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    Microsoft Tries Sneaking Telemetry Into Windows 7 "Security-Only" Update

    In some ways, I could see how Microsoft defines this as security related since Compatibility Appraiser, is the same thing which maintains the database of program versions with serious security issues defined as HARDBLOCK which Windows won't allow you to run. Disabling the telemetry and tasks...
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    Nvidia is preparing something SUPER

    They've not changed the new Control Panel at all since it was introduced, but originally NVIDIA drivers only had NView.
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    Another borked Nvidia driver?

    This is the hotfix driver to fix the CPU usage issue:
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    Are you ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store?

    No interest in being an early adopter for new digital marketplaces. Even with Steam, I didn't buy any games on their service (or any Digital) until 10 years after their 2003 launch. My trust of the Epic Store is even lower than Steam back then, but I'll give it the same benefit of the doubt...
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    TSMC Is Building New 8-Inch Fab Capacity and Updates 5nm Node Progress

    When TSMC says Inch, they are referring to cùn (the chinese inch, not imperial inch) which is equivalent to 1.193in (1000/33mm = 3.03cm) per unit.
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    AMD Compute vs Synthetic vs Gaming

    In simplest terms, AMD and ATI before them have a habit of building GPUs which are specialized for workloads which don't always match up with workloads produced by real-world gaming. During ATI's time, they focused on theoretical shader performance, while NVIDIA was building GPUs which were a...
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    Final Fantasy XV

    Some claim that it's not actually Denuvo, but actually the Steam API causing those loading problems. Supposedly non-Steam releases don't have that problem.
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    Final Fantasy XV

    On my GTX770 2GB the physics keep glitching/flickering (jumping between default and correct state), capping the framerate to 30fps helps somewhat but they still malfunction occasionally, while setting CPU or GPU Physx make no difference. Same issue with both 388.71 & 391.01. Another bug I've...
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    Does iOS 11 have a memory leak?

    How is your battery? It could be your cpu is being throttled if your battery health has degraded below 80%. You could try taking advantage of those $29 battery replacements Apple is offering because of the throttling controversy, if that indeed is your issue.
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    Still necessary to remove old drivers?

    In recent times, I only wipe everything out if I'm rolling back to an older driver branch or installing a new card.
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    How Loot Boxes Led to Never-Ending Games (And Always-Paying Players)

    Yes, South Korean developed MMOs circa 2003 are what come to mind for me as well for where P2W micro-transations both for direct item purchases and random loot boxes really started gaining traction.
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    Hundreds Banned From Destiny 2 PC
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    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    Yeah, Serta® Smart Layers™ Hensley Executive Big & Tall Chair, Roasted Chestnut/Satin Nickel (304601) This is what the seat now looks like after ~2 years:
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    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    I have this chair (edit: the Hensley), but honestly it has a lot of problems. The arms don't attach to the seat evenly/balanced (on one side of chair back the internal metal arm mounting point is depressed into the cushion, while on the other side it is sticking out), with one arm always...
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    Steam Hardware Survey updated with GPUs

    If you look at the original Steam Surveys between 2004-2007, they were polling ~1,000,000 users when their concurrent daily users were less than 4 million. Today Steam has ~13.5 million concurrent daily users, while you only need ~10% polled for >99% confidence at +/- 0.005% statistical...
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    Did nVidia follow through with forcing people to register to use their drivers?

    Armenius already mentioned that. If you read the post above yours, it explains why I personally don't do it that way. The short of it, is it requires additional effort to manually specify download locations (if extracting to the download folder) and/or extract locations (if not) and/or spending...
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    Did nVidia follow through with forcing people to register to use their drivers?

    Time wise, it's not really as big of a difference as you would think. Extraction time is near-identical, and canceling doesn't waste any time since selecting and deleting the undesired folders usually takes a couple seconds longer than it does for cancel to complete, while both can be done...
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    Did nVidia follow through with forcing people to register to use their drivers?

    I used to do that in the past during the WinXP days, but nowadays I don't find it worth it. Recent NVIDIA installers have all shifted to solid archives (entire archive needs to be decompressed to extract even a single file), so you don't really save much time extracting only a selection of...
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    Did nVidia follow through with forcing people to register to use their drivers?

    There is really no need for that. You can run the official installer, cancel, navigate to C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\[DriverNumber]\[OS]\[Lang]\, delete the folders of the stuff you don't want to install, and then re-launch setup.exe from that folder. The only required folders for NVIDIA driver...
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    Wireless AC (R7000)...confused on my home network

    When you disable 20/40mhz coexistence + set 'up to 600Mbps', it should force 40Mhz operation on the R7000 assuming it wasn't already in that mode. That option is enabled by default, so you don't end up unintentionally jamming other 2.4Ghz WiFi networks.
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    Wireless AC (R7000)...confused on my home network

    No, 1300Mbps is 80Mhz of 5Ghz spectrum only. As Cmustang87 mentioned, your Intel adapter is only AC1300 (867Mbps max), while the r7000 is AC1900 (1300Mbps max). If you are only getting ~192Mbps on 2.4Ghz 802.11n, you are likely only using a single 20Mhz channel. To force the r7000 into 40Mhz...
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    GeForce G-Assist automated Gaming tool

    So NVIDIA is releasing a botting program to get people banned in online games? For single-player go for it, but I have to wonder what NVIDIA is thinking in reguards to promoting it for multiplayer games when many explicitly ban automation, macros, and botting.
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    Doesn't every DDR4 motherboard support any DDR4 stick?

