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    Bluetooth adapters for MMCX IEMs

    Has anyone else purchased one of these? Apparently Bluetooth 5.0 offers sufficiently good sound quality that true wireless earbuds have started to appear. To see, I bought the following MEE audio product. However, I'm returning it because it has a...
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    Are any of these true wireless ear buds any good?

    I hope someone comes up with a true wireless MMCX adapter. My ears are not shaped like most people's, and as a result both AirPods and other bulky headphones are painful to wear for more than a few minutes. My Sony MDR-EX800STs, on the other hand, sound and feel great. Would be nice to...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    That person appears to be unhappy with the Kailh blue switches used in the keyboard. These should be identical to those in the Havit which nobody seems to be complaining about. I may give it a try, but I may also hold off until that keyboard is available with linear switches, which I'd...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Looks like the keyboard gods have finally made a keyboard which fits all of my requirements on paper. Anyone bought one? How are your experiences?
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    Correct, I'll update the OP if someone has a link. I myself own everything on Steam and prefer having it all in one place. Bought it too - quite close to my impressions. I would love it if they'd optionally introduce something like a Hollow Knight style respawn system, where death isn't so...
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    Noita Just saw this. Haven't bought it yet, but the trailers look amazing. Early access. Has anyone played it?
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Anything new on the market? My ultra slim scissor keyboard is dead - enter and comma keys went out have to use copy/paste to type them - and not temporarily because I spilled water on them. On the market for something new. In particular: super interested if someone has a DIY kit out such as...
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    Software to clone an entire Macbook drive to image

    I've done this before from a terminal in recovery mode. Connect the new MBP as a network drive using thunderbolt cable, mount its disk, and copy the old MBP's hard drive onto the new MBP using dd. Be sure to copy the entire drive, not just one partition. This will copy OS X, Windows, recovery...
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    MiniDSP IL-DSP desktop headphone DAC/amp Looks like MiniDSP is now making a desktop headphone DAC/amp to complement the portable headphone DAC/amp they recently released. I'd imagine for those willing/interested to bother with DSP, this will be quite competitive...
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    TRX sold.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    Fulla sold.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    Prices dropped again. Folks, these are lowball prices - after shipping I'm selling a pair of $150 retail Audio-Technicas for $25 - somebody ought to give this hardware a new home.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    All prices -$25.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    Bose headphones sold.
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    FS: Audio-Technica Pro700mk2 headphones

    Information Heatware. I am located in SF Bay Area, CA. Local pickup can be arranged - PM for details. Payment via PayPal. First person to send payment gets the item. Items previously on the list and later removed are sold. Thanks for looking! ===== FS - all prices OBO ----- Audio Technica...
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    Poll: Tensor (TPU) Cores on consumer GPUs: Boon or Bust?

    I am not talking about large enterprise or those who have their own cloud - clearly cost is not going to matter for those willing to pay tens of thousands to train a single large-scale model, or those making money off of such groups. On the other hand, there are plenty of startups who prefer to...
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    Poll: Tensor (TPU) Cores on consumer GPUs: Boon or Bust?

    Tensor cores are not for gamers. These are for people using deep learning for computer vision or similar tasks, plenty of which are using consumer GPUs because paying $10k per card for an enterprise grade card is too expensive.
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Any new releases in the last six months? I'm still waiting for a keyboard I like to come to market so I can replace my aging scissor key based keyboard.
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    Apple finally releases the new Mac Pro

    Indeed - lots of corporate users who buy Nvidia Tesla V100 and similar cards by the barrel - these go for something like $10k a pop. For these settings, price is not so important.
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    Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro

    No Nvidia: no machine learning workflows. These boxes are only for people who do video editing and little else.
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    First hand experience with latest mbp?

    I wish they updated the non-touchbar MBP with new CPUs. Would have immediately ordered an upgraded version.
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    Safest gpu for the Akitio Node?

    I've got a Titan X in mine. Since it works, I'm sure anything will. You may need to fiddle with your system a bit. I had to disable some stuff in device manager to get it to load, but this is Bootcamp on MacBook Pro specific.
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    Specialized Processors are Seemingly Overtaking General Purpose Chips

    I don't think so. There will be CPUs, GPUs, and industrial-scale GPU-like processors such as Google's TPUs. The problem is that there are really only two ways to make processing fast. You can get high performance by either sacrificing throughput to minimize latency like a CPU does, or...
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    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    I do not agree. There are ZERO use cases in which your website should waste my battery without my consent. Ask me first. Extra work for developers? Awesome - extra demand and opportunity to make money.
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    Best Non-mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

    I think loudness is more of a market preference for tactile switches rather than engineering limitation. Try a keyboard with some of the quieter, non-tactile switches.
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Academic. Due to general public divestment over the past few decades, there are far more PhDs nowadays than professorships, so to get a permanent position you more-or-less spend your 20s/30s first in a PhD program, then bouncing from one project-based postdoctoral position or visiting...