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    Sold: EVGA GTX1070 Gaming

    $165 + 20 shipping
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    Sold: EVGA GTX1070 Gaming

    $170 + 20 shipping
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    Sold: EVGA GTX1070 Gaming

    $175 + 20 shipping
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    Sold: EVGA GTX1070 Gaming

    **Sold** Full disclosures, I purchased this card second hand from a local who says he was a casual gamer. I pretty much never gamed on this card but I mined Ethereum on it for approximately 6 months with a conservative undervolt/overclock (and made barely jack sh*t in the process LOL). Card...
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    Heavily Overclocked RTX 2080 Ti Averages 51 FPS in 3DMark Raytracing Benchmark

    Curious why this type of event is held in Vietnam?
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    Tom Cruise Thinks You Should Turn Off Motion Interpolation

    This stuff makes me motion sick, walk into Costco every time and I SMH at the awful motion smoothing. As I get older I realize I easily get motion sick though.
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    FS: 2X XFX XXX RX580 8GB + Vintage NOS Cambridge 5.1 DTT2500 Speaker Set

    Bump for some sweet surround speakers. Pretty sure these would be comparable or maybe even better than the Bose crap from the same era. I just dont have the physical space to use them!
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    FS: 2X XFX XXX RX580 8GB + Vintage NOS Cambridge 5.1 DTT2500 Speaker Set

    Heat feedback under Mr.Sneis CONUS Only, I am located in PHX AZ PP Regular Goods Please don't be the guy who PM's me and then drops off the face of the earth More pics are available on request Cambridge Soundworks DTT 2500 5.1 Surround Sound These are for the OG's from the early 2000's, we...
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    The Nintendo 64 Classic Could Be Arriving Soon

    The real value is the upscaling capability of these things. N64 is not so easy to get the best p.q. out of so this is a much cheaper and easier route.
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    Good thing I sold my 1070 at a huge loss in anticipation, was actually worried it would drop further in value.
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    FS: Red Devil Golden Sample RX580 8GB

    Powercolor Red Devil Golden Sample RX580 8GB w/ Micron Memory Purchased Newegg Open Box June 2018, it arrived and to me appeared brand-new with seals intact. Will provide receipt upon request. Mining Ethereum as a single-card PC with light overclock on memory and undervolted since arrival...
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    New Research Shows That Owning an iPhone Is the Most Common Sign of Wealth

    Slummin' it with our cheapo s9+'s ! Wealthy in spirit and android flexibility.
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    Spend 50$, get Free Pi 3

    Damn arrow is killing it with deals lately; a week or so ago was free overnight ship no minimum. Mouser and digikey never offer anything.
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Were you guys this harsh on movies when you were kids?
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    $125.33 Not bad!
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    FS: $150 Bestbuy Giftcard

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    FS: $150 Bestbuy Giftcard

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    FS: $150 Bestbuy Giftcard

    Bump $125
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    FS: $150 Bestbuy Giftcard

    I have 3x $50 BB Giftcards; I don't plan to use them anytime soon so I may as well try to get some cash on them if I can. I think $125 shipped sounds fair via regular snail mail? One of the three I scratched the PIN area stuff off just to check to see what one of those Cash for Giftcard...
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    Best Buy trade in laptop for $50GC and $100 pixelbook coupon

    Will give this a try; I attempted this same deal last year and basically got told no for a laptop that worked under its own power. Guy treated me like I was a hobo trying to get drug money, I was pretty insulted.
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    Getting started w/ modest initial investment - Mining, trading and more, worthwhile?

    You missed the boat by a few weeks writing your super long posts, should have bought at the most recent crash prices!
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    FS: (2) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070s and 1 Asus 1070 GTX

    Another AZ guy, nice license plate!
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    EVGA GTX 1070 Ti @ $449 (used)

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    Crypto GPU lot: Evga GTX 1050ti 4gb (2x), Evga 1070 8gb, Gigabyte 1070ti 8gb

    Oh man sorry guys these went a while ago now
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    When will the dam break that holds used GPU prices above new MSRP?

    I am hopeful that the prices will come down, that regular people can grab volta/ampere, and that the crypto market recovers. Unfortunately those things seem mutually exclusive but could also just as easily bat 0 for 0!
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    Crypto GPU lot: Evga GTX 1050ti 4gb (2x), Evga 1070 8gb, Gigabyte 1070ti 8gb

    Calling it quits on my GPU mining setup for now. Cards will come with complete original packaging, mint condition, will also provide you proof of purchase for warranty concerns. Obviously all cards are working and very well. No cards were registered nor do they require it as far as I know...
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    Bitmain to release Antminer F3 Ethereum ASIC miner with 72GB DDR3

    Does this mean the end for small time ETH miners?
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    The story of my Pentium 4 3.06 GHz to 3.4 GHz Mobile Computer

    Please tell me you did not pay those prices in 2017/18.
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    FS: Asus GTX560 DirectCu

    Pentium sold
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    FS: Asus GTX560 DirectCu

    Just trying to clear some stuff, no big money items but would be nice if they could find new homes. *CPU SOLD* G3258 was a daily use chip for maybe 2 years, never overclocked ~ retail complete with HSF $35 shipped Asus GTX560 I can't recall ever really using this card other than to test a rig...
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    Thinking about getting into mining on a small scale

    Those old rigs just need some modern gpus; if you can get some for a good price is the challenge today.
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    Ick nicehash down

    Are the ram chips different on your cards?
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    Nvidia Cards unavailable for the next three months - as fabs switch over to manufacturing Volta?!?

    The crypto market shit the bed today, anyone snag any cards?
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    EVGA GTX1070TiSC "Bad" Memory OC

    FE should be Samsung based on what I read. AIB's seem to use Micron or Hynix. I bet your 1070TI is Micron. Hynix seems to be the worst at OC and performance.
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    Pm with question
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    * Closed *

    I feel bad posting this but its gotta be said. This guy makes no sense... I am/was willing to purchase at his price. He told me he wasn't sure if he wanted to sell or not. Usually I have problems with buyers flaking out, this seems to be the other way around....
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    Ick nicehash down

    wow btc just took a huge dip moments ago... remember it spiking as NH went down.
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    * Closed *

    Attempting to buy this but seller seems... too busy??