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    Suggestions to run 3 QHD 32" displays on a laptop

    Laptop model would help a lot. Even if the ports existed not all ports are made equal and also chipset support for higher resolutions.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    Anyone have experience with the samsung UN43NU6900 as a pc monitor? I currently have a 35" 3440x1440 100hz monoprice that is moving to a different desk. My previous experience with a 43" 4k tv was bad as it wasn't far enough back, used RGBW, and it was a sceptre.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    That is quite the setup. I am guessing you sit quite a ways back as that display setup is about the same vertical height as a 65" tv?
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    No worries, my biggest gripe is consumer gear which tends to focus on windows while having issues in linux. I run into no issues with company supplied stuff or purpose built systems. The 2 latest laptops i got recently for personal use are a cheap dell inspiron 10th gen intel that is ubuntu...
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    My point of view is that for my personal stuff i mainly use windows, however i do have multiple linux nucs and laptops. I do dev work so it is all about using the right tool for the job. In my experience for personal use windows is the better OS. The reason being that most consumer level goods...
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $200

    Feels like 1-2 years ago i was snatching up 8th easystores for 120-150 for my NAS. Now we got the 14tb starting to come into a decent price.
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    Warm? $299 Motile laptop (Walmart) 14" Ryzen 5, 8gb, 256 SSD, upgradable ram w/NVME

    $40 for this screen off ebay: LP140WF3-SPD1 Then I just followed the service manual for disassembly. It uses a standard 30 pin edp cable and mounting points,connector location, and size all match up perfectly with the stock screen.
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    Warm? $299 Motile laptop (Walmart) 14" Ryzen 5, 8gb, 256 SSD, upgradable ram w/NVME

    I am not sure on the total cost as I had all the parts on hand. Whenever there is a killer deal i order sets of things like ram for future builds. If I had to guess probably another 250 dollars or so. The biggest thing is i got to choose a very high end IPS screen vs the mediocre one most...
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    Warm? $299 Motile laptop (Walmart) 14" Ryzen 5, 8gb, 256 SSD, upgradable ram w/NVME

    Another good deal that is in the same boat is this Dell...
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    Which laptop brands are best?

    The rankings are fairly in line for what i would expect although HP at the top surprised me, but that could be the business line carrying weight. Apple near the bottom isn't surprising at all though. Tons of recalls and plenty of problems they have ignored that should be recalls. High failure...
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    NuVision 12.5" Laptop - N3350, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMc, QHD 1440p - $99 in-store+$19 ship at Micro Center

    I am actually really tempted by this machine just because of the screen. I will have to see if more info comes up or the price holds steady.
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    Where to buy a Thinkpad?

    Ebay if you want to shop for older models that are still quite good.
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    Curved Monitors yah or nah?

    35+ 21:9 monitors benefit a lot from a curve. The one I use would be awkward without a curve.
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    Looking for a small thin laptop for "on-call" (RDP, securecrt, word, excel) duty, good screen

    In all fairness even the older macbooks had mediocre keyboards. The touchpad has been decent but the thinkpad destroys them in keyboard.
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    Looking for a few laptops 12-15” 1 workhorse and 2 school

    Thinkpad P50 for the workhorse as I have had mine since release and they are in 500-700 range for decent models used. I also own a T530 as my previous laptop and of those mentioned being the dell, hp, and lenovo the thinkpad gets the better battery life. I have owned all of those listed. One...
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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    Sometimes there are very hard to find features a spendy board will have that can justify the price. In general no, there isn't a good reason besides wasting money, however there have been times I have spent good money on a board when I needed a specific feature for work/private use.
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    VideoCardz: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X to become world’s first 16-core gaming CPU

    Pentium G3258 comes to mind to a chip like this. The one I had easily hit 4.8 while 5ghz was possible on some of them. It was very snappy for the time but realistically I find 4 cores is the minimum for casual use now a days even with just office applications. I think 4-8 cores virtual or not is...
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    JBL 530 Speakers - $299

    These are very nice speakers, for reference I have the studio 230s for my desktop and even with a smaller amp they are mind blowing clear and loud. Half volume gets into the permanent hearing damage range based on distance to my seat checking the decibels. So you will definitely want to...
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    144hz VS 1 billion colors

    I have a 32" QHD screen and while it isn't bad the pixels are a bit large for my liking. I use it daily as an office side screen but my main screen is a 35" 3440x1440 100hz monitor. I highly prefer the 3440x1440 100hz screen which is 106ppi so ever so lightly larger than your current 4k screen...
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    Downgrading from Ivy Bridge Xeon to Opteron 6300... How bad will the hit be?

