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    Need suggestions for a case with vertical GPU mount

    I'm looking to upgrade a case. The current case has a 240mm radiator on top for CPU cooling aswell as a 120mm radiator in the back for the GPU cooler. But I would like to mount GPU vertically so I'm looking to buy a case for a good price that can accept what I already have but gives me the...
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    ok here is the system I currently have. im wanting to start a new build with preferably a X470-F motherboard. I already bought a new case and plan on using most of the parts from this system and I have most parts to put back in to make this complete again but I will need a ryzen cpu as I plan on...
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    im looking to sell a couple hundred in BTC

    I've got a couple hundred in Bitcoin im looking to off it is in my Coinbase account.. I would prefer payment Paypal FF. it really hurts that Coincase took the transfers to Paypal away lol.. Anyways Thanks
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    WTB: 750+ Watt PSU

    im looking for atleast a 750 watt power supply must have 4 PCI-E connecters.. Modular is better aswell. just seeing what is out there?? can pay Paypal, BTC (Bitcoin), XMR (Monero)
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    I'm looking to purchase another XFX R9 380 4GB GDDR5 for the Ryzen system I just built if the price is right.. the exact model I have now the box say's model no: R9-380P-45 part no: R9-380P-4255
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    help gett watercooling setup on ryzen

    Ok i have the asus prime x370-pro, ryzen 1700 and the aigo water liquid cpu cooler t240 240mm radiator i cant seem to find the instructions.. can someone please help me getting this thing setup I have the radiator and severything in the case but been having to run the system the last few day...
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    WTB: AMD Ryzen 1700 or better & DDR4 3200

    I'm building my new rig I want to go with atleast a Ryzen 1700. also wanting some DDR4 Memory I would like to go with 3200 also I'm a big fan of G Skill so if you have that brand its a plus.. the board this stuff will be going into is a ASUS Prime X370-Pro
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    WTB: Cooler cord for Gigabyte 7970

    looking for a cooler cord for my Gigabyte HD 7970, my actual stock cooler is fine but I messed the cord that attaches the 3 fans up and cant seem to find a replacement, all the cords I find are 4pin that plug into the actual card where mine is 3pin. so hoping for luck on finding a replacement...
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    WTB: 5TB to 8TB Hard Drives

    looking to buy a couple 5 to 8tb hard drives
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    Thermaltake Versa N21 and Corsair H100i

    has andbody ran the Corsair H100i in this Thermaltake Versa N21 case???
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    WTB: 6-8GB Video Card, Asus Xonar Sound Card, Power Supply an maybe Case

    I am looking for a few items to complete my new build I want a 6 to 8gb video card.. a asus xonar sound card must be pci-e. I plan on using my 1000 watt power supply currently in my rig so looking for something smaller to take its place in this system. I bought a case that said my corsair h100i...
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    WTB: Power Connector for the 3 fans on Gigabyte HD7970

    I have a Gigabyte HD7970 and the power connector cable got messed up that connects the 3 fan's from it to the actual card. figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone has this. also could use the screw's that screw the shroud holding the 3 fans to the card.. Thanks {H}
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    cheap case to fit h100i and 2.5" drives

    looking for a nice cheap case to fit my h100i and also accept 2.5" drives. I currently have a white Apevia X Sniper 2 I do really like the case but it will not take the h100i with 2 fan attached onto it, I had to run a smaller radiator with a 120mm fan attached.
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    GA-990FXA-UD3/FX8320/G.SKILL Ripjaws X F3-1866C9D-16GXM

    I have the current setup as stated above my issue is I have never been able to get the memory to run faster then 1333. any suggestions?
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    WTB: Xbox One S, AM3 Motherboard

    as titled I'm looking to buy a xbox one s. also looking for a cheap am3 motherboard for an old computer I got laying around.
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    WTT: Corsair H100i for smaller 120mm water cooling setup

    well I ended up buying the Corsair H100i just to find out there isn't enough room between my Motherboard and Case up top to get the radiator and 2 fans in there, so I'm looking for one that I can run on the inside of the 120mm spot in back of my case. This Corsair H100i kit is in very well taken...
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    WTB: CPU Water Cooling Setup

    I'm looking to use a CPU water cooling setup on my new build honestly I would like to get atleast a Corsair Hydro Series H100i. whatever setup I get I need it to work with a AMD FX8320 8 Core
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    What Memory for this AMD build

    NEW BUILD Case: Apevia X-SNIPER2-WHT ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case with Blue Tinted Side Window, Front USB 3.0/Audio, White/Blue Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 CPU: AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor CPU Cooler: NEED...
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    WTB: AM3 990 Motherboard

    I'm looking for a AM3 Motherboard with a 990 chipset for my new build I currently have the Asrock 970 Extreme 4. I'm going to be running my 8320 on the 990 board I'm looking to buy aswell as liquid cooling the CPU. let me know what you have I'm trying to be patient and make sure I make a good...
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    SB Titanium X-Fi & Windows 10 Pro

    ok I just put the sound card in my comp today and did a fresh install of windows 10 pro on first start up into windows my sounds works fine but after I update windows I loose sound I got it hooked to a reviever via 3.5 to rca. I even reinstalled windows several times to see if it would change, I...
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    WTB:7970 Cooler

    I have a Gigabyte 7970 with 3 fans on it well the guy I got it from some how ended up separating the wires apart from each other so now Ii has no runnings fans.. im hoping one of you out there will have something for me
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    Running 4 sticks/16GB but not in dual channel mode. how to?

