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    Automatic FTP Backup / Sync Software

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread (please move if it isn't), but a recent power outage at my hosting provider has left some of my data unobtainable. Besides looking for a new host (these guys used to be good). I'm curious if anyone has any software recommendations for doing a...
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    FS: Lots of miscellaneous computer components! RAM & more.

    Just making a grab all for parts I'm looking to sell. I'll add more as time goes and keep updated. PM me if you have any offers. Feedback - heatware: Reviews/Feedback for Kyle_K29 | eBay: eBay Feedback Profile for kylek29 RAM: 3x2Gb PC3-8500 CL7 Patriot Ram, PSD36G1066KH (I...
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    Overall Forum Performance Declining?

    Anyone else noticing a decline in refresh rate for the forums? It started happening a few weeks ago (same time the "loading graphic" started appearing in the upper right hand corner of the window), but I assumed it was just my phone. But I've now had the chance to test it on three systems (one...
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    FS: Blowout - Servers, Harddrives, Workstations, Accessories

    Going to use this as a catch-all. I'll update periodically as I add things that I inventory from storage. Prices are my best guestimate, PM me an offer. Workstations: Note: All Workstations are working and/or will come completely formatted (blank). No discs are included. Very clean systems...
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    Evernote v. Keep

    Anyone familiar with Google Keep? I originally used G Notebook (discontinued) and ported to Evernote. But recently I keep hitting the 60mb upload limit late in the month. I don't think their service is worth $60/yr, when I barely use my low free amount. Enter Google Keep. Been playing with...
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    FS: Monitors (Dell S-IPS), processors, phones, cameras, goodies, updated 5/21/2014

    Ok, I'm doing some spring cleaning at the office and have been given the OK to liquidate some items that have been sitting in storage. I'll add to this as time goes. Heatware: Ebay Feedback: Pricing: I try to do my...
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    FS: Nikon D3200, Lens, True HS, Monitors, Misc. Case, Misc. Stuff

    Cleaning out my closet a tad. PM with any offers. These are up for auction at Ebay, but [H] members get priority pricing. Paypal accepted. Heatware: Cameras: - Nikon D3200 w/ 18-55mm Lens -- Includes: Warranty Cards and all accessories (cables, straps...
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    FS: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 w/ Accessories, Mint

    I have two Sprint Galaxy S3's for sale, willing to give [H]ers first shot at them before I throw them up on the Bay. I do have pictures, here - the one picture is mine, it can reach 2100mhz per core over the standard 1.5ghz (600mhz overclock per core). Both used about 2 months. Clean ESN's...
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    Evernote-like File Management Software?

    Anyone know of any file management systems that can be utilized either by server or secondary app that can link a file on a standard structure (ie: Shared Folder) with a database (for tagging/searching)? I can imagine it'd work similar to Evernote without the uploading. I searched, but...
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    Need a new sound card ..

    So my X-Fi XtremeGamer-Pro-Fatality-ultra-deluxe-semi-decent edition died and I'm relatively tired of replacing Creative soundcards (I have a stack of 4 in my drawer of dead/replacements - they seem to last about 2-3 years tops). Any good recommendations? It's been years since I've been in the...
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    FS: Powercolor 7870 Myst, NIB

    So I got in on this when it was on sale and then bought a 7950 on sale. Don't need it, unopened (sealed packaging). I can provide the receipt since Powercolor would need it for warranty in the future. Powercolor 7870 Myst Tahiti LE $205/shipped Heat:
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    WHS V1 Duplication issues (ie: it doesn't)

    Anyone run into this before? I have just installed (about a week ago) a copy of WHS V1 PP1 on my server box. Everything went smooth and got all setup. It's all running good. Except that duplication never takes place, demigrator.exe does nothing but take 12megs of RAM (no CPU time). I've toggled...
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    2TB Samsung Spinpoint F4EG - $74.99 / shipped

    Saw this on .. $89.99 + Free Shipping - $15 coupon Code: LION1615 = $74.99 Tax in CA
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    WTB: PC3200 DDR, 2x1gb or 1x2gb

