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    Options for cooling my RX580...water AIO?

    I hope you find a solution as I haven't been able to find anything that will fit this card. A repaste definitely helped in my case. I can't even find an aftermarket air cooler that will fit this card.
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    GTX 1080 TI Overclocking Results

    Try, I run XOC = no limits.
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    (First) new build, disappointing figures, OC possible?

    With a 16 degree difference between cores, my thought is bad delid, bad cooler mount or both.
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    Tweaking Z370 Hero X - 9900K

    What are SA and IO reading?
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    Thanks that was helpful, wish asus would clarify what these settings do and when to use them.
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    I have a Hero X and am looking for info on all of the voltage adjustments that can be made. Asus of course cant be bothered with any real explanation of what these voltages do so I am asking here. I have googled for these voltages until my fingertips have bleed. Is there a resource that I can...