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    Buying multiple/spare motherboards?

    I'm finally looking to move to X99 but with that I am wondering if it makes any sense to buy multiple motherboards for the sense of having spares or backups. Or do even premium X99 motherboards get outdated in terms of feature wise and it would be better to buy a replacement when it does have...
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    980Ti still worth buying?

    Looking to upgrade my old video card setup and noticed some 980Ti's selling for the equivalent of about $332 USD each . Is this still a good deal or should I pass the 980Ti and wait for Vega/1080Ti or even just get a 1080 and stop there? Resolution will be on a 1440P monitor with high graphical...
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    Recommendations on 2560x1600 monitor

    Any recommendations on a 2560x1600 30" monitor. I don't want to go G-Sync or Freesync and have a limited budget so I'd like to get a 30" preferably with 2560x1600. I'd like to keep it under $500 if possible as well.
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    Corsair 750D (airflow edition) vs Antec 1100

    Looking to get a new case with improved cable management and better airflow and have narrowed it down to the following cases. I did consider the Cosmos II and the 900D but those are way too big and bulky. How would the 1100 and the 750D airflow edition compare in cable management and airflow/air...
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    HX1000 or HX1050?

    Looking to get an affordable used power supply and was looking at either of these. If the HX1000 was priced cheaper than the HX1050 is it worth it to get it or just go with the HX1050? I did look at the AX1200 as a possible alternative but it's more expensive than either of those and i don't...