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    IRS quietly deletes guideline that Fortnite virtual currency must be reported on tax returns

    Only if everyone believes that monopoly hotels are worth something and they're willing to exchange goods and services for access to monopoly hotels.
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    Capture Carbon in Concrete Made With CO2

    they should make a car out of carbon.
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    TaaS.... Transportation as a service.... Ownership of your vehicle is only an illusion
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    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    Serious question, but how do you know M$ isn't still logging everything you do?
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    Cliff Bleszinski openly admits going woke can hurt games.

    I have no idea what the big deal is. I thoroughly enjoy superimposing strong cyborg females over my entire recollection of history of World War 2.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-Core Comet Lake-S Monster CPU Leaks With 5.1GHz Turbo Clock

    yo dawg i herd you like paying fo chipsets so i put a chipset in yo chipset so you can spend while you spend and I also herd you like 10900K's so I got my cat to test one
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    Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

    In the case of fecesbook, Spewgle or Shitter - this is definitely their fault because they are sovereign entities (their own countries in effect).
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    Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

    moral of the story - you can't trust any company or any product.... there is no amount of money you can pay to have them NOT track you. Don't like it? stop using electronic devices completely................ if you can.
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    Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

    But they arent..... and they wont. I interviewed with avast once for a position doing analytics. They said they deal with hundreds of millions of records, really a big data operation.... At the time i recall asking myself why in the fuck they have so much data and from where? Now i know...
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    China Closes Foxconn, Johnson & Johnson, And Samsung Factories Amid Virus Outbreak

    Viral contagion mutating into an economic contagion.... IIRC the world relies heavily on chinese growth.
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    Routers running Tomato firmware under attack

    hah! they would never guess my admin creds with my username/password of "fuck" and "yourself"
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    Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

    but then how do we artificially inflate Apple's stock price and keep giving more money to people that already have too much money???
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    AMD baits nVidia again

    AMD are sure turning into master baiters
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    Bose is closing ALL retail stores in US, Australia, Europe and Japan

    oh no! now where will I go to get my insanely overpriced speaker fix!??!!?!?
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    Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser launches on Windows and macOS

    Microsoft and Google, two surveillance giants, collaborate to make a web browser?
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    CES: Ireland-based app "HorsePal" monitors your expensive pets health

    Does it send you adverts for pet euthanasia pick up service?
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    I will never give facebook, apple, google etc permission to touch me or look at me.
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    WTB cheap PCI Express Graphics Card

    high profile? low profile?
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm refresh edition) *** 2/13 BACK TO $85 SHIPPED AMAZON

    So what is the difference between this and the 2600?
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    Intel Enthusiast-Grade K Processors in the Comet Lake-S Family Rumored to Feature 125 W TDP

    That cat isn't because he was vaporized in the initial testing.
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    Intel Enthusiast-Grade K Processors in the Comet Lake-S Family Rumored to Feature 125 W TDP

    Due to the heat this thing will generate when you overclock, just be aware of what happens when you turn it on:
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    Windows 10 2004 Under Development, Here Are the New Features

    Even if they "let" you turn off all of the telemetry, I don't know that I'd trust it. It's like buying a car where they market it as having a "random brake failure feature" - they say that the "feature" is turned off from the factory..... but is it really? I guess you won't know until your...
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    Google Chrome impacted by new Magellan 2.0 vulnerabilities

    are chrome derivatives (i.e. brave, Opera etc) vulnerable to this also ? I'm assuming so.
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    Security Flaw in Intel Technology - Rapid Storage

    I'm trying to get rid of all Intel hardware from my network. NIC's, chipsets, you name it. I'm actually running an AMD FX chip as my router with no Intel NIC inside. I just wonder at what point does all of this stop seeming so accidental and/or coincidental?
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    8 Core 16 thread APU from AMD (rumor)

    This is the laptop platform ill be upgrading to. The only game I really care to play is battlefield 4 anyway and it sounds like this thing will crush bf4.
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    Modern Warfare Will Show You Your Kill-Death Ratio For $20

    Have they sought monetization of player stats and the like the whole time too? Sorry I dont follow gaming trends THAT much. I just wonder how this isnt another example of the corporate/management class hiking up the cost of living for the average person via artificially inflating the cost of...
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    [Linus Tech Tips'] Response to YouTube's Shenanigans - Floatplane is Finally Here!

    I think Linus snorts espresso powder before every video.
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    Modern Warfare Will Show You Your Kill-Death Ratio For $20

    Welcome to the new normal. I can see shit like this becoming pervasive.
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    Warm? $299 Motile laptop (Walmart) 14" Ryzen 5, 8gb, 256 SSD, upgradable ram w/NVME

    Ill wait for used 150$ HP or Dell Ryzen laptops on ebay. Still running a 175$ elitebook 745 g3
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    China-Based Zhaoxin Targets 2021 for 7nm CPUs With PCIe 4.0, DDR5 Support

    How do you know for certain that Intel chips didn't have vulnerabilities baked in for the same reasons? You wouldn't ....and the fact that Intel doesn't seem too incredibly quick to fix their architecture and/or patch is kinda scary....
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    New Plundervolt attack impacts Intel CPUs

    I need to get into the CPU business so I can make a CPU and then bake vulnerabilities into them......... and sell access to the vulnerabilities to the highest bidder.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    Newly released footage of the core i9-10900K on air cooling!
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    PS3's Cell CPU is by far stronger than new Intel CPUs

    clickbait turns to clickbation
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    Intel still struggling with security

    Between this and the misleading advertising, as a consumer, I am SHOCKED that a pillar of ethics such as Intel would engage in these sorts of practices. Just kidding Intel is shit and we all know it. Time to stop pretending
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    Intel Markets Core i5-9600KF 6 Core CPU As Better Than AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

    This is totally surprising coming from a company that designed their chips around security shortcuts to juice performance, mislead consumers, strong-arm motherboard manufacturers and has engaged, generally, in anti-competitive practices for decades. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!