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    lower end touchscreen laptops - Yoga types?

    It's summer and my kids are driving me nuts. They spend most of their time in minecraft type low end games so specs don't need to be crazy. I have an 8ft workbench with three desktops on it. I have a total of 5 kids and 3 desktops. They luckily play nicely together most of the time in games when...
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    Quiet and cheap SFP+ 10G switch with more than 2 ports?

    Title is pretty much everything. I have two systems running 10G right now but now I want to add my desktop and probably another server. I have had a taste of 10G and now 1G just wont do. How quiet? a lot quieter than an R710. My server rack is in my walk in closet attached to my bedroom. I've...
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    WTB AM4 ITX mobo & Mobo for Xeon 2670V1

    AM4: I had one of those $50 biostar motherboards but had to RMA it. Newegg refunded me instead of sending me another. I won't be overclocking in the ITX so chipset probably doesn't matter to me much. I think everything has NVME slots and thats really the only thing I need Xeon I've had a dell...
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    RDP only allowed on domain

    I work remotely 100% of the time. The company laptop is shit and has TM and a bunch of nanny trash on it. I use one of my machines and just RDP into the work machine when I actually have to. I have to VPN into work on both machines just to RDP into the work laptop in the same room as me. Here...
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    OLED Screens - have it on my laptop

    I found a mint condition Lenovo Yoga X1 with the OLED recently with the 6600u and the OLED screen for a decent price and after more than 24 hours with this machine I really wish I could buy an 8th gen CPU with a screen like this! Really all this screen has done is make me 10x more likely to buy...
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    FS Gigabyte Vega 56 $500 one left

    ONE LEFT $500 each shipped 3 Gigabyte Vega 56s ( 2 were bought direct from newegg(11/7/2017) and 1 was bought from newegg through ebay(Nov 16, 2017). Yes I mine... Underclocked in an open setup with tons of airflow. the...
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    powercolor RMA --> worst company ever?

    They emailed me a confirmation that they received my card on March 6th. This was well after the tracking shows they received it but oh well moving on right? Emailed them APr 2 to see what the holdup was and a generic processing email. I haven't heard anything else from them not any kind of...
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    Titan V in stock

    As much as I'd like to grab a couple I just can't justify it... They'll be sold out quickly.
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    dwarfpool eth alternative

    I've been on dwarfpool for a very long time but the site has been down longer than I'm comfortable with. I haven't read anything much and the shares keep submitting but I think its time to bail to a different pool. Anybody have some suggestions?
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    Motherboard shortage too in search of reasonably priced mobos

    If you haven't checked recently all of the motherboards I've seen listed as confirmed 6+ GPU's capable boards are sold out. Anybody know of any around $100 on newegg or amazon or somebody else thats good? I'm seeing backorders on motherboards even so I know things are nuts right now. I'm pretty...
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    large scale burst setups?

    Yeah theres some burst threads... Lets just talk specifically about scaling burst rigs up here. I'm sitting here with a ryzen 7 with a bunch of internal drives and every USB3 port also plugged. What are my best options for ramping things up? I have an R710 home server but the C2100 has a lot...
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    dont touch nicehash

    yes its back but read the words carefully. The balance they owe doesn't have any promise of being paid out in any way. They have simply said they'll announce by 1/31 when/if any funds will be returned. Don't be an idiot and just stay far far away from these scammers.
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    SaaS billing for a lil guy?

    I'm rolling out two different software services soon and I need to get the billing side of things taken care of. Does anybody have experience with one that has a solid api? I'm considering just using a payment gateway but I'd prefer a full blown invoicing/payment setup that can handle account...
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    smart plugs vs killawatt

    I'm getting kinda sick of swapping the kill a watt I have in and out. Can any of these smart plugs out there handle like 1200w and work for a mining rig for power monitoring and remote turn on/off? Or is there something else i should look into?
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    dcred pools?

    I've been on sia for quite a while and I'm switching to decred. Which pool are you guys on?
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    mining on the 560's?

    What are you guys getting out of your 560's? I have tons of risers and other stuff sitting here and I'm really considering just ordering a bunch of these cards vs half as many say 570's. Is this a reasonable strategy or will you talk me out of it?
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    xplotter restart plotting?

    I have quite a few plots partially made but for whatever reasons never completed. when I run xplotter from command line it plots at 1600 nonces/min but if I use the AIO it plots 10x that speed. What am I doing wrong here for plotting? its a 2670V1 8 core.
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    2670V1 worth mining on? Bringing burst drives online

    Is there anything worth pointing one of these old 8 core Xeons at? I'm building a new desktop and this is being pushed into oddball VM duties while my R710 continues as the file server. I have some retired storage drives I'm plugging into burst tonight that'll be housed in this machine. its...
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    WTB I3/I5 ITX Combo (must support NVME)

    I'm primarily looking for CPU/motherboard but may be interested in a case too. I could probably work with micro ATX too. The most important part of this is supporting x4 pcie M.2 drives. Please let me know what you have.
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    sit/stand giant monitor?

