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    Please Help Me

    Wasn't sure where to post this. If its in the wrong place mods please move it. Okay so I tried Windows 10 again after trying the initial version. Installed fine, was relieved to find an actual start menu that I can use. And then just like Windows 8 it kicked me square in the nuts. I have...
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    Crossfire option missing in CCC

    Man I hope someone can help me before I go insane. I started playing Far Cry 4 yesterday and it ran like shit. Since I havent updated drivers in a few moths downloaded the latest from AMD. And then the fun started. No matter what I do the crossfire option does not appear. I've tried 4 different...
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    WTB 110'+ Ethernet Cable

    If anyone has a spare cable sitting around I desperately need one. I used to own a crimper and made my own cables but shit happened and now I need to buy one crimped and ready to go. Of course it has to be at least cat 5 and can be any length as long as its 110' minimum. Locally the cheapest...
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    WTT Watercooled 7950 For Tabpro 8.4

    Looking to trade my Sapphire 7950 with EK block for a Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4. The card has been in my backup pc so it has VERY little use on it. I will include the stock aircooler and packaging. I would like to do this ASAP. Please pm me any offers and your references. My heat...
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    WTB 1155 MB ASAP

    Need either a Z68 or Z77 ATX MB . Hopefully it will support 3 way crossfire. Have paypal waiting.
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    WTB 7970

    Looking for a reference 7970. Would be excellent if watercooled. Payment will be via Paypal.
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    2 - XFX 4890's with EK blocks $120

    Have 2 4890's that I just pulled out of a secondary system for sale. Never had any issues with them and they ran very cool. I've never oced them so I couldn't tell you any numbers. They will come w/o any accessories or retail packaging. One card has the mounting bracket trimmed as shown in the...
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    WTB Tombraider

    Looking to purchase a code for Tombraider. Have Paypal waiting :)
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    Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite

    SOLD I have a 2 extra coupon code from the 3 7950's I recently bought. I'll take $30 per coupon which includes both games and Blood Dragon I believe when its released. Paypal only and all sales are final. I can either scratch the code and email it or send it via snail mail. No calling dibbs...
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    7950 crossfire vs 470 3 way sli

    Thanks for the replies :)
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    WHS 2011

    Do any of you use WHS 2011 as your main os? I recently picked up a copy and was wondering what pitfalls I would run into using it as a main os. If its a major hassle I'll end up selling it and picking up another copy of Win 7. Since its OEM I don't want to tie it to a pc if its not going to work...