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    Russia’s Answer to Tesla: The Kalashnikov CV-1

    Hmm, and if they made it aerodynamic it could probably get 300 miles on a single charge.
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    Considering the prevalence of swating lately, I'm not surprised this happened. If you want this sort of thing to stop, i'll give you a hint. you can't. nothing anyone can do will stop this sort of thing. humans have been killing each other for thousands of years, sometimes for considerably...
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    Internet Fire Challenge Leaves 12 Year Old Girl Horribly Burned and on a Ventilator

    Surely setting fire to a substance designed to store mass quantities of energy will not have the result of causing more fire.
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    Amazon Data Center Electrical Bills Are Secretly Funded by Taxpayers

    As someone who once built and maintained datacenters - LOL SOLAR. seriously, it just isn't reliable enough. you have batteries for back-up. but when your main power source is those batteries, then what? generator? sure.. that's environmentally friendly.. or the kyoto wheel, sounds...
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    Seattle Plane Thief Said He Had Trained on Flight Simulator

    obviously now, for public safety, you understand, we now need to ban, A) Planes b) games with planes.
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    Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges with Video Ads for Its Other Series

    Oh, hey, lets do the thing that cable did that made people leave cable and see how many people decide that maybe they'd rather go play video games or go to another service, or hey, go outside for a change.
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wants to Take the Company Private to Avoid Short Sellers

    Noticed his share jumped after he announced he wanted to sell for more than it was worth. Dirty pool mr.musk, now you've got to commit or it looks like you were just saying stuff to boost your share price.
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    Windows 10 Buggy Updates? Our Patching Is Simple, Regular, Consistent Says Microsoft

    I'm in charge of patching my organisation, and I'll say - the number of issues after patching has skyrocketed this year after they started trying to fix the spectre issue. I keep a one month offset release schedule and a one major update revision offset. They've been pushing the release...
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    Biggest Battle Ever in Eve Online Claims Multiple Titans

    I created a crazed religious fanatic who thought B.O.B was some sort of god and went around stealing ore people had mined in my IBIS. Got podded and killed in 1.0 sec quite a bit. good fun. Should start it back up sometime and see whats changed. Don't really have the time required to devote...
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    Frisco, Texas Gets Ugliest Self-driving Vehicles in Nation

    The signs seem like a good idea until the car starts saying 'hey **hole I've been waiting for you to cross for 5 minutes, stop looking at your ***damn phone'
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    No Man's Sky Making a Big Comeback

    They added quite a few new systems, or maybe systems that were there but not well advertised. Base building anywhere (pretty much) fleet management, you can get your first freighter for free, and send your frigates off on missions to get loot (and if they fail you have to fix them yourself by...
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    Portal: After Hours Episode 1 Is a Free Steam Workshop Mod for Portal 2

    Of course, you forgot about the I in team everyone says isn't there.
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    Twitter Hires Academics to End Combative Conversations on the Platform

    So.. if you had been holding on to any Twitter stocks for some reason, you should probably sell them now.
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    China's Sex Doll Makers Jump on AI Drive

    Until it decides it is a feminist and terminates itself due to being a sexual object.
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    Anti-Tamper Software Maker Denuvo Files Lawsuit against DRM Hacker Voksi

    Well if you can't create DRM that can't be overcome, then your choices are 1) hire the guy that keeps hacking it 2) litigate his ass off and pretend no one else will be able to.
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    Segway Drift W1 Self Balancing Roller Skates Are Available for Preorder

    oh hey, its like a one-wheel for each foot. in other words.. why do we need this?
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    Study: Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents

    No, not radiation, just that you don't need to remember anything because you can just look it up again.
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    Ex-Valve Employee Describes the Company’s Ruthless Internal Politics

    Backstabbing, ruthlessness, and people climbing the corporate ladder by any means necessary - I.E. Every other company of any size ever.
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    AI leaders Pledge Not to Develop Killer Robots

    They pledge not to do it *on purpose*
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    FCC Votes to Change How It Handles Consumer Complaints