    I have a 55" Sony 4k and I really want to switch to a sit/stand desk. Do they make desk mount monitor arms capable of holding a giant monitor? I
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    Freenas switching from hard drive to USB stick

    I originally set the OS up on a WD raptor drive and I've since decided that I want to use every available connection for more drives in my array. Any suggestions for moving the freenas boot location?
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    WTB 4tb+ hard drives for nas i'm building

    Let me know what you guys have. I'm needing 4 drives depending on size/price I can find. Warranty would be nice but not essential.
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    building home NAS - which raid card?

    which 8 port raid card should I get? I'm building initially a 4 * 4tb raid 5 but I plan on expanding it to 8 drives as time goes on. The 4 drives I can cool properly in my previous desktop case but once it jumps up to 8 I need to move to a more NAS friendly case. I plan on using an SSD for the...
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    Change request tracking/handling

    I started a new job about a month back and basically there is a terrible paper-based workflow that is basically like hey Change X needs to happen here's a basic form fill it out and bring it the Brian who then signs, writes some notes and sends it along to the next guy and there's a flow of...
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    worth firing up a 280x?

    I still have most of my non GPU hardware from back when I did a ton of mining back a ways. I have a 280x just sitting here doing nothing and several 1050ti's. Should I reassemble anything? I can get my hands on quite a few GPU's cheap if I wanted to but should I?
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    is 55" 4k too big for monitor?

    I'm really tempted by the X850d Sony X850D Review (XBR55X850D, XBR65X850D, XBR75X850D, XBR85X850D) I write code all day and have started putting money aside for a big 4k tv as a monitor. I think 49" is probably the sweet spot for size/workspace. I'm used to multiple dell ultrasharp 24" 1080p...
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    Merge monitors like eyefinity does

    The specific feature that I want is making my 24" ultrasharps act as a single screen so that portrait is more usable. Those super thin bezels are nice but things just get "stupid" when windows thinks of them as 2 monitors. At work I use a laptop that is Intel with an Nvidia card. Apparently the...
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    $400-500 work screen

    I write code all day and I'm currently running dual U2414H's and I would prefer a singular large screen possibly with these two alongside. What should I be looking at? 4k tv's? ultrawides?
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    chroma 4:4:4 on cheap 4k tvs?

    Any suggestions? Most of the decent priced ones I've been seeing aren't quite there. I'm a programmer so I want readability and don't need 60hz. I'm just getting sick of going 3 monitors wide to see everything I need to see. I'm thinking about adding a USB dock just to add more monitors but why...
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    split folder into multip .zip files

    The .zip file part is key. The 7zip style .001 and the winzip style .z01 is causing trouble for some retarded users I'm trying to transfer files to. Is there a way to quickly make a folder into All around 700Mb in size? Apparently the IT department with...
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    coming back to mining --> get me caught up?

    Anybody with some cliff notes? I still have some 750ti's and some oddball AMD's. and basically all of my mobo's, CPU's, RAM, PSU's so for purchases I would ONLY have GPU's to stock up on if GPU's are useful anywhere.
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    Intel's crosspoint

    So where does this new Intel memory fall? On the marketing diagrams it is under DDR and above SSD's. So is the plan some kind of stepping stone between pcie based SSD's and RAM?
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    High end office scanners

    Anybody on here have experience with scanning massive stacks of various sized documents? Where I work currently they scan in thousands of pages of received mail every day. The condition of the pages is often pretty bad and the sizes are pretty random. They're used to using a Canon DR-7550C...
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    .net image resizing

    I'm bulk removing about 300Gb of attachments that a previous developer was storing in a SQL DB. I'm moving them all to the file system and have started finding the image sizes are frequently far larger than they should be. ANybody have a suggestion for which library to use for shrinking the...
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    blu ripping drive

    Yes I did search but the threads were old. Is the LG still the drive to get for ripping? or should I look at something different?
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    WTB: PS plus

    My PS plus expired shortly after black friday so I need another year to unlock all of the games i have on it. If anybody has a nice discounted one hit me up.
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    best laptop wifi card with N600 support?

    My current router tops out at N600 and my Lenovo Laptop came with some POS Intel 7260 that doesn't even have 5Ghz support. I flashed the bios to kill the whitelist and enable the overclocking features I have a dual band Intel 5100 card that I popped into it. My 2.4 band is usually bogged down by...
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    FS: 270's, 280's, 290's, RAM, CPU's, Mobo's oh my

    ALL PRICES OBO. I am shipping from 49047. Please factor that in when making me offers 290's: RAM: Combos: Power Supplies: Wanted: * netflix 1 year sub * PS4 * 4th gen I5/I7 or a great 3rd gen offer Ref's: Heatware: 40-0-0
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    WTB: Haswell quad core $200 and less

    Both newegg and amazon have the 4590 for $199 as a fallback but I thought I'd see what you guys have here first. My old I7 860 rig has been causing me problems lately and I'm too busy to properly troubleshoot it right now so I tossed one of my mining rig boards into my desktop which uses an...
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    I just turned off 3 rigs

    temps outside are approaching 90 and with rentals down in the 0.00087 with most of the straight mining coins are like half of that I decided to turn my 3 rigs that aren't currently rented OFF until prices spike again. Its just not worth the fight on some days.