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    200ge as plex server?

    Plex is really reliant on what client you are planning on using for viewing the content. So if you use case is only you playing stuff back and you are using a Shield as a client, just about any system will work to run Plex. If you are going to be supporting 10 users with various clients, you are...
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    Whatkind of duallys do you have for 4K Plex usage? Advices?

    You shouldn't really use a CPU, get that P2000 Quadro. Search reddit for the video review. No CPU can reliably transcode the 4k stuff, let alone two 4k streams. If you are direct playing, then it is only a network issue and would not really hit the CPU. Everyone that uses Plex and has users...
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    Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 7.1 Wireless Headset Review @ [H]

    We had nothing but problems with them and I use quite a bit of Logitech stuff, so I wanted these to work. They did not. Tried returning them to BB, and then tried getting them fixed with RMA, but it never panned out and eventually they went into the trash. I also have a melon head and these...
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    Streaming Device - 1080p from PC to TV flawlessly

    Chromecasts suck, I gave like three of them away. The fire sticks are just OK, at least they have their own remote. The fire TV boxes are better, meaning faster responding and more support for direct play. The shield plays everything so far from Plex. Nothing compares to the support for video...
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    Streaming services build noob questions

    I would not say Plex is used for external streaming or playing warez at all. It has a good interface and is easy to use and setup first and foremost. Then you have the ability to stream to friends and family. If you want to point fingers at copyright violators, point to Kodi and not Plex. I...
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    Slowest loading games of all time

    GTA online. You cannot even lose focus or it will stop loading, so you have to painfully wait there with focus on the process....
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    Best Wireless Headset for Gaming?

    I have tried the 933 Artemis units a few times and have had terrible luck. No idea what causes it, but the units seem to drop connection all the time, like on the order of 5 to 8 times an hour. When it happens you have to power them off and back online. At first I thought it was a bad batch...
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    Far Cry 5

    Well I finished the game, and man, those were some shit endings. Love the game, went right back in and picked up where I left off and working on lighters and baseballs and shit. The endings though....
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    Far Cry 5

    IMO all vehicle controls in this game suck, I mean, just driving around can be painful. Also, while I love the game, the cut scenes can be a little obnoxious...
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    Far Cry 5

    I have task manager up on the other screen and when I play, I just see the memory use going up and up until it gets close to max and then the frames start to crawl. However, restarting solves the issue. For me it takes like a few hours to get to that point though, rig in sig.
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    Far Cry 5

    I hate it when fishing, fighting a stupid fish for 10 mins, then BAM, a cougar or bear starts eating you...
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    My son just bought it for me as well, and I'm enjoying it for now. Was planning on FC5 but waiting to hear how it is first. We have been playing co-op mode a little bit and it works pretty well.
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    So... i got a 4k tv but...

    I think he has the movie compressed with HEVC or something which requires a transcode to display it properly. The shield is the only extender that I know that will direct play nearly every type of compression/encoding.
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    Help... Nvidia driver stuck in limited RGB

    Did you change back to full from limited in the control panel? I have to do this on several monitors with my 970. Each driver install changes it back to limited.
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    So... i got a 4k tv but...

    It is probably the network connection. Just playing a 20 GB 4k movie from Plex shows constant 16 to 24 Mbps, and the larger 50 to 70 GB files are 50+ Mbps. I run a Plex server from rig in sig and use an nVidia Shield for the extenders. I don't share the 4k movies outside of my network due to the...
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    We must make all cryptocurrency as we know it today illegal.

    While I think a global currency other than drugs is needed, and I like crypto coins in general, I think the lack of rules and control will eventually bring problems. Eventually one or possibly many, of the scam coins, are going to hurt/tarnish the rest and create enough doubt it will eventually...
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    Buying GPU From Miner?

    I guess it depends on how much that money means to you. I'm in the same boat. My 970 is starting to act funny and there just aren't many options. I almost pulled the trigger today at BestBuy on a 1070 generic for $770, but then got to thinking, if it was a TI or a 1080, it would have been a done...
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    Nvidia's next Gaming GPU is codenamed Turing

    Any company in business, not just nVidia...
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    what is wrong with Doom?

    Works on all 5 systems here with fresh installations. These are bone stock systems, including the one in sig below, so not sure what you did. Are there others having the problems or is it only you?
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    censorship stinks

    Right, and posting political news then saying not to post anything political else you get banned... I get it, your board and all that...
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    Using a sata disk drive via usb?