    That sounds pretty fair. and a heck of a lot better than what the CRTC does here in Canukistan (which is, by the way, introduce enough bureaucracy into everything to the point where your complaint may just be redirected back to you.) If enough people complain formally, there will be a fair war...
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    Defense Distributed Wins Major Court Case

    Only if you use black filament, otherwise they're classified as personal defense firearms.
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    UK Detecting Drivers' Cell Phone Usage

    if you use a GPS, if you listen to streaming music, if you use a hands free device.... Yeah, pointless waste of money. Also, what U-238 said. Unless Shaming works there, but last time I checked offending someone was punishable by death over there, so I guess you can't do that either.
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    IBM Fired Me Because I’m Not a Millennial, Says Axed Cloud Sales Star

    I'm 38, and I've already been placed in one of those 'we appreciate your loyalty so we'll keep paying you to do basically nothing until we find you a new position or give up and lay you off' positions.
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    Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

    I'm left handed but mouse with my right hand. It eventually made me ambidextrous. Thanks Quakeworld.
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    Orlando, FL Pulls Back on Testing Amazon's Facial Recognition

    But unfortunately all the usual explosives are illegal in California, so we're going to have to go with watching it eat itself alive. Working good so far.
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    Steam Link $2.50

    Hmm.. I have one that I paid full price for when they first released.. had all sorts of problems with it so I stopped using it.. maybe there's been an update. Used to play rimworld on the big screen, worked great, until it didn't.. and then it'd just drop to desktop, and steam would crash.
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    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Out Over Relationship With Former Employee

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Get all the money, make the big decisions, make excuses when your decisions suck, or somehow bend them around to look like good decisions to the investors. Bang a chick on the side, and then still get your golden parachute.. reture.
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    You're Sick

    I'm sick. I can't work, I have... *sob* gaming addiction. They said it was terminal...emulation. I can't manage, i'm sorry, but i'm going to need you to pay. I'm taking counselling. but for some reason it just isn't working. Woes me.
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    Two Plead Not Guilty in Swatting Death

    They should make those Kids pay for the deployment of the officers and the psychiatrist the officer that shot the innocent man will no doubt require.
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    Consumer Reports Just Reversed its Stance on the Tesla Model 3

    I used to think that teslas that same 'macintosh protected by obscurity' benefit, but lately I see them quite a lot more during my commute. won't be long before someone decides they'll make a juicy target. Rich people tend to own them, what happens when they can be abducted along with their...
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    Solving Problems that Don't Need to be Solved

    Sounds like another reason for people to move out of California..
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    Amazon Prime and Nothing Else

    I dunno, Pretty sure Jeff Bezos lives quite well off of Amazon Prime.
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    AMD's ARwall Tools Help Filmmakers Get Rid of the Green Screen

    Hmm.. $200 for a green screen.. $50,000 for an array of lcd screens. I wonder which tech will win?
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    DICE Boss Says Battlefield V’s Women Are Here to Stay

    Honestly, I don't really care what the characters are - Just dont: 1) Preach to me. 2) be annoying. 3) have a bad story 4) have bad gameplay.
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    Toyota Just Doubled-Down on a Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Future

    Pshht. You groundlings just don't understand the elegance of my hydrogen airship. Four wheels on the ground? Preposterous!
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    The Cynical Brit Passes

    That is really too bad, if inevitable. It is pretty rare someone escapes cancer after it has progressed so far. But, let it be a lesson, no matter who you are, and what you do, or what you believe; Do it as hard as you can, enjoy it as much as you can and never regret that you did. Life is...
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    Uber's Software Failed In Fatal Arizona Crash According to NTSB

    I still find the most surprising thing that came out about this case was that the driver was female. (yes, i'm a horrible person)
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    Amazon Working on New Body Shaming Technology

    I used Amazon Body Scan (TM) every day and felt terrible, until I realized that I was body shaming myself and decided that fat was healthy. Now, Amazon provides reccomended food choices such as sugar cubes and 4lb bags of gummi bears. I scan every other hour to know how much healthier i'm...
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    Electric Scooters Pissing Off San Francisco

    If only there was a device that could remotely disable these things while people ride them. If only such a directional EMP type item existed. If only..