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    Should I get a GTX 280 or 260?

    Glad you put that up. Much better. Hey when someone throws out numbers that don't jibe you got to fix it!! and you did!! Keeps everyone on the level and thanks for doing it!! Now post it right along side a bechmark that you freshly ran!! Cuz it must score well!!! How about a 3D06 run...
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    Should I get a GTX 280 or 260?

    you won't be disappointed with either card. As long as your monitor is 22inch or less I wouldn't consider anything but the 260! The money you save will just add to the rest of your system like a good psu or a good Cpu-cooler. I don't know your financial situation?? Hmmmmm2 the clocks you...
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    GTX260 Overclocking

    E8400 processors ..... Both have been running at insane clocks and volts since January 2008 ...No degradation at all!!..... NONE I have nothing to worry about and neither does anyone else!! WZ
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    GTX260 Overclocking

    Uh well that score of 62,xxx on 3Do3 is obsolete better update.... There now that's much better!! WZ
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    GTX260 Overclocking

    This card has been just great!! All on stock cooling!! I do however pump good cold air through the system Air-conditioned air in summer and outside cold air in winter:D This card kicks ass when you run it with an insane e8400!! Asus P5E Mobo and G.Skill 6400HZ memory...
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    G.SKILL 2GB PC2-6400 800 questions?

    With 6400HZ if you insist on crippling it running it at such low speeds the run it at 3-3-3-5 Better yet use the dividers and get it up between 550 and 625 or 1100mhz and 1250 mhz with timings of 5-5-5-6. You are just torturing that memory by dogging it down the way you are!!! You have some of...
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    VisionTek 4870 or EVGA GTX 260 SSC

    You know I am just thrilled with my 260GTX. I run it daily @ 751/1536/1236 with my fan at 100% it will run furmark forever at these settings and never exceed 63C. 3 hours of COD4 free for all gets it up to 43C. The card is a little montster. All that being said however if I already had a...
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    What's longer? 4870 or GTX 280?

    It's not how long you make it, it's how you make it long... WZ
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    Voltage was set at 1.58125 in bios. I have been torturing 2 e8400's since January and both still hit as high and fast as ever. One liquid cooled, one aircooled. WZ
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    Hey, my pleasure Donovan i look forward to you getting your new set up!! I will be watching and will lend a hand when and where and if you need it. I like to get every last bit of speed out of a system I can as it just makes your dollar to performance ratio look that much better!! WZ
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    Donovan Tipton I see you are running the MSI P6N SLI Board. I Think were I you I would opt for either the e8400 or the 8500 they are only about $10 apart now @ newegg. I would not hold my breath for ultra high clocks with the MSI board though. With the E8500 if you could get to 400fsb you would...
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    Freakin' wow I love my GTX260...

    I have been benching and experimenting with my card the last couple weeks also. I bought the MSI from newegg and it has been just great!! It can hold it's own with any single card. WZ
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    which to buy 260 or 4870

    Most of the people in this thread will never get near either card's potential because of your anemic clocks. Wolfdales,Conroes, lord some of you are running obsolete amd machines. All of these will bottlenck these cards at your low clocks. Both are very capable. You are all in here arguing the...
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    which to buy 260 or 4870

    I bought the MSI 260GTX from the egg. I got mine for 299 free ship. It is the best card I have run on to date. It is also the coolest card to date!! I see people calling others liars and yet no-one has posted a temp on either side I seen some say how torturous furmark is so I loaded it...
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    Old P4, will it work on P35 chipset?

    Not only that but your Prescott will run Cooler than ever!!. You see the Prescott developed much of it's heat due to the chipsets it ran on. With a modern more efficient chipset they run much cooler!! Check out my old 540 running on my Asus P5KE-wifi. I ran till my E8400 showed up!! I also...
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    E 8400 owners

    I am running a P5KE -wifi 8400 Wolfdale 2 x 1 gig of G.Skill 6400 HZ and so should you!! Foxconn 8800GTX PC&P 750watt psu This machine is Air-Cooled pumping colder air in from outside with a 4 inch squirrel cage fan and dryer hose blowing it on on lower portion of cpu cooler (Scythe)...
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    780i's are out..

    why don't you post up some cpuz shots and maybe some pics of your set up as a 30 inch monitor is kinda an odd size. you have really told us nothing of this alleged board. So why don't you show it off a bit for us doubters...... WZ
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    8800 GTS: Noise and Temperature

    The standard evga 8800GTS is just a fantastic card. It is quiet and an absolute terror. Now mind you my 6600 Conroe is running at 3825mhz daily. At that speed My 8800GTS scores 194,000 on Aquamark and 60,000+ on 3D01SE. As I said it is a terror. There is no game I can't play till I have had all...
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    Getting better airflow in my case.

    on the outside pumping air in. Close up the front of your case and put oin the side cover. you can't get air flow like that. It is also better to have positive airflow. that is just a little more going in than is going out. It keeps the dust down and helps everything stay cooler. Here is a link...
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    GSkill HZ 4X1GB Timings or raw oc?