    Looking to buy some to finish a recycle build. Prefer a better brand, doesn't need to be overclocking ram. Looking for 2 x 1GB sticks or 1 x 2GB stick. PM with any offers.
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    Going Green - From HTPC to WHPC

    I did a search and read many threads, but wanted to get some better answers. Looking to lower my Vegas power bill. Changing my HTPC to a Whole House PC Server. It will not play media itself, but rather sit in a closet and sulk. Right now, it idles at 95W with a 780G mobo and a AMD X3 (Rana)...
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    FS: XFX Radeon HD 5850 w/ Lifetime Warranty, NIB, $250

    I couldn't edit my previous title, so here's another gfx card. Why? Because I ended up getting a reference design 5850 (plan on ocing) after I bought this (before I received it). So here it is, passing on my savings. I paid $280 for it. It's brand-new with the warranty. I've opened the box to...
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    FS: XFX Radeon HD5830 Graphics Card

    It's this one: I bought it new a month ago and never installed it. It has never been powered on! I ended up getting a 5850 from a buddy shortly after. I did open the box, so as such it should be treated as new in...
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    Westinghouse 37" HD Monitor - Yes, that one.

    Figured I'd give you guys a shot at this before I throw it up on Craigslist. Great monitor. I bought one of these during that sale a while back. I ended up paying about $450 after shipping. The unit has been tested, but has not been used. Right after buying it, I ended up getting 3...
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    FS: 2x 12GB (6X2) PC10666 (DDR3) OCZ Platinum Kits

    We purchased a bunch of these kits for workstations, however they do not work with the ASRock X58 mobos we have (always throw errors / BSOD's). They work in the P6T mobos we have. Because of this, I have two extra kits, both are 6x2GB OCZ3P1333LV12GS purchased within the last 45 days. Still...
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    [Warm] Novint Falcon - $99 @ B&M Fry's Locations

    Came across this in the store. Not sure if they're trying to clear stock for a new model, or completely. But this is the instore price. About the cost of an expensive mouse if you can get one. Didn't see this posted yet...
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    FS: Dell 690 CAD System, Warranty, Monitors, Etc ..

    I'm helping a friend liquidate his business, when we originally spec'd these, we paid around $7k/ea through DELL. They're about a year old, and we have 6 of them. If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM. Dell Precision 690 Desktop Tower (massive case) - HardDrives: 2x250gb in RAID-1 (has...
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    FS: Radeon X800 XT, 256mb, PCI-E, Good Condition

    Asking $39 - good condition - I upgraded cards. Non-refurb model. Was bought new. I *may* still have the box, but it is probably in storage. So assume that it just comes with the card. PM me if you have any questions or offers.
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    FS: 4x512 Mushkin Redline XP3500 (433) DDR Ram

    Parting out my four sticks of Mushkin Redline 3500 RAM. The ram is a year or so old and passed a 25hr MEMTEST. For the majority of its life it has ran at 400mhz (underclocked) with a lower than normal voltage. I did test it at 433mhz w/ 2-2-2-6 2-7-1-1 timings (@ 3.2v). Worked beautifully, no...
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    Store Suggestions - Lian-Li V1000/V1200

    Alright, I normally wouldn't post a thread like this. But I can't seem to find any decent answers in searches (both here and pricegrabber). Basically, I'm looking for a Lian-Li V1000B PlusII w/ Window. Or Lian-Li V1200B PlusII w/ Window. I've checked Performance-PC's, but after shipping...
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    WMP11 Library Question ..

    This may seem like an odd question. But it's got a specific role for me. I've tried numerous Googles/Forum searches to no avail. Does anyone know (or is this even a feature) of a way to create a shortcut to launch a specific Library in WMP11? For example, there's: Music Pictures Videos...
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    Video Stuttering .. video card?

    Sorry for my N00bness on the subject, I've read many tutorials and threads, now I'm just looking for opinions. Well, I recently (had an extra box) decided to do what I've wanted to do for a long time, and that was build an HTPC box. So I sold the Series2 TiVO (was tired of the $12.95) and went...
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    FS: DangerDen Waterblocks (RBX, Maze 4-1, Z-chip) new in box ..

