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    ssd setup/tweaks question

    i just got a 120gb ssd (patriot inferno), and was wondering what kind of things there are to consider (if any) when setting it up, or any tweaks to make? it's going to be replacing my current 7200rpm hard drive as my os/programs drive. currently running 64 bit windows 7 ultimate. also, would...
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    ati overdrive causing tearing with dual monitors

    i have a 5850. i just set up my second monitor, and now whenever i load a page that has a flash video or close the page (youtube videos etc) the screen tears. after some searching i found out it has to do with ati overdrive, and it happens whenever the video card's memory clock speed gets...
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    what does cpu/10 mean for fsb:dram?

    i used ntune to auto oc my system cuz i was lazy, and i was looking at cpuz in the memory tab. the fsb:dram says cpu/10; i thought it was supposed to be some kind of divider like 2:3? what does the cpu/10 mean? currently running at 230fsb x10 for cpu. is it 1:1 or like 4:5 or what? thanks.
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    i'm at CES - is new gpu coolers from arctic cooling old news?

    i happened to cross paths with the arctic cooling booth and talked a bit with their rep. they have a new gpu cooler coming out in a couple weeks: the accelero s1/s2. they're passive. i'll post a pic of them tomorrow, i don't have my usb cable on me right now.
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    im at CES and stopped by patriot's booth

    looks like they've already got ddr3 chips in production. ill upload the pics tomorrow, don't have a usb cable on me at the moment. not sure if this is old news or not. talked to the rep a bit, he said they'll be running at 1.5v and follow the same trend of ddr -> ddr2 of faster speeds higher...
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    is there anything for $50 better than a x800 vanilla?

    i'm looking for a budget video card, i'm coming from the integrated 6150 graphics, so basically anything's an upgrade. what's the best card i can get for $50? i could get a x800 vanilla off of my friend for that much; is there a better option? thanks.
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    help with sg01 front ports

    i never set up my front ports on my sg01, but now i kind of want to :p can someone help me out? the plugs are labeled as follows: R-RET R-OUT GROUND L-OUT L-RET MIC-IN MIC-POWER the slots i have on my mobo are: AUD_GND PRESENCE_J SENSE1_RETURN SENSE2_RETURN PORT1_L PORT1_R...
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    2gb flash drive $30 AR free shipping memorex 2gb usb2.0 flash drive: $57 - $27 MIR = $30, free shipping, tax in ca and maybe other states not sure (~$4)
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    just received my foxconn 6150k8md from ewiz :)

    dam that was fast, i just ordered it yesterday :eek: it's probably cuz we're in the same city. i haven't had a chance to play with it yet, as i don't have the rest of the parts for my new computer yet. specs will be as follows: case - sg01-e + nt06 (getting from fry's tomorrow) cpu - x2...
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    x300 vs 6150 integrated video

    which one's better? i'm gonna b using integrated video until the new dx10 cards are out (i'm currently on a fx5600, so if anything it's an upgrade), and if i can't find the foxconn 6150k8md by august, i'm gonna choose between the foxconn 6150k8ma and the dfi rs482. the dfi has dvi, but no sata2...
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    Campaign to get newegg to stock the 6150K8MD

    take a look at this thread here: the foxconn 6150k8md-8ekrsh is a socket 939 matx motherboard with some improvements over the 6150k8ma, namely integrated dvi. i've contacted foxconn, they said they have it in stock and it's up to...
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    campaign to get newegg to stock the 6150k8md!

    i really want this board, but nobody's got it in stock. i've contacted foxconn about it, and they said they have them in stock at their fullerton, ca warehouse, and it's up to the vendors to order them. so everyone bombard newegg with a product suggestion for this motherboard here...
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    anybody know where i can buy a foxconn 6150k8md?

    can't find it for sale anywhere :(
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    where can i purchase a foxconn 6150k8md?

    im looking for this board, can't seem to find it anywhere. there was a review for it on tweaktown (, i think its pretty much as the k8ma except it has dvi (which i want). it's not on newegg, monarch, or zzf, and i can't find it with froogle. any help...
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    xclio 450bl vs ocz modstream 450

    which is the better of the two? i'm going to be using this in a sg01 (sff), so modular should be useful. is the modstream as good / better than the xclio?
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    will a ultra x2 550w psu fit in a sg01-e fine?

    i seem to remember that ultra's psu's are a little bigger like ocz's, right? would there be any issues with using a ultra x2 psu in the sg01-e? i saw it at fry's today for $60 AR, which looked like a pretty good deal, im currently debating whether or not i should go back to get it. of course, if...
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    is the dfi rs482 the only board with integrated dvi?

    as title asks. i'm looking for a s939 matx board with integrated dvi, are there any that have it other than the dfi board?
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    whats the eta on dx10 cards?

    is it still planning on being released around the end of this year / beginning of next year?
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    what psu's work with the dfi rs482?

    i'm looking at getting one of these, since shuttle failed with the sn21g5, but i've seen a lot of people saying they're getting random restarts, which has been located to being some sort of incompatibility between the mobo and psu. what good psu's can you guys confirm works with the rs482...
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    Scythe Ninja Plus - $29.95 w/ free shipping

    don't think this is a repost. yoinked from :) plus version heatsink is the same, but comes w/ a 120mm fan :p
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    the shuttle sn21g5 is available for purchase!

