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    Nvidia giving away 0077 Extremely Rare GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition GPUs

    Looks like a really low budget version of the Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk) aesthetic, only 1 of the fake gears is big enough to be noticeable.
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    New Forum Software Feedback

    I'm not seeing any problems. The style is close enough to the existing one I have no complaints.
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    Intel Core i5-L16G7 is the first "Lakefield" SKU Appearance, Possible Prelude to New Nomenclature?

    It's a big.LITTLE style hybrid chip. One big CPU core, 4 atom cores, and dram in a single stack. AFAIK no southbridge either, just the IO built into the stack. MS's 2 screen folding tablet is the first announced device using it...
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    Intel Moving Select CPUs To GlobalFoundries

    Maybe they'll predict IBM next. Sure you and I all know IBM sold its fabs to GloFo a few years ago, but remember the source is one that has never found a rumor it can't put a clickbait title and ads on.
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    rumored RTX 3xxx specs

    For future proofing at high end I'd really like at least 12GB; but that means either a 192bit bus - which isn't likely at the x80 level because of the bandwidth reduction vs 20xx series cards - or 384bit. The latter is something we've rarely seen in the past because it drives up the cost of the...
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    Intel’s High-End 2nd Generation Xe DG2 GPU To Be Based On TSMC’s 7nm Process Node

    Historically it's mostly been a temporary thing with acquisitions (ex their cellular modem and FPGA businesses). For the former delays involved in porting to Intel's internal processes helped doom the group by leaving them chronicly behind the market leaders. I don't think they've done any...
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    Intel’s High-End 2nd Generation Xe DG2 GPU To Be Based On TSMC’s 7nm Process Node

    The biggest reason I don't find this credible is that by 2022, TSMC's 7nm EUV node will be obsolescent; using their even older non-EUV one would guarantee non-competitive performance.
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    The (ant)arctic would like to have a word with you about your last bullet point.
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    Ignore all the positive BS hype he's spewing. You'll be totally Zucked because they'll have it's own build in 5G (6g? 7g??) data link so that it can use A R to inject ads into your view 24/7 with no way for you to block them. Just like in Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End.
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    Wi-Fi 6E Standard For 6 GHz

    7 x160MHz channels really is the killer app; with only 1 or23 160MHz channels available at 5GHz (depending on national regulation and if you're too close to a priority user of the band like an airport) would lead to a level of conflicts about as bad as the mess on 2.4Ghz. Now we just have to...
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    Linus tours NVIDIA's GSYNC Monitor Test Lab

    If you've ever wondered what NVidia looks for to certify a monitor, here's a peak behind the curtain.
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    Intel discrete GPU struggles: won't compete against NVIDIA or AMD

    The GT1030 comes in 20 and 30W versions depending if you want DDR4 or GDDR5, as does its mobile equivalent the MX250. It's half the size of a GTX 1050. The Raedon 520/530 are probably in the same ballpark but no specific power level is given. That power level is too low to make a particularly...
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    Lexar hits 7 GB/s with new M.2 PCIe 4.0 SDD

    Especially once you factor in protocol overhead. It's kept 3.0 x4 drives to about 3.5GB/sec on paper specs; 4.0 x4 at 7GB/sec is about the most we can expect.
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    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    like buying cheap monitors. The biggest complaint I have about various cheap non-vesa mount monitors I've ran into at work is that the single stick stand type always have major wobble at the attachment point.
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    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    For gaming we really need whatever comes after HDMI 2.1 so we can have 8k @120hz or faster.
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    DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapters for 2560x1440?

    I'm kinda curious if that actually tops out at 2560x1440, or does 2560x1600 but is underspecced for SEO reasons.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    WCCFTech comment threads come in two types. Ghost towns and meme laden flamewars between idiots. Anything CPU/GPU/Phone related will be the latter.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I would expect a return to normal generational performance bumps. 20xx disappointed on that front because they spent a huge chunk of the die area on aspirational new features instead of general performance uplift.
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    Insider rumors: Intel completely eliminates 10-nm plans for the desktop

    Nothing really surprising here. Of the 22/35m fans that were originally planned to be upgraded to 10nm, one was shifted to 14nm to boost capacity; all but one of the others have been receiving 7nm tooling instead. With only 1 10nm fab instead of the 5(?) originally planned they were never...
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    Can't get Windows 10 to see GeForce 210 upgrade on old PCs

    It's more like they've *not* been selling the card for the last decade. They're sitting new on Newegg because after a decade no one's bought them and it's cheaper to keep a listing up with the cards sitting in the back of a warehouse than to pay to have a dumpster filled with unsellable inventory.
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    Tariffs on Certain PC Computer Parts Lifted

    Probably because Newegg's algorithms know some people are willing to pay a premium for them vs random 3rd parties, and there're no longer enough 1050 Ti sales to apply a countervailing 'these prices are idiotic and no one will actually pay that' signal.
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    Tariffs on Certain PC Computer Parts Lifted

