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  1. Cerulean

    Lightest Live Linux OS that supports making Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections?

    For "lightweight" I am expecting the OS to have a boot time of "lightning fast" from a USB 1.1 port with a feature set equal to a zero client (bare minimum requirements + straight-up RDP capability). Reality is likely different based on what is available, though.
  2. Cerulean

    Lightest Live Linux OS that supports making Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections?

    I am looking for a lightweight live Linux OS that would allow me to connect to a machine running Windows OS via RDP.
  3. Cerulean

    GRAPHENE TIM: Build it and over clockers will come

    How well is the pad working over grease/paste?
  4. Cerulean

    The 16GB of HBM2 on the Radeon VII Is Needed for Real World 4K Video Production

    If you are serious about video production, do yourself a favor by doing research and realize that professional cards have nothing on non-professional cards in term of rendering performance. Professional cards won't provide any benefit or justification. EDIT: I did some more digging to find this...
  5. Cerulean

    RGB LED SSDs are Good for Gaming

    Wake me up when computers are built entirely out of LEDs and CPUs are cooled by LEDs
  6. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Did some research and I definitely agree, this is a big one. I didn't know that HDMI was limited to 24/30p @ 4K and handled half the bandwidth of DisplayPort. DisplayPort is clearly the winner, and the next revision of DisplayPort will dominate even more with 8Kp60 support and 32Gbps...
  7. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Other influencing factors: The stand. Can you find a 42" 4K TV that has a stand like most computer monitors do? I.e. HP Z43 computer monitor has a "proper" stand (granted, if your environment permits, a VESA mount works as an alternative whether TV or computer monitor is used) Matte screen...
  8. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Howdy! What is the difference between 4K 42" TVs and 4K 42" computer monitors? Why would I want to choose a TV over a computer monitor, vice versa?
  9. Cerulean

    Windows 10 Mobile Is Officially Dead

    So, let me tell you, this happens EVERY year ("I swear!" as others might say). When I had a Nokia Lumia 1020 (the phone with the 41MP camera) I came to observe that it seems that every year Microsoft plays out this shenanigans making it known that Windows Phone is dead and will no longer be...
  10. Cerulean

    FS: Dell Latitude 7440 i7, 8GB, 250GB SSD

    Does laptop have warranty? When does/did it expire?
  11. Cerulean

    How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

    How Much of this Report Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.
  12. Cerulean

    YouTube is Showing Twice as Many "Pre-Roll" Ads Now

    Companies will always try push things to the limit and establish precedence to justify for pushing things more to the limit - precedence to set precedence - until you wake up one day and are somehow still okay with the amount of garbage you allow into your life.
  13. Cerulean

    Ubisoft: "If Players Didn't Buy Loot Boxes/Crates, They Would Not Be Added"

    All it takes is tapping into the hedonistic aspects of people and then money shall be made. With shortened attention spans due to conditioning from the performance improvements in technology and from cash cow business operation, an addiction is there to be taken advantage of! The only way not to...
  14. Cerulean

    Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

    Windows Weather app not free anymore?!?! Dang! That's some hard move right there
  15. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    Yep, and learned a lot from all the responses and SATA in general. I really appreciate it. *[H] fist bump*
  16. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    Confirmed: HP Z820 onboard Intel storage controller supports hot-swap and hot-plug. HP user guide and tech sheets are outdated / do not list these as supported features.
  17. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    Zero drives connected, scoured the BIOS boot and SATA settings.
  18. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    The machine boots without the card. I have tried every PCI-E slot available (3 slots to be exact). An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 is in the first, top-most/closest to CPUs slot. None of the other slots are occupied. BIOS is up-to-date.
  19. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    Checked boot order, it was correct and no new devices showed in the boot order list. OS SSD (SATA0) is first.
  20. Cerulean

    SATA controller that supports hot swap+plug

    Hello! A friend has an HP Z820 and is trying to get a SATA PCI-E controller to work. The problem we encounter is that after BIOS POSTs and the motherboard's LSI storage controller initializes, we get a black screen with a blinking underscore. Attached is a photo of the box of the PCI-E...
  21. Cerulean

    FS: 2016 13-Inch i5 256GB MacBook Pro with Touchbar

    What GPU does this laptop have? Specifically, does it have a dedicated GPU (NVIDIA/AMD)?
  22. Cerulean

    Please recommend a 10Gbps NIC for my home system.

    10Gbit overkill? Tell that to Apple! :D
  23. Cerulean

    Scalable management of non-default SNMP for 10-100k devices?

    MSP environment with hundreds of locations, probably at least a thousand different subnets, some with hodgepodge of gear (not our preferred solutions), some that use our preferred solutions (but we don't support every brand of printers and MFC, CCTV systems, and myriad of other SNMP devices yet...
  24. Cerulean

    Scalable management of non-default SNMP for 10-100k devices?

    Howdy! I am on an adventure to disable SNMPv1 (unless required by vendor) and configure SNMPv2c/3 (only highest and most secure possible) on 100-300 clients or 20k-100k devices that are SNMP capable. This includes ensuring devices do not use default SNMP strings and credentials. Does anyone...
  25. Cerulean

    PCI-E SATA controller with hot swap support for 8x SATA drives?

    Hello! I am looking for a good PCI-E SATA controller that supports hot swap for up to 8x SATA drives. I need something for two of these 4x 2.5" 5.25" drive bays (
  26. Cerulean

    FS: Sager NP 9873 Laptop (7700k, 1080 SLI)

    Didn't know Sager was a brand ... let alone that I could custom configure a $11,111.00 laptop of a beast maxed out with two RAID1 2TB PCIe Samsung Evo + RAID1 4TB PCIe Samsung Pro, 64 GB RAM, dual GPUs, ................... warranty is Canada X_X
  27. Cerulean

    PCIe meltdown

    It went nucular
  28. Cerulean

    Need help with wireless antenna connectors and adapters

    We have a Netgear LG6100D that we use with Sprint and are looking to improve the 4G LTE signal with an outdoor roof mounted antenna. I'm trying to find information on the name of the connectors and need help. :( We are also needing what seems to be a male to male adapter to connect this to a...
  29. Cerulean

    Need Less Stuff Sale *Lowered Again*

    Bump for Dell Latitude E7240 with Docking Station - $275 / $350 (drive size dependant)
  30. Cerulean

    Samsung Announces QLED 8K TV for Consumers

    Looking forward to 16k, it'll be a game changer
  31. Cerulean

    LG to Launch World’s Largest Micro LED TV at IFA

    Bruh ! There are still people using CRT TVs
  32. Cerulean

    Network pics thread

    AC Infinity ( has some fairly interesting and useful ventilation products. I got some dual 80mm USB fans ( and mounted them on to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ERPoe‑5...
  33. Cerulean

    Up to 144TB NVME Storage in Action - "M.3 SSD"
  34. Cerulean

    Consumers Turn Against Skype Since Microsoft Acquisition

    Skype for Business is not Skype ... it is Lync rebranded. Lync has always been a pile of turd. Microsoft needed to do something to refresh its reputation by rebranding it with a name that has very good reputation to delay the inevitable.
  35. Cerulean

    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    Some photos. Laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 i5 with 16GB DDR3.
  36. Cerulean

    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    Ordered one for self