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    CAT7 patchpanel

    The client is stupid, probably through no fault of their own. (Politely) tell them so. (I get the impression this is one of those scenarios where an inexperienced netadmin or someone's kid is whispering into the buyer's ear and they want to do the equivalent of slapping "Type-R" stickers all...
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    CAT7 patchpanel

    Why are you looking to install Cat 7? It's not specified for any ethernet spec. It's a niche product at best aimed at data centers (that are already using fiber anyways). It has no real future. Cat 6a is the highest level of twisted-pair specified for any ethernet standard, and is good for up...
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    Trying to segment the network with 2 routers and a modem

    Pretty much. Both LANs would be set up pretty much identically. On the second VLAN, the old router would just be another device at the same level as any other wired device. It would have all of its services disabled (e.g., DNS resolution, DHCP) as they're now handled by the ER-X (or whatever you...
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    Trying to segment the network with 2 routers and a modem

    Two routers isn't going to work. The cable modem will only support one. You could put one behind the other, but then you end up with things like double-NAT and it gets kinda messy, also one segment is never truly isolated from the other. A true "router" (in the traditional sense), such as...
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    Ubuntu + Win10 VM

    Also, consider installing Proton for gaming under Linux. Gaming under a Windows VM is probably going to be sub-optimal, even if you get GPU pass-though working properly.
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    Samsung PM981 OEM SSD

    Broadly, the PM981 is the same as the original retail Evo 970 (non "Plus" model, equivalent there would be the PM981a). It should perform and behave basically the same. There are a lot of reviews of both versions out there. My guess (not looking up the spec pages) is that the MLC of the 850 Pro...
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    Build Now or Wait?

    Definitely wait. Only reason to upgrade right now is if your current setup is for work and costing you money (i.e., lost time). Intel and AMD both have new CPU lines coming up. AMD and Nvidia have new GPUs coming soon. In a few months or so things could look fairly different and get you more...
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    Need efficient PSU for 24/7/365 on home server

    There's not much the org can legally do to go after companies that use weasel language like "80-Plus compliant", make up their own fake certs, or improperly use the OEM's cert instead of getting their own (kinda a silly requirement, but whatever). They could maybe try suing for trademark...
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    Need efficient PSU for 24/7/365 on home server

    Got any citations? First I've ever heard anyone claim the cert is broken.
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    Fan Project

    I think you'll find that batteries will run down pretty quick. You may instead want to look at getting a 12 V power brick with a sufficient current (amps) rating for the fan(s) you intend to use. Or look into something like this.
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    Need efficient PSU for 24/7/365 on home server

    The Wikipedia article covers the various 80-Plus efficiency ratings pretty well. A gold-rated PSU would probably be fine, anything higher may not be worth the cost relative to the actual power saved. Assuming all this system is going to be used for is file serving (not running virtual host...
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    Stupid question of the day

    Yes, that will work just fine. The only tiny "gotcha" that immediately comes to mind is if the stand-alone switch is gigabit and the router's build-in switch is only 10/100 Mb. Any communication between the devices on the stand-alone and the one hanging off the router will be only 100 Mb. But...
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    New house intranet wiring

    No, do not bother with Cat 7/8. There's absolutely no point. Literally no ethernet spec calls for either. Anything faster than 10 Gb/s is using fiber. No normal house requires shielded cable. And they are much more difficult to install properly. 10 Gb/s ethernet is only just starting to become...
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    New house intranet wiring

    Outside of installing proper conduit in the walls/ceilings/etc., there is no such thing as future-proofing. Don't try, just do your best to estimate your equipment and needs for now and the near future and build to that. The conduit, spare patch panel jacks (or space for a second panel), and a...
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    Is an SSD RAID 0 worth it?

    RAID 0 is for large/fast scratch disks only. Never use one for anything you want to keep. If anything, you risk slowing down the OS because you've placed another layer in the works that will add complexity and latency. An OS or app is generally a lot of smaller library files and such, and the...
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    Thermalright, where did the go?

    Their US distribution has always been somewhat spotty IIRC, and in the last few years they've been knocked out of the market by comparable products (e.g., Noctua), and cheap copies (e.g., Coolermaster).
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Pretty sure Abrams had absolutely nothing to do with Breaking Bad. That was created/run by Vince Gilligan.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I always felt Insurrection was fine if thought of as a season seven two-parter (it's much better than many episodes that season, such as "Data Goes All Jim Carrey" or "Crusher Screws a Candle").'' Nemesis, agreed, is a friggin' mess.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    I'd like to see something much lower in height, basically designed to unobstructively sit at the bottom of the case. Similar to the PSUs used in the various cheese-grater PowerMacs/Mac Pros or some HP workstations I've seen. It should also be implicitly designed for passive cooling, but with the...
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    I like the idea of simplifying the voltages/connections to the mainboard. I'm not so certain about having SATA/etc. power coming off the mainboard to the drives, though it's certainly less of an issue these days than in the past (e.g., the proliferation of m.2, disappearing optical drives)...
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    Should I Upgrade?