    I wouldn't waste time with the opterons at this point. The ryzen system would be the way to go if you really don't like Intel. I have two of the dual lga-2011 systems. One with dual e5-2670 v2 and one dual e5-2665 v1 chips. They burn power and create a lot of heat. In this point in time I mainly...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I rarely game on the PC now a days outside of vacation time but I am writing code all day while taking breaks to play Tetris 99 on my switch. It doesn't have to be a binary option, and the cost of hardware is so far down right now unless you must push 4k or high fps it is a good time to do PC...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I have done a similar setup more recently. I have 2 coffee lake nucs hooked up to my audio amp, usb kvm, and 35" 120hz ultrawide. I love the speed of these little machines with low power usage and heat. I keep one nuc on linux and the other windows. I should have gone all out for the 38" higher...
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    Are TN panels as bad as they used to be?

    TN panels in general are usually poor quality as they are made to be cheap most of the time, however there are some high end TN panels that beat out IPS/VA by a fair margin outside of viewing angle. The Lenovo Thinkpad T530 I have with a FHD TN panel is considered to be one of the best TN panels...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    More mystery game gambling and here is another duplicate code: RiME: GJ7AN-LVGVW-NR3BD
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Demetrios The BIG Cynical Adventure RIZYP-N98ZF-CMXAG
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    Old decrepit Compaq laptop "optimization"

    That machine would struggle to even run word at this point. A cheap used dell latitude or thinkpad for 100-300 bucks would be a far better investment.
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    Going from a Core 2 duo to i5 with GT 1030?

    If I was going new I would grab one of those $130 ryzen 1700 chips that keep coming up lately with a cheap board and 16gb of ram for 300 or less. If used I would almost say grab an old full sized optiplex 9020 that can take a light video card for 100-150. Those optiplex use 4590,4690,4770,4790...
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    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    X58 and x79 when the xeons came down in price was a good instance of keeping a board but upgrading cpu 1-2 times.
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    Overpowered i7 Laptops, gtx 1060 6GB (Insane DEALS). 15inch (16gb, $799) and 17inch (32GB, $999)

    Actually they came back in stock about a week ago and sold out within an hour thanks to the deal sites.
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    Is this Asus gaming worth it?

    It is a 17" laptop running an ivy bridge era cpu/gpu. $200 bucks is fair for the unit so long as it doesn't need any immediate repair. If it needs any immediate upgrades/ac adapter/battery/etc the value diminishes quickly especially if you don't need the 17" form factor.
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    Nintendo Switch

    That switch online deal got me to finally pickup a switch. I find myself playing the system far more than my ps4 pro although pretty much just tetris 99 when taking breaks from coding.
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    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    I was just about to go cancel my youtube premium if it was going to $50 bucks a month lol. I use youtube a lot but just for ad free videos not any regular tv stuff.
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    i7 3960x Vs Xeon 2658 V2

    The e5-2658 v2 may be 10 cores and ivy bridge so slightly better IPC than the 3960x but the 3960x absolutely destroys it in clock speed. The 3960x will play games better by far from the higher single thread performance. There aren't any games that can really take advantage of the 10 cores. 980TI...
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    Dell 38" U3818DW or what?

    I have two of those Dell 2209wa monitors still for my test bench and previously had 3 of them in eyefinity for years. I moved to a 35" 100hz 3440x1440 screen and it is slightly more pixels and similar in physical size although a few inches smaller. I have noticed that for my work flow as a...
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    1080ti to a rx580? Am I crazy?

    The deals with games right now on the RX 580 cards is pretty crazy. It won't drive a screen like my 3440x1440 100hz but value to performance is off the charts compared to my gtx 1080 egpu.
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    Amazon will launch thousands of satellites to provide internet around the world

    I don't know why but reading the title of this thread immediately made me think of of the homefront trailer at this part.
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    Triple Monitor Mount for 34" + 2x27" PLP?

    34" center and 2 27" in portrait will work on this monitor stand. I have the same stand but with the base. I have had my 35" ultrawide with 2 27's in portrait on it and also a 43" 4k tv center with the 2 27's on the side in portrait. Weight wise it can easily handle it as well. The only wild...
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    Swatter Gets 20 Years

    I couldn't help but think of this...
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    Nintendo Switch

    So would it be a bad idea to buy a switch at this point with potential new models coming? I am a developer who is on the go about 5 hours a day and I already have high end pc's and a ps4 pro. The mario vs rabbids game intrigues me for down time on the go.
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    Tabs vs spaces

    I think of it as an all or nothing situation. I had to design a compiler at one point and ignoring whitespace whether it is tabs or spaces is far easier when building the scanner,symbol table, and parser. In practice I rather like python's style of spacing. This is coming from a C background.