    I run the G.Skill HZ also I have found with 4 sticks that most just think they need to loosen the timings way up. I have found that it is not necessary. It runs like a champ right here. This is with 2.3V to the memory. I have a 90mm fan blowing on my mem at all times. It benches and folds...
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    Radeon 2900XT = Nvidia 5800

    I knew a girl once that could suck start a leaf blower!! She was too damn loud too!! I remember the 5800fan almost made me react the way fingernails scratching a chalkboard did. You know the thing that bothers me was their were some who really overhyped this 2900 card to get people wound up to...
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    Wits end with a Evga 8800gts Freeze up & Crash

    Did you run driver cleaner it sounds like there may have been a conflict. And perhaps you just got a bad card. It does happen. Trust me get the card issue sorted and you will love the 8800GTS. WZ
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    Pre overclocked cards worth it?

    No Need to flash to change clocks!!!!! You flash to change a bios which inturn changes voltage settings. Just buy the Cheapest possible and clock it yourself. I just bought the cheapest EVGA 8800gts 320. For $259. Now the evga superclocked cost like $50 to $60 more. The cheap one comes...
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    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 Review

    Those were the days and flaming those that did not get it was mandatory!!! Aw times have changed.... WZ
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    Question about Gskill RMA policy.

    You people get tired of all the hypothetical B.S. Should refuse to RMA it because of stupid question syndrome. Leave the memory in the case and toss yourself into the fireplace... WZ
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    I need a new bios chip

    502-995-0883 ask for bios department. They will mail one out to you. Well at least they will for people on this side of the River!! A little windy over your way. WZ
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    Question about Gskill RMA policy.

    shoot an email to tell them you need an rma all they will want to know is where you bought it and when an fill out the form and they will send you an RMA#. Just like that! You will mail it off to them the day after they get it they will fedex replacement back to you! I speak from...
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    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 Review

    This is the best memory going you show no screenshots or no proof of anything you say. This is by far the best mem I have ever used!!! This is my Daily clock running my P5W DH with my 6600Conroe and G.Skill 6400HZ Show me all the other memory sticks out there that will run these...
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    8800GTS Plastic Shroud Removed, Major Temperature Drops

    oozish makes the "Deal With it" Statement like he has a clue? What is that? I like the way you are dealing with it! Anytime you can cut heatdown significantly you are dealing with it. You are making your card last longer. you are increasing your chance for better OC's if you decide to OC it. I...
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    Help with an old p4 motherboard

    That board will supoport your 2.8B just fine. Pop it in and put it to good use. Apply good thermal compund between processor and cooler and it will be a great pick up for him. WZ
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    Explain to me why ASUS sucks mokeyball...

    :D You say in the first post that you contacted the place you got it from. It is not Asus holding up an rma from a store. Before you shop at an E-tailer or local retailer find out what their return policies are. I bought a P5N-e sli from Newegg and it was DOA. I was testing it to be sure and...
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    Replacement mobo = must reformat?

    You will have to run your chipset disc that accompany's the board to put on all your drivers onto the new board but windows should be very happy since it is the same board. I have never had to re-install windows even when going to an ientirely differnt set up I have had to reactivate but, not...
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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe or Intel BadAxe2

    wait for the Much anticipated G00se Lake board arrives too. Or you could make any order and start enjoying the fastest system you ever had by this weekend or early next week. If it is frills you want then the P5W DH definately has them. I personally love the P5W DH. I have been running it since...
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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe or Intel BadAxe2

    They are both 975 Chipset at stock they will be virtually identical. Get whichever one is the least expensive or the one that appeals to your eye.Either will OC later should decide to try it. WZ
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    E6600 Overclock - Need Advice.

    Well you are for sure idling way too hot!! Still you need to download and run TAT from intel. I am, kinda baffled by the corsair psu. They have been just solid but, yours only making 10.52 volts on the 12volts rail is just way off. If that is correct you need to RMA that psu for another. If...
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    E6600 Overclock - Need Advice.

    When asking for help. Let us know the setup. Now you failed to mention just what motherboard you are running this processor on, you said nothing of the memory you ate using. you did not tell us what psu that only puts out just over 10v on the 12 volt line you are using. Shouldn't that alone tell...
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    7900GT temps skyrocketing

    I would just tell them on the rma form that the temps are excessive get the rma# ship it and offer no more than that much info. I am sure you will get a new one in the mail. And you can slide right past this. report back on the outcome. WZ
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    7900GT temps skyrocketing

    Most people don't get it right when they put a hsf on a vid card. If you give the one that came with the card a good ventilated case with good cool to cold air to use it would cool itself sufficiently even at high clocks. I would say you are stuck with one card. you need to rma it and if they...
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    7900GT temps skyrocketing

    And running as a daily clock on my card, GPU 700mhz and memory 980. My idle tamps are at 30C right now with even much higher clocks and my load temps never exceed 53C. My card is the E-VGA 7900GT "reloaded" The cooling is completely stock. I just have a great supply of cool to very cold air...
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    Asus False Advertising - P5NSLI

    All the better that chipset will do is 320fsb well quite frankly there is no reason anyone who reads anything would buy this board ever for what, SLI Good grief all of you who bought it should read more. not one person should own that POS!! Not one!! For any price for any reason. Then...