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    which tests to run on a new system?

    Today I'm picking up my spanking new system. C2D e6700 Asus p5b deluxe 2GB pc 6400 G.skill ram ocz 8800 GTX corsair HX 620 videocard. Samsong 205 BW monitor I'm planning to run a couple of different tests to see if everything runs fine. which tests should i run? I'm thinking...
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    Thank you [H]ard|OCP, this is the result

    six years ago I bought my first computer system. I was a complete beginner, and it showed. My motherboard did not have a AGP slot, It was loud, it was slow, it fell apart. :rolleyes: so I got my 2nd computer a few years later. this time I listened to a good friend who had 4 computers in...
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    6 channel sound and 8 channel sound, what's the difference?

    I'm looking at these 2 motherboards: asus A8n-sli and asus A8N-sli SE I could be wrong, but the only difference in the boards I see is the fact that the A8N-sli has 8 channel sound on board while the A8N-sli SE has 6 channel sound on board. 2 questions: -have I overlooked anything and...