 Modules)

    So, just to confirm, none of these work and are being sold for parts only, as per the listing description?
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon

    Is this phone unlocked, or can it be unlocked?
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    FS/FT: i7-2600

    Bump for you.
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    SOLD Todays Sale :> (1) 500gb WD Black Sata (2.5/laptop)

    I'll take the WD 500GB. PM to follow.
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    FS: G. Skill 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3

    I'd like to buy the 2500K. PM headed your way.
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    fs Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, xeon x5650, and ocz 6gb ddr3

    cganesh75, I think that you are correct. The PCB appears to match the one in the link you provided.
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    fs Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, xeon x5650, and ocz 6gb ddr3

    Just a quick question...and perhaps the answer is simply due to the angle of the photo, but shouldn't there be 6 memory slots for this LGA1366 mobo? I only count 4.
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    SOLD Todays Sale :> 500gb Laptop Sata drives !!

    I'll take the two WD5000LPLX drives. PM heading your way.
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    FS: i5-4690k, Asus Z87, 16GB DDR3

    I'll take the combo. PM headed your way.
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    Sold Todays Sale :> Hell of alot of SATA cables

    A lifetime supply of SATA cables for $17 and change? Sure, I'm in. PM headed your way.
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    Those DFI NF4 board aren't trash can material. Check eBay and you'll see that they still bring a decent price.
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    WTB: Thermalright XP-90 K8/S939 bracket

    I'm curious...what did you order?
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    Ebay: another $3 coupon code

    Thanks for the code.
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    FS: 4K Monitor, Emotiva XPA 5 Amp, etc

    I inquired if the asking price was correct, therefore I'll take your response to mean yes.
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    WTB: 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3-1600 1.25V memory

    Which IC code are your modules? That info is only available from the serial # printed on the actual modules (5th - 7th digits).
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    WTB: Thermalright XP-90 K8/S939 bracket

    The bracket looks like a regular Intel P4 bracket with four "posts" where the heatsink's clips attach, but instead of having the 4x corner holes for mounting thru the motherboard, it has two centered holes used by AMD. First pic shows the mounting clips that go into the four corner posts. Second...