    I was running 8gb then I picked up another set of identical memory but when I enter my bios it was its in single channel mode. and in windows it's showing I have 16gb but says 7.96 available which im assuming is because the memory is running in single channel mode. I've been outta the game for...
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    WTT Sprint LG G3 BAD ESN for AMD FX 8 Series CPU

    looking to trade the SPRINT LG G3 LS990 32GB with bad ESN for a AMD FX8310,FX8320,8350,8370 LMK wat you got your willing to trade
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    WTB: I/O Shielf for Asrock Extreme 4

    I need a I/o shield for this board
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    Memory Recommendation for Asrock 970 extreme4

    I'm getting everything to start my new build I picked up the Asrock 970 extreme4 & AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU.. my current PC has 8gb of Adata DDR3 1600 and I really want to upgrade that aswell I want to go with 2 4gb chips and later add another 2 chips to total 16gb but I want to...
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    WTB: AMD M/B, Memory, PSU have GTX770 to trade

    im building a new PC im in need of a PSU an a AMD AM3 motherboard and im wanting some good memory maybe a 6950 2GB video card aswell.. I have a GTX 770 I can trade. let me know what u have to offer I can add money or you can add money for the card EDIT: I can buy your stuff outright too...
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    WTB: AMD AM3 Motherboard & Case & 6950 or 6970

    ok im looking to upgrade my computer im looking for a board with a 990 chipset and I want it to be able to run crossfire.. also im looking for another 2gb 6950 or 6970 as I have a Gigabyte 6950 2gb card which is running as a 6970 now but I want to run crossfire!! also im looking for a tower to...
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    FS: Glossy XBOX 360 250GB with Turtle Beach x12 's + 5770 8600GT 5000+ X2

    1. Glossy XBOX 360 slim With 250GB hard drive 2. Black wireless controller with rechargable pack 3. White wireless conroller has 2 AA rechargable batteries in the pack 4. 1 USB Play & Charging Cable for controllers 5. Turtle Beach Earforce X12 Headset With all Cords 6...
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    where to send a galaxy note 2 in at for repair

    i have a samsung galaxy note 2 that does not power up i thought my battery was messed up so i got a extended batt for it but still nothing if u have a address so i can send this thing off to samsung for repair please let me know. thanks
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    where to send WD drives for RMA & Samung phones??

    i have a 1.5tb drive that needs to be sent back for rma, i also have a my passport i'd like to send back aswell.. the 1.5tb is new an just came from the egg i could it back there but i really am not pressed for time and would like to get my other drive looked at awswell. i also have a galaxy...
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    Toshiba Satellite A505 Core i7 4GB Ram 500GB Hard Drive Laptop

    Here is a Toshiba Satellite Laptop in nice condition. this is a very powerful laptop and it is priced to sale! Will come with laptop, charger and a very nice Targus Sportcarrying bag. Below is the specs Intel Core i7 -7 20QM processor - Features a 6MB L3 cache 16.0" widescreen HD TruBrite®...
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    WTT:2 Athlon X2 5000+ CPU's, AsusEN8600GTS SILENT

    I have 2 AMD Athlon 5000+ X2's these were both in factory systems 1 in a HP and other in MedianPC, I also have a AsusEN8600GTS SILENT COOL Video Card PCI-E, also i have a Radeon X800GTO 256MB DDR3 PCI-E, 4 to 8 memory sticks all ddr2 range from pc4200 to pc6400 not sure if these are working as i...
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    MSI 785G-E53 memory recommendations??

    i got this board with a Phenom II 6000 BE i was going to use 1333 memory but might go for the 1600 either way i would like to be pointed in the right direction of either looking to spend 100 or less and have atleast 4gb
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    wtb::mobo/cpu combo

    im looking to buy a nice mobo/cpu combo i was running a gigabyte board with an amd 5000+ x2 but i burnt my board out. so i figured maybe time for a upgrade, i am also open to a nice board for this cpu..i dont need nothing extreme it will be a htpc i want to put together
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    FS:Gateway MX6453 Laptop $250.00

    This is the Gateway® MX6453 notebook. Features AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52 Operates at 1.6 GHz | 256 KB ×2 L2 Cache HyperTransport™ technology at up to 1600 MHz 15.4-inch Ultrabright™ WXGA TFT (1280 × 800) ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 Graphics 2048 MB...
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    Laptop for Sale

    Gateway 7320 Pentium 4 2.8GHZ 80GB Hard Drive 1GB DDR Memory DVD-RW Burner 15.4" Widescreen Built In Card Reader Works great also have the charger $250.00 Takes It <~~~~~PRICE DROP
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    WTB:8800 and 24" lcd

    im looking to buy a 8800 and a 24" monitor it wont be for about 5 more day so the money can trnsfer from my bank account into my paypal but i want to see whats the best products for the prices so thats why im doing this 5 days early please let me know what you have and what you are asking 4 it
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    Zalman 9700 Vs Thermaltake 120 Extreme

    which one of these is the better cooler for a x2 6400+ and also which one is bigger???
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    FS:Foxconn MARS LGA 775 Intel P35 Motherboard

    I'll Accept Paypal Or Money Order Open to trading depending on what you have I Bought this motherboard brand new from newegg about a month ago, if that, and i have not been able to get it working since i've got it!!it has been giving me repeated beeps, which they say indicates memory...
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    Foxconn Mars

    I'm having prblems with the foxconn mars motherboard i havent got it to work since i got it it is giving me fast beeps from the board i was thinking it was the memory but i have tried 3 types of memory in it and get the same thing any suggestions?