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    MK patch, NRS messes up again

    The nerfs to some are kinda bleh. ScrubZero got screwed (why, he isn't that good anyways, but the less mindless ninja players in this game the better) his uber reset combo which was the only reason to play him is out, ex slide has armor though (why? what does that fix). Kung Lao nerfs didn't...
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    New Dark Stalkers game? They announced it and then said they didn't annouce iot. I hope it's true.
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    WTF ASUS, device to enable 4 way SLI on R3E I've seen a couple people here that bought the R3E for 4 way SLI but it looks like it won't work unless you plug in this bad boy and pay whatever they are going to charge for it.
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    Verizon Issues

    So over the past year my DSL speed has slowly dropped through the ground, to where it's just unusable. This is verified on a Windows 7 desktop, Win 7 laptop, linux laptop, PS3 and Wii.... speed is just abysmal on all of them. Gaming is impossible, downloading any update takes the machines...
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    odd SLI problem...

    My frame rates weren't doing so hot lately. Tinkering around in nvidia drivers I noticed that under the SLI multigpu option it said my second gfx card must be installed in a pcie x4 or faster slot. Which is odd, because it's always been in the proper slot on the striker and was working fine...
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    urgent striker question for vsb

    PC probe is reading 1.74... I have it set to auto Is this a bad value, or is something bogus on PC probes fault. The copper heat pipes feel hot as hell, but that's been normal.
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    Adding mobo cooling to striker

    Currently I have EK CPU 775, 2x EK 8800gts, swiftech 320, D5 pump. It works fine but stripped of the fan on the CPU HSF the strikers stock cooling isn't that impressive (and frankly wasn't that impressive before). I'm looking to add 2x EK NB/SB coolers, and 2x EK voltreg coolers to the...
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    lian-li PCA70

    Any idea when these are going to be released? The space and fan layout makes it look perfect for WC'ing.
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    Can my PSU handle all the extra stuff I'm want to add?

    The PC in question is the one in my sig. I'm planning on adding another 3 HDD's, ageia physx card, and using the third PCIE-x16 slot for a third nvidia card for physics (probably single slot 8600gt). So far the PSU works like a champ, is this going to push it a bit to far?
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    Trying to resurect a foxconn 590 SLI board

    I'm getting the odd || error on the debug LED. Is there a way past this, and what does it mean.
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    Looking for CPU air cooling for ASUS striker

    With help from here and the corsair forums I've managed to get the striker working, though I'm currently on stock intel (yuck) cooling. One thing I'm nervous about is that the heatpipe cooling on the board currently runs extremely hot, so I'm looking for an HSF that can help move air over...
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    ASUS Striker problems CPU INIT

    Sorry in advance I realize there have been a slew of striker threads but I can't get this worked out.:mad: Went to core 2 duo finally and went the striker option and I'm stuck with the "CPU INIT" error on the LED, have NEVER even reached the BIOS. The system- Reused parts from old AMD...
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    PC crashed now fans spin up and nothing, pls help

    Long time reader, first time poster since I need a decent bit of help. I normally leave my PC running 24/7, it’s been this way since the rebuild back in November. Other then driver issues with the video cards I have had no issues. Stable as a rock. Out of the blue the other day I came...