    on paper, pros/cons are: pros: g5 case, nvidia chipset, has pci-e x16 for graphics and a standard pci expansion slot cons: uses the 6100/410 combo (lacks high-def integrated audio, although theres a pci slot so that doesnt matter that much; lacks gigabit ethernet, but thats mostly a...
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    so what's been happening on the single core scene?

    im mainly thinking about which oc's better now. is the opteron 146 or the san diego 3700+ better at oc'ing nowadays? (im thinking in general, obviously its still ymmv)
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    help me w/ my moral dilemma

    i havent asked this person yet, but i'm assuming that he'll agree since he'll get a performance boost. the quick and dirty version: should i trade someone my 2x1gb corsair value ram for his 2x1gb ocz gold pc4000 (straight trade, without telling him how much my ram costed me) the explained...
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    c51 based shuttle! 2 new models in the g5 chassis, one intel one amd. doesnt say specifically that its 6150/430, but it most likely is. looks like im not gonna get a qpack in the future anymore. what i dont get is why the amd one doesn't also have the VFD on the...
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    zalman should make heatpipe versions of the 7000/7700

    they're doing that with their gpu cooler, and its fundamentally the same as the cpu cooler, right? just at a smaller scale? (looks similar at least :p)
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    couple fundamental questions about memory

    2x1024 of brand x ram (say, corsair) at 3-3-3-8 1T ddr400 would run the same bandwidth as 2x1024 of something like ocz or mushkin at same timings/speeds, right? and theoretically the same as say crucial ballistix if u had them at those speeds for some unknown reason? also, if i'm going to...
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    need advice for gaming headphones

    im looking for a pair of headphones to buy, my budget is $100. these are going to be used 95% for gaming. what would be good? comfort is a pretty big priority, as i will be using them for extended periods of time. an attached mic doesn't really matter, cuz i already have a mic, but i guess if...
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    plan of attack for my oc

    just wanted to run this by you guys to see if theres anything i should do differently :) im planning on getting an opteron 146, going to try and buy the amd stock heatpipe cooler off of someone, and i already have 2x1gb of corsair value ram. this is assuming my mobo is able to hit whatever...
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    anyone think there'll be a 6150/430 shuttle?

    if there was, i'd probably go for that instead of a qpack (assuming that it doesnt cost a lot like the sn25p, i'd be willing to go up to like $300). not going for the sn25p cuz a) costs too much and b) i need the onboard video until i can get an add-in video card. so... anyone think there'll...
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    does anyone know where i can find pics of the AMD heatpipe cooler?

    i heard theres a newer version thats better. anyone know where i can find pics of both the old version and the newer version, or post them if they have them? also, how long ago did they start shipping the newer version out? thanks :)
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    ahah pricing on opterons @ newegg

    i didnt really know where to put this, its not a hot deal so yeah, but on newegg a opteron 146 costs more than a 148. anyone else see something wrong with this picture? :p
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    do the opty 165 and 170s have the same steppings?

    i was wondering this cuz i see all these threads about ppl oc'ing their 170s, getting 2.7+ ghz all over the place, but i never see anyone touting their 165. and then i see baron whoring his 165, and i look at his cpu-z validation link, expecting something like 2.8 or 2.9, but its not even 2.7...
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    will the big typhoon fit in a qpack

    assuming i cut anything that needs to be cut, are there any physical restrictions? (like the optical drives or something like that being in the way) its dimensions are 122x122x128mm or something like that, 128 being the height (including fan).
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    sennheiser hd497 vs icemat siberia

    which ones do you think are better? i dont particularly care about the mic, since i already have one. i know sound is kind of subjective, but i'd like an idea of what other people think is good. or any other recommendations for the same price? (~$50)
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    how good is amd's stock heatpipe hsf?

    yeah, im wondering how the heatpipe cooler that comes w/ retail opteron dual cores and x2 4200? and above cpu's compare with other aftermarket coolers, like the xp-90. anyone have any input? thanks.
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    recommend me some headphones for gaming

    something with a mic, cuz its for gaming, and i want to try and keep a very tight budget, what would be the best ones for ~$50, or maybe $75 if the performance jump is really noticeable? and would those still out-perform a set of altec lansing mx5021's?
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    is there space for a ninja in a qpack?

    lets assume the cpu socket is oriented perfectly. would there be enough space to fit a scythe ninja into a qpack with cutting the support rails as needed? i think there should be enough height, but what about width/length? the ninja is 110mm x 110mm x 150mm (lxwxh). can someone w/ a qpack bust...
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    how does the integrated 6150 compare?

    as title says, how does the 6150 compare with other graphics cards? more specifically a geforce fx5600 (not ultra)? is it better?
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    will the xp120 fit in a qpack?

    the xp120 is the same height as the xp90, so i was wondering if it would fit with the same amount of modding necessary for the xp90 (cut a bit of the support beam away to fit a fan in), assuming that it's compatible with the mobo (the cpu socket isnt too close to the edge or something like...
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    Zalman cnp9500 vs xp-90 + good fan

    does anyone know which would be better, the pretty new zalman cnp9500 heatpipe cooler, or the thermalright xp-90 with a good fan (panaflo?).