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    Warcraft III: Reforged is the World's Worst User-Reviewed Videogame

    DOTA 2 has all the custom games that WC3 used to have, it's also free. Check that out if you want to play nostalgic games from that era.
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    Warcraft III: Reforged is the World's Worst User-Reviewed Videogame

    I got a refund. First refund I ever got for any game in 20 years.
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    rumored RTX 3xxx specs

    I got the upgrade itch. 3080 Ti for me.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    DM your email.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have three invites for forum members who joined before 2018.
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    Starship Troopers : Terran Command

    I still don't get why they didn't just nuke the bugs. Game looks fun though.
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    Ryzen 3950X, 3960X, 3970X Availability

    I'm too lazy to OC now. After I updated my BIOS I have no idea what my CPU or memory is running at.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    I probably would of picked up a 10900K just so I can tinker with my machine if it was a drop in. I don't have any loyalty to any brand but this is annoying lol.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    Another chipset? My Z390 is EOL I guess.
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    Apple Will Reportedly Release An iPhone Without Any Ports In 2021

    I use only iPhone's and I think this is a terrible idea.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 7nm+ Zen 3 CPUs Spotted

    Waiting for DDR5 before I upgrade. I'm getting the itch though.
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    2in1 Transformer Case: 7l Desktop to 20l Tower, ITX, vertical GPU, wide component compatibility

    If it can fit two 3.5 HDD's and an APU I want it. How soon can I purchase. :D
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    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming)

    I used to love overclocking when I was younger. I'm too lazy now though and just want things to work. However I'm still going to buy higher-end mobos and coolers just because.
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    What was your first pc?
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    9900k or 3800x

    3800X for sure. My 9900K has no chance of a 5GHz overclock with a 240MM AIO.
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    9900k, it’s not that hot.

    My 9900K runs hot as hell when I benchmark but during gaming I have zero issues. EDIT: My CPU is stock.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    Whoever allowed 5400RPM hard drives in the new iMac needs to be fired.
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    FS: Dell XPS 13 9370 - 2TB Storage - 4K Display - 16GB RAM - Dock + More

    How much shipped to Canada without the Samsung?
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    Intel 6500T

    No AMD motherboards support HDMI 2.0? If I build my own I'm definitely going AMD since their APU's are superior.
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    Intel 6500T

    I had an InWin Chopin before but I got rid of it. I guess I'll have to get another.
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    Intel 6500T

    Both of those are too big for what I want unfortunately.
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    Intel 6500T

    Do you know of the Ryzen one has 1.3 DisplayPort? I can’t find this information anywhere on their website.
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    Intel 6500T

    I was going to scoop a used HP EliteDesk Mini G3 to use as an HTPC playing files off of my NAS. I don't want to take any chances I'll probably just grab the Ryzen 2400GE one. Thanks again for the help fellas.
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    Intel 6500T

    Damn no HDR. Good thing I made this post.
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    Intel 6500T

    It’ll mostly be Linux ISO’s. Thank you for your replies.
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    Intel 6500T

    Can this CPU handle 4K video playback?
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    New Issues with Previously-Stable 2500k

    Were the fans spinning in opposite directions?
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    I may or may not have a bad 2080Ti FE. How do I check?

    This works I can attest.
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    New Issues with Previously-Stable 2500k

    No I never tested anything to be honest. I had a gut feeling it was the PSU and I changed it. Zero issues now.
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    New Issues with Previously-Stable 2500k

    I went through almost the exact same thing as you with my 2600K. 4.8GHz for years and then all of sudden random restarts and crashes. The culprit was my PSU. However it seems you've changed yours recently. I still wouldn't rule out the PSU though.
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    AMD GPU PCB with GDDR6 Analyzed by Buildzoid

    That used to be my previous train of though also. However since I started using triple fan cards I have never looked back.
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    dual 8180m miniITX build

    Can it play Crysis?
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    9900k opinions wanted

    I have a feeling AMD is going to catch up this time. More competition is better for the consumer!
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    Startup to Put Cellphone Tower on the Moon

    I doubt this will end up happening.