    ADDED FireFly HTPC remote .. **note** Started anew because the items changed and the previous thread wouldn't allow me to edit the topic title (can't seem to delete it). It's so far back I've opted not to lock it and just let it die. Please do not reply (bump) to the old one if you come...
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    FS: Waterblocks (DD), Complete P4 System w/9800XT

    It's time to unload some of the stuff I haven't used: For quicker replies, email ! Watercooling: Danger Den RBX Block (intel 478) - Never Used - New In Box - $44 + Shipping Danger Den Maze4-1 w/TEC, ATI (bought for 9800) - Never Used - New In Box - $44 +...
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    X800 (XT) PCI-e owners, I need some quick help.

    Bought an OEM card, it didn't come with the PCI Express power cable. So I'm going to fabricate one. I just need to know which of the three (here's a picture for the ATI one on their website) do what. Example: Red (square in pic) = 12v + etc etc. Any help is appreciated. I wasn't able to...
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    FS: Dell Latitude D800, Rebuilt, WinXPproPowerful ..

    Selling my laptop because I bought a new one. I got this laptop second hand a few months back from a friend who it stopped working on and rebuilt it with a new HardDrive, new Ram, new Motherboard, and new Power Adapter (official new-Dell parts). The thing runs great, has a fresh install of XP...
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    WTB: Dell D800/M60/8500/8600 Mainboard

    I need a Dell Latitude D800 (these are also the M60/8500/8600 boards IIRC) to fix a laptop. It needs to be in working order. If you can get one, PM me an offer. I need just the mainboard, nothing else (no processor / ect.). Part#: H1591
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    FS: Swiftech MCW5000P Block (never used), DangerDen Block, Misc. Computer Stuff ..

    I'm cleaning out some of my stuff that I haven't used. Feel free to make an offer. Everything is either lightly used, or new in box. - Swiftech MCW5000P w/ Barb attachments for $19 + shipping. Never used! Has never seen water. Pics:
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    Possibly ditching TiVo for HTPC ...

    Well, my TiVo got sick over the weekend. So I ganked the 120gig Maxtor I had in there and ran PowerMax today. PowerMax confirms that it is failing and I need to contact Maxtor with the numbers to get it RMA'd under warranty. To add insult to injury, this is what I see: Y3JW9D4E - ATA -...
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    FS: Complete System: Unlockable XP Barton 2500+ ...

    Built it for my work, never used it. I've recently got a laptop that is faster than it. So I have no need for it. The system is really good looking, the case can be pictured here: Here are the specs, it's probably...
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    FS: Chaintech FX 5200 (128meg) - N.I.B.

    Selling a new in box Chaintech FX 5200 128meg, it's the newer version (I've had two and this one has a different heatsink setup). I bought it for my work PC off of NewEgg but never installed it. I'm open for offers! Cheapest I could find it was for $49.99 + shipping off of So...
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    Problem w/ Video Card ... RMA time?

    Battled all day with this thing. I just finished building my second rig (see lower part of sig). Had all the parts, but didn't take the time to simply install XP. So, after completing it, everything worked great. I go in, install DX9, install the latest Nvidia drivers. Reboot, and the thing...
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    USB issue = XP Issue?

    Not sure where to put this. It could be a mainboard issue, or an operating system issue. But anyways, my problem consists of everytime I plug in a USB device, the system doesn't detect it (it used to pop up and say "new device found" in the corner). That same device, will automaticly be...
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    Lapping utilities ..

    Well my new Swiftech waterblocks aren't at all shiny. So I want to lap them. But I'm having a serious issue tracking down 600grit sandpaper. Home Depot and Lowes only carry 220grit and lower in my area. What stores would carry this in the states, anyone know? has...
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    Peltiers w/ Watercooling .. opinions, comments, answers?

    Yes, I checked the stickies, and since I haven't seen any of these come across the overclocking forum, I figured it'd be safe to ask. I've read up on this while at work and have seen many guides, now I'm intrigued. Sooo, here we go, I have some questions regarding peltiers, not watercooling...