    Is it possible that simply upgrading with additional RAM might help? A larger/faster SSD for storing datasets? Can anything be offloaded to/accelerated by a better GPU? Are there any benchmarks available for similar data analysis applications that might give you an idea of where the best focus...
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    RAID 0 x8 older SSD... worth it?

    I can't imagine using something like that for anything more than a cheap scratch disk for A/V work, nor putting much money into it. Maybe if you can find a cheap SATA3/SAS2 card (e.g., something based on the LSI 2008). Generally, +1 to what sinisterDei said.
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    Should I Upgrade?

    For a software dev/office machine, I can't see much good reason to replace what you have. Unless maybe you're doing DB work, compiles, etc. where additional cores may potentially be beneficial and save you significant time.
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    Corsair 275R Hex Screw Replacements

    Assuming contacting Corsair directly doesn't work out: Take one of the screws to the local hardware store, they should have those test fittings to determine exactly what size the screw is. They may even have something suitable as a replacement, but don't count on it. You're more likely to find...
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    Taming the beast (24-disk file server)

    Something I recently found here: The pricing actually seems pretty reasonable. They also have intakes, larger sizes, and a fair number of related products. No...
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    Replace UBNT AP-AC-Pro with TP-Link EAP245v3?

    Yeah, AFAIK the only advantage the Unifi routers/switches have (along with the APs) is the centralized management interface. Also, from what I understand, they're simply not as flexible as what you can do with the Edgerouter/switch series. I've been itching a bit to replace my ER-Lite (already...
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    Replace UBNT AP-AC-Pro with TP-Link EAP245v3?

    It sounds like you're running the controller directly on your PC/Mac? Yeah, that's flaky in my experience. Things for me got a lot better when I moved the Unifi controller off into it's own container on my Proxmox box. If you have a VM host of any kind, or even just a spare RPi hanging around...
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    Small installations, rPi vs PC-based VM server?

    For actually running a hypervisor, I think I'd rather go with a x86 platform. The apps/tools (e.g., Proxmox, VMware, KVM) are more flexible and mature, there's fewer problems with compatibility (e.g., docker containers not compiled for ARM), and the hardware is just generally more powerful. If...
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    Frys going out of Business

    Looks like Fry's is starting to consider redeveloping and/or selling off their properties: Not the first Bay Area site I'd of thought to go this way. Campbell is a small POS store in a high-traffic...
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    The weakest link (pick my PC apart).

    For a heavy gaming, light office/internet machine, I can't see anything listed that could objectively be improved by any upgrade. A new CPU isn't going to be appreciably faster. More RAM isn't going to help any current game. Real-world, NVMe SSDs are barely faster than SATA units. And as noted...
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    Powerline Net Adapters.

    Better off with MOCA v2 adapters if you have coax running to each location. Though you will need to put in a filter and for best performance perhaps replace splitters.
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    Thoughts/suggestions for new build

    The Ryzen 3000 series (Zen 2) is a good step up from the 2000 series (Zen+). I'd say get the 3700X or 3800X instead for 8 cores/16 threads if you can swing it (though that $150 sale price for the 2700 does seem hard to pass). What resolution/frequency is your display?
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    Frys going out of Business

    Yeah, Sunnyvale was the original. They're currently on their third store there, however, which is how Palo Alto was the "oldest operating" location.
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    Frys going out of Business

    The Palo Alto store is now closed. Ostensibly, it's because they lost the lease (there is a redevelopment effort in the area), but FWIW original reports had them closing the location next month.
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    My first gaming pc-Need advice!

    I'd be looking towards a Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) series instead. Also wary of Kingston ever since they pulled a couple instances of downgrading models mid-run.
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    Starting to build a new system after years.

    IIRC, Intel CPUs are still best for most gaming. However, the gap is much narrower with the AMD Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) series. If budget dictates and/or you're using some other app that could use the extra cores/threads AMD gives for the money I wouldn't hesitate to go that direction. Any reason...
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    How to get Windows to recognize this mSATA SSD?

    That's odd. It shouldn't need any specific driver besides what comes with Win10. Was the SATA controller always set to AHCI, or was it previously set to RAID or ($DEITY forbid) IDE mode? If your main concern is getting files off of it, a USB-mSATA adapter would probably work. Alternately you...
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    Frys going out of Business

    For shits and giggles I stopped by the San Jose store this afternoon. I figured if any store were to be stocked as they'd promised they would be for the holidays, it would be the location shared with their corporate offices (or maybe Sunnyvale, the spiritual birthplace of the chain). I didn't...
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    OS or games on fastest drive? Does it even matter?

    Agree with the prior posts. OS pretty much always goes on the fastest drive, and it's unlikely you're going to see any difference between NVMe and SATA for hosting games.
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    Which distro to install on IBM ThinkPad x41 (Centrino 1.5Ghz/1.5GB RAM)? Want to learn Linux on it..

    The X41 came in regular notebook and 2-in-1 versions. OP has the latter. Place I used to work at issued some of these. OK systems overall, but the tiny 1.8" HDD was painfully slow even 14-15 years ago (it's a c.2005 system IIRC) before we all discovered just how much better SSDs are. OP...