    Does the drive have a power plug? Like is it supposed to have a 4 pin molex plugged in while it was in the old rack unit when it worked? I am not sure older drives can just be powered off the SATA connector and you will need to check voltages if you converted a USB to a 4 pin molex for power.
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    Are you guys still buying Intel CPU's inspite of Meltdown/Spectre ?

    I want to build a new system but do not want either bug, so when will they be shipping new CPU's without the issue? Probably close to the time video cards are MSRP I guess....
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    help me understand hard drive speeds, 2 hard drives

    It is one thing to come in here seeking help, but you don't already stated you didn't know. Our shit works and works well, hence why we are trying to help you out. Telling us we are wrong when you have the problem is silly. You need to do a lot more reading on the subject and then do some...
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    Taking full advantage of Gigabit fiber

    Honestly, it is hard to get those speeds, and why the cable company around here does not guarantee the gigabit speeds to your computer, just to your connection point. So they come over, do the install, put their meter on it, which goes back to their office or something, get 940 Mbps, and call it...
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    help me understand hard drive speeds, 2 hard drives

    Hopefully this will help out. First lets get the rates, so 150 Mbps is Mega bits per second, while 150 MBs is Mega bytes per second. The interface to the hard drive is SATA, and what you were asking is SATA 2 and SATA 3, which some people commonly call that SATA 3 Gbps and SATA 6 Gbps. That is...
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    Trying to install win 10 without creating an re partition

    What are you really trying to do? Are you trying to eliminate the 2/3/4 little partitions when Windows does it? Because you shouldn't do that, just let Windows partition it the first time out.
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    Big Question - After 40 years do I abandon tricked out rigs for GeForce Now et al

    Build a rig, have some fun. You may find some uses for it, like a plex server and some modern gaming like xcom2. You never know. The incremental stuff in the above posts are more for people who rebuild every two years. I am currently wanting to build a new rig myself, but due to video card...
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    Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf speaker

    Agreed, I bought mine right after these came out, and was my only time ever getting a price mistake honored. I love them to this day.
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    this has got to be the most inflated GPU price yet!

    Well that and the fact that a billion new coins seem to appear each day...
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    this has got to be the most inflated GPU price yet!

    I'm confused at the meaning of this word. Can someone explain it to me?
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    Rate this gaming PC build.

    Honestly, any of the big ones, like Dell or HP or something just due to video card prices. I mean, you can get a whole PC for nearly the cost of a stand alone video card right now.
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    Testing Wifi singal and Wifi booster

    All I said in the very first response was to run a speed test, since it hasn't been established that the OP is having any type of connection issues at all. or something. Essentially the only thing posted is that the OP wants a bigger antenna on his new laptop but for what reason, I...
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    Testing Wifi singal and Wifi booster

    Test your stuff, post the numbers....
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    Testing Wifi singal and Wifi booster

    Just adding more antenna may create issues. Test your stuff, post the numbers, and we can go from there. If you just want to pimp out your ride, put a spoiler on it instead...
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    Rate this gaming PC build.

    Is this pre-built and what resolution will you be gaming? Also, what games? Honestly right now, buying a video card might be a bad idea due to the price. I am hoping that soon the prices will come back to Earth, so saving money on CPU to put into a video card right now is probably not the best...
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    Testing Wifi singal and Wifi booster

    While I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, I would start with some simple runs and verify you are getting your proper internet speed. Other than that, are you saying that you are having connection issues and need more signal strength? What wireless router/access point are you...
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    Wondering when I'll be able to post

    While I understand your reaction Starkman, Ocellaris is correct, plus it helps weed out the spam bots and dickheads that like to steal from forum members.
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    To upgrade, or buy new?

    I'm in the same boat, and I'm going to wait. I play the same games generally, and I'm not having any issues so I'm going to wait. This is mainly due to the cost of current video cards and their stock status. If my video card was dying today, I would probably buy a pre-built Dell or something...
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    FPS Toxicity

    The ignore function is the most underutilized tool in modern gaming....
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    CHEAP Plex server hardware suggestions?

    Have any of you tested the CPU stress on transcodes lately? I mean, I posted something a while back about it, where the x.265 transcodes went from 100% CPU in sig to nearly nothing, like less than 10% CPU. With the 2600K in sig, I can game and have plex serving up to six or so streams no problem...