    I don't what's up with your specific card, but has 1050 Ti's starting at $200, which is also where 1650's are starting at. Since the latter is about 50% more powerful for the same price my guess is that the 1050 Ti is discontinued and what's left on the market is new old stock that...
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    Tariffs on Certain PC Computer Parts Lifted

    The power supplies specified are a 2U server form factor (148mm in length, 43 mm in width and 335 mm in height ), not ATX models so no help for us there. I'm wondering what the $100 trackpads are supposed to be. Some laptop OEMs might charge that much for a replacement part (or much more if...
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    Is ghosting in VA panels this bad?

    OLED is Gods Tears burning themselves into your display.
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    Best 32" class 4K IPS for CAD??

    I'd generally recommend staying with the tier that includes rotatable stands. I've only rotated my 30/32" screens a handful of times; but being able to do so - especially for a big panel - requires a more strongly built stand that should also be more stable in day to day use.
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    6 monitor setup advice

    A quick google finds the product page and shows his monitor only has a single HDMI out; so a second card will be needed. Unless you're using the PCIe x1 slots which share lanes with it, I'd recommend putting the second card in the...
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    So, it turns out that 5700 cards won't work on Windows 8.1...

    Not just enterprise; or rather gamers on 8.x upgraded to 10 in mass. 8.x is only 3% on steam. W7 still has around 20% by comparison.
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    Why is display/monitor market such a shite?

    Sooner than that unless you're insisting on MicroLED for sub-pixels only, or non super premium prices. Innolux is working on a 32" 4k 144hz IPS display with a ~1,000,000 zone FALD backlight and HDR1000 certification. At ~8 pixels per dimming zone, unless it has major light bleeding issues...
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    Any updates on Mini-LED or Micro-LEDs?

    Innolux has 32" 4k144hz IPS panels with 10,000, and 1,000,000 dimming zones in work. They're early prototypes, so probably not going to be anything to see for at least a year.
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    Do you vertical mount?

    Looking at the official Corsair gallery I think a 2.5+ slot thick card might not fit at all; at best you'd have severely restricted airflow vs even a 2 slot card. Telling I think is that the build pictures in the gallery were done with the GPU mounted normally. Unless I missed it they didn't...
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    So, it turns out that 5700 cards won't work on Windows 8.1...

    There're also a lot of businesses with slow moving IT depts still on W7. ex My former employer only finished migrating from W7 to W10 in the last few months. Others are lagging behind far enough that they'll be buying anywhere between 1 and 3 years of increasingly expensive W7 patch support via...
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    So, it turns out that 5700 cards won't work on Windows 8.1...

    Nvidia's download page doesn't list Win8 as an option for RTX cards; just W10/7 and a few flavors of *nix; other GPU families do list W8. That has me curious if W8's not being listed for RXT cards is an oversight; a harbinger of things to come; or that the releases notes are missing an asterisk...
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    So, it turns out that 5700 cards won't work on Windows 8.1...

    If you look at Steam numbers yes it does. W7 is still 22% of Steam users. W8 is only 3%. The same is true for the broader internet, with both NetMarketshare and StatCounter showing 8.x's market share is much smaller than W7/10's. Like with XP/Vista a decade ago, W7 has a vocal group...
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    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    More battery volume, if you're actually playing audio does running the BT use more or less power than sending output to the audio jack? As for lighter, they're replacing a hole with battery, it's going to be a few grams heavier. Of course if instead of removing the jack to get more internal...
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    Why are video cards still pice16?

    There were mining focused cards with 0 or 1 video outputs (presumably the 1 out was to try and give it some level of post-mining resale value) instead of the ~4 common on conventional cards. There wasn't a new sata standard because the SATA protocol itself was a poor fit to SSDs and the...
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    Why are video cards still pice16?

    GPU peak power has largely leveled off (for the same reason that CPU power did, cooling without being objectionably loud becomes too hard). Top end single GPU card power by generation (via wikipedia) GF8800U (2007) 175W GF9800GTX (2008) 141W GF285 (2009) 205W GF480 (2010)) 240W GF580 (2011)...
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    Micron has DDR5 in the works...

    The none could run at 1T snark is basically every generation of DDR. The ability of engineers to make DRM run faster hit the wall about 20 years ago. The actual DRAM in your DDR4-4000 is only running about 2x as fast as the SDR ram in your PC from 20 years ago (PC125 equivalent). Each...
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    Micron has DDR5 in the works...

    It's not just that GDDR* is heavily optimized for the sort of sequential access where you're streaming large textures/etc into the GPU vs the random IO that general purpose processors do a lot of; GDDR* is only able to reach its much higher bus speeds vs equivalent generation DDR* because it's...