    There have also been cases in the past where certain memory rank (single vs dual) and chip layout configurations were unsupported by a motherboard bios, though the last time I ran into something like that personally was with a DDR1 server board. Probably less common nowadays, but if you ever do...
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    Report: PS4 Pro ‘Boost Mode’ improves performance on some older games

    The PS4 Pro game enhancement thread on neogaf is being updated with fw4.50 Boost Mode impressions on various games:
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    Mushkin Reactor 1TB - Different SKU's?

    The 960GB appears to be a 2017 model, while the 1TB is a 2014 model. For future reference, you can usually glean such information by looking for Date First Available on products sold directly by
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    15% Of U.S. Broadband Households Have Antenna-Only TV Service

    I just went back to OTA myself a few months ago. It was a bit tricky to get a strong signal for all channels with a indoor antenna, but I ultimately managed by abusing signal reflections. Much to my surprise I actually got the best signal with the Mohu Leaf laying flat, hanging off the top edge...
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    Easily Exploited Netgear Router Flaw Discovered

    Seems like this must only affect some of the more recent firmware updates. I've been running V1.0.3.80_1.1.38 on my R7000, and it's not vulnerable to the security issue described.
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    CEC Drafts Regulations for Power Usage in PC Components

    I don't know, this proposal doesn't seem overly restrictive since they have a bunch of exceptions for high performance gaming computers, workstations, and 27"+ monitors. If anything, it seems like it could have the end effect of lowering prices of some currently overpriced high-performance...
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    [H]ardOCP VR Review Chart Addition

    There is an error in the Render Time numbers in that chart for the Titan X Pascal in Space PT. You used 1.4x SS numbers, while the other GPUs are using 1.0x SS numbers. For a simple comparison chart like this to make sense, everything should be apples to apples.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Trickster VR @ [H]

    Since this game was developed on a GTX 770, it would have been interesting to see it thrown in for testing this time, considering the GTX 770 isn't even considered a VR-ready card.
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    DX11 vs DX12 Intel 4770K vs 5960X Framerate Scaling @ [H]

    My first thought would be DDR3 vs DDR4 timing related as well, as brickwall mentioned. Second thought would be that maybe your i7-5960X isn't actually fully stable at the voltages you are giving it. There is a threshold on Intel CPUs where they can be weird and pretend they are 100% stable when...
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    4K Xbox Scorpio Targeting 6TFLOPS, 1.5 Times Faster Than PS4K

    Neither, the reference GTX1080 only has around 34% more TFlops (~9062 TFlops @1770MHz [H] avg clock) than a reference GTX980Ti (~6764 TFlops @1201Mhz [H] avg clock). The GTX1080 also has only 95% of the memory bandwidth, 91% of the TMUs, and 66.67% of the ROPs of a GTX980Ti. That all taken into...
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    Hitman 2016 Performance Video Card Review @ [H]

    PCGH stated they are doing a custom run-through of an area with very heavy drawcalls and cpu load. Most likely using Intel's PresentMon to record the fps, since that's what they used in their earlier Quantum Break DX12 review.
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    Nvidia releases source code for Hairworks: will AMD be able to use it?

    So far they've released source code for FaceWorks 1.0, VolumetricLighting 1.0, HBAO+ 3.0, and HairWorks 1.2 alpha. So at this point the one missing from their initial announcement seems to be WaveWorks. According to this blog post, VXAO is just an extension of VXGI 1.0, which is one of the...
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    Nvidia releases source code for Hairworks: will AMD be able to use it?

    What makes you think it is old code? The version of Hairworks released on Github is the version 1.2 alpha development branch, while the last stable version Hairworks released on 2015/12/06 is only version 1.1.1
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    NVIDIA makes source code for select GameWorks libraries available to developers via GitHub

    Here is the FaceWorks license from GitHub: // Copyright (c) 2014-2016, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved. // // Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without // modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions // are met: // * Redistributions of...
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    NVIDIA makes source code for select GameWorks libraries available to developers via GitHub

    I'd naively assume they are doing this now because of DX12, rather than depreciate the DX10/DX11-only closed-source Gameworks libraries they've developed. With source code available, it likely opens the door for DX11 Gameworks stuff being re-implemented by devs in DX12 if they desire.
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    New GeForce Driver 364.51 Fixes Crashing, Other Problems

    Just did an upgrade-install from 361.91 to 364.51 on Win7 SP1 x64. No issues. Granted, I always do a minimal install of the Display Driver, Audio, and PhysX only with all the other folders not required for running setup deleted beforehand. I also always enable MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts)...
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    SteamVR Performance Test

    i5-3570K (4.4Ghz) GTX770 2GB (stock)
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    Hideo Kojima's first independent game to be released on PC

    Seems so, the Q&A is still in Google Cache though: